GLP launches five-colour Impression XL

Posted on Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

GLP has announced the launch of a new and additional fixture to their Impression range of LED based moving heads. It is from their XL range of units which feature 240 K2 LED’s delivering high light output and brilliant colour performance. The new fixture referred to as the ‘RGBWW’ features five colours, rather than the previous three. Adding to the red, green and blue diodes are two circuits of white – one rated at 3200K and the other at 7200K.

Adding two white channels to the existing RGB format, gives designers more shades of colour than was achievable before, particularly with pastel ranges, and the ability to use single white LED’s for powerful and clean open white beams.

The GLP impression XL weighs only 23.5 kg / 52 lbs. and has the same design as previous impression fixtures featuring no fixture base, low noise operation, simple yet comprehensive menu navigation by thumbwheel and multiple rigging options.

Featuring flicker free dimming throughout the entire dimming range for all colours, the Impression XL works in all camera and broadcast environments. The fixture comes fitted with a 10 degree lens as standard, but 25 degree and 40 degree interchangeable lenses are available as optional extras. Further accessories such as honeycomb fronts, Spillring, flight cases and a five-unit ‘flower’ rigging option are also available.

The GLP impression XL features extensive movement with a 660 degree pan range and a 330 degree tilt range, all with 16 bit resolution and a speedy response due to its low weight.

The LED technology that the GLP impression XL utilises allows users to skip the cost and time required for repairing items such as dichroic filters, bad lamps, worn reflectors, failing starters and much more found in conventional discharge fixtures, adds the company.

Australian Distributor: Show Technology