grandMA2 light for Entertainment Installations

Posted on Monday, January 4th, 2010

Production companies world-wide are lining up to get their hands on the MA Lighting grandMA2 consoles and Entertainment Installations are no exception; in fact they now have their new MA Lighting grandMA2 light console + wing out in production.

“We own several other console brands and were looking to add to our inventory to be able to fill more lighting riders,” said Neale Mace, managing director of Entertainment Installations. “The MA brand seems to be everywhere on riders, so when Show Technology advised us there was an MA2 on the way we jumped at the chance to get the latest console.”

Neale and his crew have been amazed by the features offered by the grandMA2 light especially how easy it is to programme moving lights even if you only have a basic knowledge of programming. The console’s versatility is ideal for production companies that cater to a wide variety of demands from rock shows to theatre.

“Although it’s the ‘light’, with the addition of the optional playback fader wing it has the same number of playbacks as the full size!” remarked Neale. “This means it can do the job of a full size MA2 – two consoles for the price of one!

“Two large touch screens and lots of buttons, knobs and faders and the renown MA operating system make the console a great addition to our production department.

“It had already been out on two tours before we had the fader wing delivered.”