Greenwood Hotel lights up with Pulsar

Posted on Friday, October 11th, 2013

Sometimes here at Show Technology’s busy marketing department we can take a while to feature a project, in this case The Greenwood Hotel in north Sydney. However the flip side is that we can report that close to a year after the initial installation of Pulsar, there has not been one problem and the licensee of the venue is still absolutely thrilled by the results!

The aim of the installation was to illuminate the exterior of the venue to create atmosphere as well as highlight the beautiful sandstone of the building which dates back to 1844.

“The client was looking for a white light solution and we recommended the Pulsar ChromaRange of LED lighting which is an installers dream come true,” commented Mish Bosnjak, managing director of Nitezone who were asked to provide the solution. “

A total of forty Pulsar ChromaBirdie and ten ChromaScape AR111 fixtures (5 x 8 degree, 2 x 40 degree and 3 x 25 degree) were chosen for the project. The ChromaBirdie is a PAR16 style compact par can, fitted with Pulsar’s MR16 LED module and is ideal for lighting feature areas in architectural and interior design applications. The ChromaScape AR111 is comprised of an IP68-rated stainless steel enclosure which contains a high brightness ChromaAR111 light engine. Its ingress protection enables its use in saline or chlorinated water at depths up to 2m, and an extra 7 beam options and three families of LEDs including TriColour, UV, and a range of single colours make it perfect for any environment.

“It was important that we didn’t have the lights too bright as that would take away from the effect of capturing the natural look of the stone,” said Mish. “We also installed two ChromaZone 12 dedicated controllers which provide regulated, safe low voltage power and control signals to drive the Pulsar LED fixtures. We also did the wiring for the job which involved 400 metres of cable.”

To make operation of the lighting amazingly simple for the venue staff, Nitezone installed a Pulsar OS1 Outstation. This compact 12 Button, DMX programmable control desk is ideal as an architectural controller and as a remote for the ChromaZone. It is also beautifully finished in stainless steel and fitted with chrome push buttons so it will fit into any décor.

“The Pulsar fixtures have created a very cool effect,” added Mish. “We programmed a few different looks and the client was blown away by the results. The lighting makes a huge difference to the exterior of the venue and has been totally trouble free since its installation.”