Go Green with the MR16 LED Fixture from Lighthouse Distribution

Posted on Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

The MR16 LED is an innovative sunken LED fixture. There are 3 models available that feature various sets of LEDs tailored for different applications, coupled with dedicated lenses that give a very high light efficiency and a uniform light beam.

Three easily interchangeable lens units are available offering different beam projection angles (Spot 10, Medium Flood 25 and Wide flood 40). These present a uniform beam with excellent surface coverage.

The MR 16 LEDs are available in three models:

1. MR16 Full Colour LED

The newest addition to the MR16 Family offers adaptable full colour technology combined with lenses for a perfectly uniform light beam. Each fixture features 3x3W full colour LEDs that can produce 16 million colours. These fixtures can be used as a colour changer using a DTS Power Supply/DMX Driver Z1. See below for more information on suitable power supply/DMX Drivers.


The MR16 RGB features 3x1Watt LEDs (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue) which can be used as an RGB colour changer using a DTS Power Supply/DMX LED Driver.

Power: Its easy!! Connecting the LED lamps to the Driver is fast and easy, thanks to the dedicated T-Box RJ12 connection system. One single Z1 power supply/DMX LED Driver can run up to 12 MR16 RGB/white LED lamps and 5 full colour LED lamps. The power supply/driver can then be controlled by your choice of an optional infrared remote control, a recessed wall controller or any DMX lighting console.

3. MR16 in White

The MR16 LEDs are also available in four different types of white to suit every application:

* White 3200-5500k, Has the white and amber LEDs.

* White 3200k- Warm white

* White 5500k- Cool White

* White 6800k- Daylight

Benefits of using LEDs:

* Long Lamp Life

* Durable

* Low Power Consumption

* Low Heat Output

* High Light Output

Want more colours? One Z1 Power Supply will provide power for 12 MR16 RGB and/or white LEDs or 5 full colour LEDs. To produce two different colours at the same time, simply purchase two Z1 Power Supplies. DTS also provide a Special Package called a Z4 Power Supply. It consists of 4 Z1 Power Supplies that produce four different colours and power up to 32 LEDs.