GRB Stage Lighting increase their Pro Shop Blinder Bars

Posted on Friday, June 29th, 2012

With the increasing use of LED and RGB colour fixtures in today’s productions, sometimes a change is just what you’re looking for. The ProShop Blinder bar can be the answer providing a bright blast of white light. Consisting of 10 x GU10 75watt lamps (included with fixture) each are able to be individually controlled enabling a great “old school” rock look or even just use them as a straight blinder type effect.

Last February Greg Butt of GRB Stage Lighting purchased fourteen Blinder bars with the aim to use them for up lighting particularly in festival situations. Greg has been so impressed by the fixture he has recently purchased six more.

“They work really well and once we started to use them, we realized that they are really quite versatile,” he commented. “As well as being great for up lighting they make a great eye candy effect and obviously are fantastic as a blinder. They’re very reasonably priced – in fact bang for buck they’re fantastic.”

Greg has recently done a tour with Josh Pyke (pictured) where he positioned a total of fourteen Blinder bars on push up poles at different heights around the back of the stage.

“Just by using a combination of low intensity fades and low intensity chases – around 20% – we achieved some really pretty effects,” he said.

Chasing the lamps back and forth on the Blinder bar is a snap and with DMX and dimmers on board it’s just a matter of DMX and power in. At one meter in length, the Blinder bar connects via a 5pin DMX connector, using 1, 2, 5 or 10 channels or can run in stand-alone mode.

Photo: Melissa Donato