GLP Volkslichts for Staging Connections Gold Coast

Posted on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

With the Gold Coast always a popular destination for conferences and corporate events, the local branch of Staging Connections is constantly busy and always one of the first hire companies to try new technology.

Their latest darling is the GLP Volkslicht which brings affordability without compromise to those wanting to make use of LED as a lighting source in a moving head, but were worried about the cost.

“Initially we bought six GLP Volkslicht as a trial to replace moving heads in smaller venue ballrooms,” commented Mark Lunt, Equipment Controller for Staging Connections Queensland. “We tested them a couple of weeks ago at an event held in a marquee at Brisbane’s Treasury Casino (see photos) and they worked out very well. Everyone was very impressed by them.”

The GLP Volkslicht uses 60 Rebel LED’s in an RGB configuration to create a full colour palette from strong saturates to subtle pastel colours, all for use in shorter throw applications.

”Their brightness and effects were amazing,” added Mark. “They’re also very quick and extremely quite.”

The small and compact body allows for discrete fixture mounting whilst its light weight gives fast and accurate motion throughout its 660 degrees of Pan and 300 degrees of Tilt movement.

”Size was very important especially for gigs like this one held in a marquee,” said Mark. “They were very unobtrusive and the ability to be able to hang them both vertically and horizontally is a definite plus. And of course they are a lot lighter than a traditional moving head.”

Via its DMX control, the Volkslicht also features smooth, full range dimming and a variable speed strobe effect.

”Once we’d married them up with our MA Lighting grandMA2 light it was magic,” said Mark. “Our lighting guys were very astounded by them and they are asking me to buy more which I intend to do!”