Green’s not the only colour for Northbridge Golf Club

Posted on Tuesday, April 12th, 2011


Stephen Carter is a gaffer by trade and runs his own company Light Me but he’s also very passionate about golf. Stephen is a regular at Northbridge Golf Club in North Sydney and he soon found business and pleasure coming together.

The Club was looking for a cost effective way to liven up there function area, a large room that can be divided into two when required and they asked Stephen if he had any ideas. Fortunately Stephen was familiar with the Pro Shop RGB LED Tape, an easy way to provide a colour changing touch to pelmets, undersides of furniture edges in fact anywhere you have limited space and wish to create a bright and saturated glow.

Stephen suggested applying the Pro Shop RGB LED Tape to the walls between the windows with the aid of aluminium channels and draping sheer white fabric over everything. Installation of Pro Shop RGB LED Tape is a breeze – simply peel the backing off the tape and apply the tape directly to a prepared flat surface. The beginning of the tape then gets wired your choice of control option and away you go.

“Problem solved, they now have versatile and dynamic lighting system at their finger tips to create an appropriate atmosphere for their Restaurant and Function Centre,” commented Stephen.

The Club can now use the Pro Shop RGB LED Tape to theme the function areas, for example green for St Patrick’s Day, and to brighten the room at all times of the day as the brightness is clearly effective in daylight too.

The latest in TriColour SMD LED technology is used to ensure an even and vibrant output that allows desirable shades of between rich primaries and subtle pastels. The units come in two options of LED densities for different levels of output, and they can be trimmed down at specific points to allow you to fit them into your installation.