Even The Sound Guy Can Operate The Ensemble Theatre’s New ETC Ion 1000 Console

Posted on Thursday, December 16th, 2010

No, this isn’t an over-enthusiastic home owner who has decided to install an ETC Ion 1000 console to control his houselights! It’s Tom Blunt from Sydney’s Ensemble Theatre overlooking the set of their current production ‘The Last of the Red Hot Lovers’ looking a happy chap with his new console.

However Tom does have a confession to make, “I’m actually a sound guy but even I found it easy to use!”

When Tom joined the Ensemble Theatre last May he inherited a Strand Light Palette which he found rather tricky to program and not particularly user friendly so he started to look at other options on the market.

”I discovered that ETC consoles were widely used by many touring companies on the East Coast and after having looked at them, I decided they were the best option,” he said. “The ETC Ion 1000 was the best choice for us in terms of budget and also strategically, lining up with other companies such as the Sydney Theatre Company, Bell Shakespeare and Belvoir Company B who all have ETC Ion consoles.”

Tom is delighted with the ETC Ion’s ease of use and simple programming.

”I’ve had a few different programmers come in and they have found the Ion to be much simpler even though they didn’t really know the console,” he added. “They were able to get straight into it and do some fairly complex stuff.”

Pictured in Photo: Tom Blunt