Fifty Martin MAC Axiom Hybrids for Harry the Hirer

Posted on Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Harry the Hirer has purchased a whopping fifty Martin MAC Axiom Hybrid fixtures having waited years for such a product to come on the market.

The MAC Axiom Hybrid is a true all-in-one product, combining beam and spot into one compact unit that also offers diffused wash functionality. The high-precision optical system offers exceptional contrast, both in mid-air and projection as well as a surprisingly flat field, usually not seen with this short-arc lamp technology.

“We’ve been looking for a moving light that provides a decent return on investment for quite a few years,” remarked Simon Finlayson from Harry’s. “Unfortunately the moving light market has been unsustainable for the past few years. They fill the lights up with rubbish that you don’t need in the corporate world such as animation wheels, and that just increases the cost of the moving light. We’ve held off from buying moving lights for five years now for those reasons. In the corporate world, they don’t need to see a rock show just their gobos, a decent colour wash and that sort of thing. Finally there’s a product on the market that puts the bread and butter basics into a fitting and it’s priced it at a realistic price.”

The implementation of the MAC Viper CMY palette gives designers the advantage of unlimited choice from subtle pastel shades to deep and saturated colours. All thiafl_20160060v2s comes in a small footprint and lightweight product which delivers superior performance in the best feature vs. size and weight ratio available in the market.

Harry’s took delivery of their MAC Axioms mid-September and they haven’t been in the factory since – in fact Simon says he hasn’t even seen one!

“The MAC Axioms have proven to be a good all round fitting that provide variety and the guys love them. Their versatility is amazing, to be able to go from a beam to a wash in a single fitting is an enormous benefit – not only for the guys operating but for the guys trying to keep the weight down in a rig in the roof. You don’t have to have twice the amount of fittings rigged to achieve the outcome you require.”