Frankston Waterfront LED

Posted on Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Frankston WaterfrontAs part of on-going waterfront developments and upgrades, the city of Frankston, gateway to Melbourne’s booming Mornington Peninsula, negotiated the manufacture of a customised sign utilising a weatherproofed version of Coemar De Sisti Australia’s highly successful RGB XChip.

The sign is made of 19 individual stainless steel letterforms, which combine to read “Frankston Waterfront”. Fitted and pre-wired to each letter are RGB XChip modules, which were supplied ready for simple on-site installation to an artistic rock wall.

Working in close collaboration with the manufacturer of the letterforms, Coemar De Sisti Australia were able to supply custom looms for power feed to each letter from the XChip drivers.

All responses to date have been incredibly positive, with many comments being particularly impressed with the ease with which the project was supplied. Additionally, the sign has made a big impact with the locals, who seem very impressed with the colourfulness and vibrancy of the LED illumination..