Eurotruss HD 34 gets in fashion

Posted on Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Showtime has strengthened its Eurotruss stock level for the 2013 St George TAFE School of Fashion parade as director Asher Daoud adds another 50 meters of HD 34 to their inventory.

The St George School of Fashion and Graphic Design held their annual Fashion Parade at the Australian Technology Park this year. The ever-growing event showcased the students’ work, giving the audience an insight into the State’s young and emerging designers.

Given the difficult rigging environment at ATP, long truss runs were required with a strong consideration for the load bearing aspect and restrictions that came with it. The solution was to utilise Eurotruss HD 34 given its overall strength in combination with the famous conical connection system that it is renowned for – the 22m spans along with cross sections required were easily achieved!

With a CPL of 1195kg at 5 meters and a deflection of 17mm three HD 34 trusses were used to support the LED screen.

Ash claims the benefits of the sheer load capacity and European build allows us to invest confidently.

The HD 34’s are now available for hire at Showtime.