ETC announces Eos software update

Posted on Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

ETC has released an update to its Eos family of lighting control desks, providing improved and additional functionality for Eos, Ion and Element users.

The major change for Eos and Ion is a new Virtual Media Server (sometimes referred to as “pixel bit mapping”) which allows the creation of grids of fixtures, to which static and animated images can be applied, with a variety of manipulation tools. Similar to a media server, images can be created or imported by the user. A second download – Eos Family Pixel Mapping Installer – allows users to add media content to the console for use with the Virtual Media Server.

For all three desks, ‘shielded submasters’ allows a priority to be assigned to a submaster – a “shield.” When a submaster is shielded, the parameters assigned to that submaster are excluded from any live control other than the submaster. They can’t be played back in cues, and the user can’t take control of the channel parameters manually.

Other new features include the possibility to use the colour- and gel-picker on “non-standard” LED fixtures, such as RGBA or RGBW units; the ability to import ASCII files from Congo and NT control systems; the addition of Channel and Address check mode for the RFR (radio focus remote), making it the default screen for the RFR when engaged.

The new software can be downloaded from either the product pages on ETC’s website or the downloads page at web address below. Offline or client software should be updated at the same time, the company says.

A series of three videos explaining the new features of v1.9.5 is available on the product pages, or in ETC’s YouTube library.
Australian Distribuotr: Jands