GLP Impression Wash One

Posted on Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

GLP introduces the Impression Wash One, which offers a fresnel based optical system with a full feature set of beam control options. The fixture uses the same 400W RGB LED light engine as the Impression Spot One, introduced last year.  A wide color spectrum, 6-60-degree zoom as well as a narrow 3-degree beam, offer flexibility for lighting professionals.

Following the successful launch of the Impression Spot One during 2011, GLP has now introduced the impression Wash One, which offers a Fresnel based optical system with a full feature set of beam control options.

Using the same 400W RGB LED light engine as the impression Spot One, the Wash One is able to deliver delicate colour changes or instantaneous colour bumps.

Careful calibration ensures that as wide a colour spectrum as possible can be achieved — from soft pastels to deep saturated shades — and everything in between.

The Impression Wash One offers a highly useful 6°-60° zoom range — but in addition, it contains a high powered 3° narrow beam mode to offer further flexibility to designers.

The fixture also boasts a useful beam shaping function that enables the user to illuminate only the parts of a stage that need to be lit; the size and index can be controlled almost like a framing system.

On top of that, the variable soft-edge control allows the lighting professional to control the way in which the edge of the beam is projected. The designer can choose between a beam that either resembles a PC lens or a Fresnel, and adjust the hardness of the edge seamlessly.

Finally, in common with the Impression range, the Wash One’s baseless yoke gives it a weight of 48.5 lbs (22kg) which is perfect both for transportation and easy rigging (in any orientation).

The ability to harness the output of sufficient LED sources, and then run this through the optical system of a spot and wash fixture to create an even beam for colour mixing — at the same time achieving a focusable area for gobo projections — had long been the Holy Grail for lighting designers.

“They have been asking for this ever since LED became a viable source for entertainment lighting,” reveals GLP director, Kasper Gissel. “The design of the impression Spot One and Impression Wash One accomplishes that by forcing raw power through an advanced optical system. It’s a designer’s wish come true.”
Australian Distributor: Show Technology