Footy Fans guided by Martin and Clay Paky

Posted on Friday, April 29th, 2016

13043627_987668651269535_1879607944677907489_nMartin and Clay Paky fixtures delivered a fitting call to arms for the Adelaide Football Club fans when the Crows took on the Swans. Inspired by the “bat signal”, Staging Connections installed roving gobos that swept the iconic buildings of the Adelaide riverbank skyline including the Adelaide Festival Centre and the InterContinental Adelaide. The Adelaide Oval itself was lit with various branding messages to engage the 51,000 footy fans who went to see the Crows take on the Swans.

“The Club was looking for i13015270_987668627936204_9174386119648006814_ndeas to activate the outside area around the Oval and originally we were going to project onto the clouds …. but it wasn’t cloudy!” said Tim Bormann, Technical Director at Staging Connections Adelaide.

The eastern plaza side of the stadium had four Martin MAC Quantums projecting onto the Oval and controlled by a grandMA light.

“The Quantums gave us a lot of options in terms of zoom control,” remarked Tim. “We used them to highlight the entrance path as you go into the stadium, and to get some more of the Club’s branding onto the Oval.”

The southern plaza side of the Oval needed a fixture with a mass13010832_987668614602872_5040274465476652292_nive throw to project gobos onto the Festival Centre (330 metres away) and the InterContinental Hotel (430 metres away). The decision was made to hire in a couple of Clay Paky Mythos controlled by a grandMA2 light,

“The Mythos were selected because of their beam angle,” explained Tim. “Due to it being such a long distance to shoot we needed something with a very tight beam angle that could do a gobo. The Mythos were incredible.”