Frontier Lighting expand with Martin MAC700 Washes

Posted on Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

One of Perth’s premier production companies, Frontier Lighting, recently took delivery of eight Martin MAC700 washes to compliment their twenty-four MAC700 profiles, twenty-four MAC600s, sixteen MAC550s and thirty-two MAC300s.

“We’re not quite Chameleon but we’re getting there!” laughed Jared Hawke, managing director of Frontier. “We really had to purchase the MAC700 washes because they were getting specified so much on shows. People were asking for them all the time.

“The MAC700 wash is definitely a fantastic light, without a doubt. My personal favourite feature is the ACL type beam you can get out of them. The shutter mechanism is probably one of the best open. With other lights you say ‘go to strobe now’ and light says ‘hhmm, maybe ….OK let’s do it now’ but with the MAC700 wash its bang, done.

Although the MAC700 washes only arrived just before Christmas they have already been used for Summerdayze festival, the Perth Cup, The Waifs, Jeff Beck, Kasey Chambers and even more.

“They’re basically out all the time now which is great,” said Jared.

Photographed is Frontier’s Ryan Varley, Gino Lombardi (Show Technology’s WA Branch Manager) and Jared Hawke