For Sale: 4 Way Blinder DMX

Posted on Monday, August 23rd, 2010

4 Way Blinders at a “blinding” low price!!… and they are brand new!

The 4 Way DMX Blinder is designed to house 4 x DWE 120V 650W Lamps. The body of the unit is made of lightweight aluminium, black finish.

The rear panel is louvered for efficient ventilation and increased lamp life. The heavy duty yoke has a positive lock off and T bar handles enables this unit to be set at any angle with ease.

Each of the two banks can be independently adjusted and the unit also suits all major brands of colour scrollers.
This unit has internal DMX dimmers and 4 xDWE 120V 650W Lamps are included.

Note that the units come unplugged.

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