ETC Seladors And Vari*lites For Lady Wardle Performing Arts Centre

Posted on Thursday, December 23rd, 2010


St Mary’s Anglican Girls School in Karrinyup, Western Australia is home to the Lady Wardle Performing Arts Centre, a 509 seat auditorium which hosts an array of school events including plays, concerts, debates, dance productions, assemblies and lectures.

Recently the School decided to upgrade their lighting system with the purchase of eight Selador Vivid 22” and eight Vari*lite VL500 80v.

The Selador Series high power Vivid LED fixture is ideal for stage and studio lighting and can be used anywhere strong colour and high intensity is required. While maximised for high-brightness, deep colour output, Vivid also has the unique ability to match warm, tungsten white light, vibrant daylight white, and soft, tinted gel colours.

“They have made an excellent side light replacing what was once a very patchy par-can wash in basic colours,” reports Peter Rubie, head lighting operator for the venue. “I love the 7-LED colour mixing. It gives me the ability to accurately match any gel colour instead of just the party colours you get from so many LED wash lights on the market. 

“As we have such a fast turnaround of shows and a wide variety of styles of dance and theatre, we needed something that would give us lots of flexibility. I never thought I’d be using LED for my sidelight of all things, but the excellent fade curve and accurate colours means I can use it in light pastels that look great on the performers and then switch to more saturate colours for the bolder looks.”

“The units have performed flawlessly since purchase.”

The VL500 80V is a 1200W automated incandescent wash light intended to be a workhorse wash product.

“Replacing a row of static NSP par cans with the VL500’s has really helped bring some much needed colour and movement into the lighting looks,” remarked Peter. “The 80v’s are also extremely bright cutting over the majority of the rig in fact we often have to turn them down so as not to overpower everything else! They’re great for that vivid ‘rock n roll’ feel as well as being useful as a soft backlight when used with the frost filter.”