GRB Lighting invest in Martin MAC101’s and MAC Auras

Posted on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

GRB Lighting has expanded its inventory with the purchase of twenty-four Martin MAC101 and six Martin MAC Auras.

As soon as the new Martin gear arrived it was deployed to the Stereosonic music festival where GRB were supplying the light for three stages: Hard Stage, Paris Social and V Energy Local Stage. The Hard Stage featured 24 x MAC101’s, 8 x Jarags, 8 x MAC250 Entours, 2 x MAC600, 6 x Atomic strobes and 12 x MAC 2000. Paris Social utilised 6 x MAC Auras, 8 x Sunstrips, 6 x Atomic strobes, 6 x Atomic Colours and 6 x MAC600’s. V Energy Local Stage comprised of  12 x Pro Shop LED PARs, 8 x Pro Shop LED strips and 2 x Atomic strobes. All truss was by Design Quintessence.

Remarkably small and super light, the MAC 101 is an LED moving head wash light that features a tight and very bright beam, rapid movement and calibrated colours with a low price tag. It is small enough to fit inside a piece of truss and weighs only 3.7 kg. Exceptionally easy to rig, power can be daisy-chained between fixtures for less cable mess and hassle.

“We found that the Martin MAC101’s were continually being specified by our clients and consequently we met the market requirements,” said Greg Butt, managing director of GRB Lighting. “In fact we found it got to the point where everything we were doing required MAC101’s. They are an awesome little fixture for the price and very effective. They are completely reliable, great bang for buck – just fantastic!”

The MAC Aura is a compact single-lens LED moving head wash light with zoom. It includes a broad colour palette with RGBW colour mixing, uniform shades, 11 to 58° zoom, with aura eye-candy effects. Additionally the Aura includes a consumption of 1 amp that allows for high efficiency on the road, but low consumption.

GRB’s Martin MAC Auras were purchased after a thorough search of the market. Greg soon discovered that their output, zoom, speed of movement, colour mixing coupled with their size and cost is unparalleled.

“At that stage we had no LED wash in our inventory and after a lot of debating we decided to go with the Auras,” commented Greg. “They were the best product and best price! We really like their zoom, colour temperature, the added white LED and once again, it’s a product we’ve seen grow in demand.”

The MAC Aura is unique in that it incorporates two independent colour systems in one luminaire – multicolour beam LEDs and a backlight LED lens array. The two colour systems can be mixed and matched to create new looks and effects.

Greg has been so impressed by his Martin MAC Auras, he has already ordered some more and states that even more should be purchased this year as well as some Martin Vipers!