ETC ION 2000 Joins Circus Oz

Posted on Friday, June 5th, 2009

For over thirty years Circus Oz has entertained us with their high-energy animal free spectaculars bursting with colour, comedy and breathtaking feats. This winter Circus Oz will undertake a national tour with a whole new production and a brand new lighting console.

Lighting Designer Marko Respondeck has thrown away the old Strand 300 in order to make room for a shiny new ETC ION 2000.

“I had a look at what was available for the given budget and the ION 2000 was the most advanced console for the price,” he said. “I think the moving light control of the ION 2000 is pretty good and I like the on screen action with the mouse – it’s quite nice to be able to just click on things rather than do everything with keystrokes. The size of it is good too and it is also fairly light which means I can quickly pack it away.”

Marko also likes the remote control available with the ION 2000 and the networking capabilities of the console.

“With the offline programming abilities I can plot into WYSIWYG so I can have a look at everything before we go into a venue.”