GLP SpotOne makes impression at PLASA 2010

Posted on Monday, September 20th, 2010

GLP’s debut of the new SpotOne at this year’s PLASA Show in London received an enthusiastic reception.

The Impression SpotOne represents a breakthrough in providing the world’s first high powered RGB LED spot fixture, says the company. Light output is equivalent to a 700W discharge lamp and therefore truly usable in a wide range of applications.

It contains a full feature set including rotating and indexing gobos, iris, prism, focus, zoom, effects animation, pan and tilt – all of which are motorised. The RGB LED source retains high efficiencies, as no fragile glass colour system is required. To further minimise environmental impact, the baseless design reduces size, weight and transportation, whilst the fixture operates with near silent performance.

Pictured is the new SpotOne pictured on GLP’s stand at Earls Court with the company’s Mark Ravenhill.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology