GAM Products Releases New GO-LITE LED Cubes

Posted on Monday, March 29th, 2010

GAM Products, Inc. of Los Angeles, California has introduced the new cue light solution, GO-LITE. A modular expandable system featuring Go-Lite cubes with four colored LEDs; white, red, blue and green. Each Go-Lite has an “in” and “out” recessed receptacle and measures approximately 1 x 1 1/8 x 2 3/4 inches, compact enough to go just about anywhere you need it. Incredibly reliable LEDs, efficient, bright and versatile, describe its ease of appli¬cation. So light in weight (1 oz.) it can be taped, tacked or glued to almost any surface. Wiring between the modules is six-wire telephone cable with six-pin telephone connectors, economical and conveniently available.

The GAM Go-Lite can be controlled using several different options that include a four-Switch Manual Controller and Power Supply or a DMX Control Power Supply. Joseph N. Tawil, president of GAM Products. pointed out that “the Manual 4-Channel Controller can be operated using a conve¬nient 120 or 220 volt wall outlet or it could be powered by batteries if portability is required.” The DMX Power Supply enables you to control the Go-Lite from a light board or show controller. Strings of Go-Lite units can be run for great distances, 1,000 feet or more. Each of the color circuits, white, red, blue and green can be turned on and off separately or in any combinations desired for multiple cuing requirements.

The dependability, compactness and 1 oz. weight of the Go-Lite means that it can be used just about anywhere on stage, studio or other locations. You can install it in scenery, at a control desk for sound and lighting, in the Green Room, podium, orchestra pit, flies, just about anywhere you might need a visible cuing signal. The GAM Go-Lite can be mounted inside a standard electrical junction box, as a guide light or warning light. The LEDs superb reliability and high visibility under most lighting conditions make it an excellent choice.
Australian distributor: Barbizon Australia 02 9666 8714