grandMA ultra-light makes light homework for TAFE students

Posted on Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

The students of TAFE SA’s Technical Production course, based at Adelaide’s Centre for the Arts, have spent the past eight weeks getting acquainted with their latest piece of technology – a MA Lighting grandMA ultra-light console. The college utilizes several consoles from Hogs to Expressions but it was decided that a more current console was needed.

”It was always going to be an MA console and the grandMA ultra-light fitted the budget just fine,” remarked Peter Riley, Coordinator Technical Production & Design Lecturer in Lighting (pictured). “Having used it now for eight weeks I can comfortably say that the grandMA ultra-light does the job perfectly.”

After much research into the Australian lighting market Peter came to the conclusion that a MA Lighting console was the industry-standard and the best for dealing with both analogue and intelligent lighting from the one console.

”The grandMA ultra-light is a totally different console to the others that we have but the students have had no trouble picking up how to use it,” he commented. “The major overall benefit of the grandMA ultra-light is its’ ability to handle fixed and moving lights efficiently from one console. All of our other consoles could only do one or the other. Once you get used to it’s method of operation, which doesn’t take long, it’s easy to learn and simple to use.”

Peter reports that after just three weeks first year students were using the grandMA ultra-light on shows and were doing fine.

”One of the main advantages for us is that you can train on the PC version which is great when you have fifteen students,” said Peter. “This means that they can do their homework at home on the PC version then come in and download their work onto the main console.”