grandMA ultra-light now has 2,048 parameters

Posted on Monday, June 2nd, 2008

MA Lighting has released its new free software version 5.91 that upgrades any grandMA ultra-light to 2,048 parameters. No matter if it is a new or already been used grandMA ultra-light. Nevertheless the price for the grandMA ultra-light “series 1” will remain the same. With this upgrade the grandMA ultra-light becomes an even more powerful tool for small and medium sized shows.

In combination with the MA 2Port Node the grandMA ultra-light offers the user some additional unique features:

1. Any MA 2Port Node model extends the two built-in DMX connectors of the grandMA ultra-light to four outputs.

2. When using the MA 2Port Node onPC PRO in combination with grandMA onPC there is a backup for the grandMA ultra-light that directly outputs two lines of DMX.

3. Use the grandMA ultra-light and MA 2Port Node onPC or MA 2Port Node onPC PRO with grandMA onPC independently to run two separate shows at the same time.

grandMA ultra-light offers one colour touch screen display, one external display, ten manual faders plus 20 physical play­back buttons (on 128 pages), free visualization software, support for up to six remotes and all the software features of the larger grandMA and grandMA light consoles including DMX universe expansion with up to 16,384 parameters (32,768 DMX channels or 64 DMX universes).

Australian Distributor: Show Technology