Four Seasons Hotel Sydney install Martin MX-10 Scanners

Posted on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010


When AV Partners took over managing the audio visual department for Sydney’s Four Seasons Hotel on January 1st 2010 the first thing they set about doing was a total refit of all the audio visual elements.

”We refurbished every meeting and conference room, plus the Grand Ballroom, from an audio visual perspective,” commented Nigel Taylor of AV Partners. “We’ve installed sixty Martin MX-10 scanners into the Grand Ballroom so that we can pin spot tables very easily. The Martin MX-10’s are located within the ceiling so that you can’t actually see the technology rather just a hole in the ceiling. The MX10’s mirror is positioned above that hole so that we can shine its light down onto the table below. It means that the room doesn’t look cluttered with technology and that was always the aim.”

Since installation Nigel reports that the MX10’s have performed admirably and he particularly favours their brightness.

“We can get some really nice effects onto the tables and they have been very, very popular with clients for creating an overall room impact,” he added. “The colours that we can get out of them plus the intensity of the light that we can pull out of them, really adds to the show side of productions. The fact that they’re intelligent and programmable means that you can have different states at different times, what ever sort of event that you’re having they’re very flexible.”

Nigel also states that their usual preference is to run the Martin MX10’s from a MA Lighting grandMA, definitely their console of choice.