Fibre Optic Chandelier

Posted on Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

The chandelier is a stunning centrepiece and its decorative features are becoming an attractive addition to interiors. Historically, a chandelier was a glittering white glass centrepiece hanging in opulent surroundings, but Lighthouse Distribution can supply different interpretations of this traditional form of lighting for a contemporary market using fibre optics. They can be purpose built to compliment all interior layouts to deliver maximum impact in foyers, stairwells, dining rooms, and public spaces.

A Fibre optic chandelier itself is completely maintenance free and can be powered by several different types of lamps including, metal halide, halogen or LED sources. The type of lamp used will effect how much maintenance the lamp requires, as lamps with a longer life cycle will require less maintenance in the long term. Our lamps offer lamp life from 2000 hours for halogen lamps, up to 50,000 hours for LED sources.

The construction of the chandelier allows the lamp to be placed up to 15 metres away from the chandelier. Light is transmitted from the lamp through fibre optic light guides to the pendant. There are many variations of the pendant to suit all tastes and applications. With fibre optics, you can add a splash of drama and colour to transform a normal environment into something unique and vibrant.