grandMA2 light for Gladstone Entertainment Centre

Posted on Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Gladstone Entertainment Centre is the proud owner of a new MA Lighting grandMA2 light and the lighting crew couldn’t be happier.

The guys were familiar with the world’s number one range of lighting consoles as they already owned a grandMA ultra light and so when they needed another larger console they didn’t event consider straying from the MA brand.

“The MA2 light has so much more such as screens and faders,” commented Troy Everette, Gladstone Entertainment Centre’s General Manager. “We needed to upgrade as our inventory of moving lights and LEDs keeps growing at quite a rapid rate!”

The centre’s Trainee Theatre Technician, Ryan Hocking, swears by the MA2 and Troy reckons they can never get him off it.

”Added to the grandMA ultra light and our two port node, we now have a nice set up of MA control,” said Ryan. “Definitely one of the best features of the MA2 is the multi touch screen being able to mix all your colours and stuff like that. It’s really nice. Being able to assign your two central faders as a master fader for the selected cue stack or you can assign them to a different BPM is neat. With the MA1 you had to use up one of your executor faders.

I like all of the back lit keys and all the silence keys. Not having to have desk lamps on means you work in a darker environment; I can have the console down in the auditorium knowing I won’t annoy people with desk lamps. It’s certainly the best console that I have ever used.”