Followspot position planning guide review

Posted on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

The latest version of the draft standard, BSR E1.28 – 200x, guidance on planning followspot positions in places of public assembly, is available for public review through 28 December 2009. The document can be downloaded for free at Comments should be submitted before the ,End Date’ shown on the website.

The E1.28 document offers guidance on the planning of permanent followspot positions. It is a guidance document, not a mandatory compliance document. The document offers recommendations on the locations of the followspot positions within the venue, the power likely to be needed, the waste heat generated, the amount of space likely to be needed, and the fall protection and egress issues to be considered for the operators’ safety, among other things.

The E1.28 document was developed at the urging of some followspot vendors and users, who found that some performance venues are built without competent design advice or in disregard for that advice, and the resulting followspot positions are sometimes unusable or dangerous.