Event Pixels’ skull finds a new home

Posted on Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Event Pixels’ skull has found a new home at The Cube Hotel Toowoomba, Southern Queensland. Here is what Myles Davidson had to say about the service provided:

“We have always liked LED screens. The Skull caught our eye because of its size and uniqueness. Having a nightclub we are always on the lookout new products that we can incorporate into our venue. And this one was just cool. The Amazing LED Skull now dominates our nightclub space, sitting in prime position above the DJ. It has been installed now for two weekends and our customers love it. It brings a new energy to the space, and it’s interesting and somewhat memorizing to look at. Emanuel, Vlas and the Team at eventec service was second to none. Driving through the night, to ease our minds with the install and programming, and even giving our team the tools to use and keep the Skull imagery fresh”.