Federation Square turns Blue

Posted on Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

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For the whole of December Melbourne’s Federation Square was brilliantly lit up in a sea of blue courtesy of Microhire, the Square’s inhouse AV specialists. Come New Year’s Eve the blue was replaced by a kaleidoscope of colours to match the party atmosphere. The idea was to attract patrons to the Square without doing something obviously festive.

Twelve Studio Due CityColor 2500 fixtures were used for broad, sweeping washes over the building as well as twenty Pro Shop Honeycomb 72 LED fixtures. Microhire has been so impressed by the Honeycombs they now have close on forty in their inventory.

“The Honeycombs have a great output and I like their strength,” commented Guy McGregor, general manager for Microhire Victoria. “They put out a nice constant colour and the pricing of them is fair. Personally I really like the fact that they’re a long-lasting item built very well for the rental industry. As they’re so robust they can be forever out making us money!”

Paul Nicolaou, Show Technology’s Victorian branch manager worked closely with Guy to ensure the success of the project testing several fixtures along the way. Also used were a heap of LED pars.

“We had no choice but to use the CityColors but the rest of the lighting we chose to use LED as a Growing Green initiative,” explained Guy. “We linked the LED’s together via a wireless DMX transmitter / receiver so for NYE we could then plug in the MA Lighting grandMA console and away we go.”

Guy has been a longtime supporter of Show Technology describing their technical support as fabulous.

“There was actually an oversight and some of the Honeycombs weren’t rated for outdoors,” he divulged. “Although the Show Technology guys were scheduled to go on break when the mistake became apparent, they were there in no time to fix the problem. I know I can call Paul at any time and it won’t be a problem. The support is incredible and the guys are fantastic.”