grandMA2 pushes the Frontier

Posted on Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Perth’s Frontier Lighting rolled out the red carpet for their latest acquisition of a MA Lighting grandMA2 light plus wing. The console was highly anticipated by the Frontier crew who were keen to see how the already amazing grandMA – which they own – could be improved!

”The new console boasts all the old favorite grandMA features with the addition of many new and exciting features,” commented Daniel Hocking, Frontier’s Production Manager. “Plus there are a lot of newly developing ones ensuring that we stay on the forefront of control systems. After a “few” days of self-teaching and a surprising willingness to glance at a few pages in the manual, our MA2 went out on its’ first show.

Daniel particularly likes the 3D visualization pixel-mapping on the MA2 as he likes to pixel map various LED fixtures as well as Frontier’s new JARAGs.

”The grandMA2 is a perfect new addition and a big step forward in lighting and media programming,” he said. “It has the same reliability and ‘feel’ of the original grandMA light, and packs a powerful punch with its’ new effects engine. It also features a sexy a multi-touch display for mixing and shaping a fixture plus the ability to run series 1 or series 2 software.”

The grandMA2 is a combination of the grandMA software platform and the newest in hardware technology. The system offers intuitive and fast control of conventional or automated fixtures, video media, LED displays or other technology. Programmers have flexibility to create the layouts and views they desire; this unique level of adaptability makes it the ideal console for all types of situations.