ETC Source Four Junior Zooms a perfect fit for Canberra Theatre Centre

Posted on Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Canberra Theatre Centre is Canberra’s premier performing arts venue, providing world class performing arts and entertainment to the people of Canberra and surrounding regions. The main venue is the  1,244 seat Canberra Theatre which up until late last year was home to over 120 rather ancient Strand Patt. 23 – last manufactured in 1983!

“I believe it may have been the largest operational rig of Patt. 23’s in the country,” said Andrew Tweedie, Head of Lighting at Canberra Theatre Centre. “But they were getting harder and harder to maintain, especially as you couldn’t find spare parts, and were not as punchy as they should have been.  They were also a bit of a running joke with touring technicians when they came here!”

Fortunately a decision was made to replace the Patt. 23’s with the main criteria being that the replacement had to be the same size as the space they would be housed in is very small. Canberra’s Sound Advice recommended the ETC Source Four Junior Zoom and Andrew was impressed by their offering.

“Essentially they were the best optically for their size,” he commented. “There was another manufacturer that could supply a unit of that size but it didn’t come up to the same specifications optically. ”

Juniors were the perfect solution because of their high output and compact size combined with significant zoom range. Andrew reports that the ETC Source Four Junior Zoom can certainly punch above their weight and the venue technicians love them.

“We’ve found the ETC Source Four Junior Zooms to be very punchy; two of them together is almost as much as our 2000 watt fresnels,” he remarked. “They are also very nicely manufactured and have a good feel about them.  In the four months we’ve had the ETC Source Four Junior Zooms installed we haven’t had any failures. Usually I buy 10% more of everything as I find that 10% of everything you buy these days goes back to the factory within 12 months – but the ETC Source Four Junior Zooms have been 100% reliable.”

Finally Andrew and his crew will no longer suffer cruel taunts and can hold their heads up high in the knowledge that technicians Australia-wide will be impressed by their new rig of ETC Source Four Junior Zooms.
Australian distributor: Jands