Fifalite Effects Lighting Chooses the New Technology from ULA

Posted on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Fifalite Effects Lighting started as a hobby in Sydney in 1979. When owner David Pfeiffer moved to the Sunshine Coast in 1981, the “hobby” gradually developed into a business. David has been lighting anything and everything on the Sunshine Coast since then – theatre, school productions, corporate, dance,… you name it, he’s lit it.

Despite having almost 50 Robe moving lights in rental, David realised that he had a gap in his inventory, and had actively been considering the Robe ColorSpot 575AT, until ULA’s Blair Terrace proposed the new Robe Robin 300E Spot. David says “I was looking at the Robe ColorSpot 575, however when I spoke to Blair, he suggested I waited until the Robe Robin range was released, as the Robins had the ‘punch’ of a Robe ColorSpot 575 but with more features”. When David saw a demo of the Robe Robin 300E Spot his reaction was “Wow! All the features of my ColorSpot 1200’s (& more), but in a small package. Dare I say, the ”perfect” small intell”.

When asked what David’s favourite feature of the Robin 300E Spot is, he couldn’t narrow it down to one. David’s favourite feature is everything! “The brightness, the huge zoom range, the CMY colour-mixing, the full-colour touch screen, and particularly the unique variable hot-spot (peak / flat field adjustment). And of course, the fact that they’re Robes!” says David.

Not only did David decide to purchase the Robe Robin ColorSpot 300E’s from ULA, he decided it was time to invest in an Avolites console – the Avolites Pearl Tiger. David says “Avolites have seemingly been around for ever – they have a proven track record. The Pearl has the reputation of being a great desk for live “busking” – making it up as you go along. Much of my work is this type of operating.” He continues “The compact size, the ease of programming, the classic “Rolacue” scene storage & playback system, the huge inbuilt fixture library, the sturdy construction, the list goes on and on. Also, Avolites’ website and backup are extremely good”.

David’s new additions to his hire inventory are already paying off as the Robins’ first outing was the large Carols By Candlelight at Caloundra in December, where they were used extensively on stage.

The Pearl Tiger has already done several gigs on the Coast and in Gympie, controlling a mixture of various-sized Robes, conventionals (dimmers), and LEDs.

David concludes to say “I love Robe products: they’re well-designed, robust and very reliable. The new Robins have been designed from scratch – they’re not just a re-worked older model – I like that! The Pearl Tiger is my first Avolites product, but I’m sure it won’t be my last. ULA, as always, provided great advice and service – it’s a pleasure dealing with them”.