GLP Impressions at Questacon

Posted on Monday, June 1st, 2009

Questacon, Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre has recently upgraded its theatre with Auditoria designing the new lighting, audio visual and audio systems. Canberra-based Sound Advice carried out the installation of what is a very technologically advanced project.

In fact no visit to Questacon is complete without watching (and participating in!) a presentation by their theatre troupe The Excited Particles. You’ll learn about dinosaurs, tsunamis, explosions, balloons… performed from a repertoire of more than a dozen shows.

The Centre was keen to reduce energy costs and so Ian Anderson of Auditoria recommended the use of LED lighting – in the form of GLP Impressions – on stage. As well as the Impressions there are twenty TriColour PAR64 adding splashes of colour around the auditorium.

“The Impressions were ideal for this project because they’re a small unit, are neat looking and are very bright,” said Ian Anderson.

Eight GLP Impressions are currently used to light up columns and walls onstage but Stephen Nano, Sound Advice’s project manager for the installation, has bigger plans for them.

“I’ll be using them to focus on central points so, for example, if they do a volcano experiment they can use a remote trigger to change the lighting colour to red,” he said. “They’ll help theme the presentations and give them a bit more movement. I love their German engineering! They’re really exciting lights with great punch.”

Two Martin MAC250 Kryptons, which weren’t in the original specification, were added as Stephen felt a profile / gobo fixture would be appreciated for special effects.