Exclusive MADRIX® 5.0 Preview at LDI

Posted on Friday, November 17th, 2017

LEDs are everywhere and an ever-increasing number of LED projects is created all around the world. The most creative and complex designs ask for modern control solutions. Since 2005, the MADRIX® Software specializes in stunning yet easy-to-use pixel mapping. In 2013, MADRIX® 3 took those powerful features and brought them also to 3D for complete control in all three planes  – X, Y, and Z.

MADRIX® 5 will add even more groundbreaking features:

A completely new look and feel will make everything easier to read and even easier to use. This includes not only a fresh font made for screens and monitors for legibility, but also two completely new GUI color schemes for the user interface – light and dark. On top, the user interface has been improved further and will react even quicker when switching between effects.

A whole new level of interaction will be possible with the new TRI category of built-in effects. Generated in real time as well, these can be triggered manually by the user via DMX-IN or MIDI. The user himself can initiate when a visual is created on the LEDs.

Support for 64 bit will provide access to more of a computer’s available resources and boosts any existing system right out of the box already today. Performance increases of 20% are likely due to the modern architecture. Compatibility with Art-Net 4 and Streaming ACN E1.31 unicast support, in addition to multicast, will also be implemented.

The built-in Patch Editor will receive many useful extras. Loading a background image helps with the manual placement of LED fixtures. The list of fixtures and their configuration can be exported or printed. The widely used CSV file format can be imported and will quickly generate complex patch layouts based on data of third-party software, such as visualizers or lighting design tools.

In addition to these headline features, many more improvements will be included. MADRIX® 5 will be shown as exclusive preview version.

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