ETC Adds New Fixtures to Lineup

Posted on Friday, April 8th, 2011

Electronic Theatre Controls, (ETC) has introduced three new fixtures to their lineup of entertainment lighting products. The Selador Desire LED luminaires, Source Four Fresnel, and outdoor Source Four XT.

ETC is offering a Source Four Fresnel. The Source Four Fresnel combines the light output and energy savings of the Source Four line of fixtures with the unique optics of a Fresnel. It uses the same acclaimed HPL lamp family as other Source Four fixtures. The design of the socket and access door on the fixture means the lamp can be changed from underneath, without having to break focus. The Source Four Fresnel is so efficient that a 750W unit can produce the same light output as traditional 1,000W Fresnels. The Source Four Fresnel also features a full-sized zoom knob that makes it easy to adjust from spot to flood. 

ETC is introducing a new range of fixtures in the Selador family of LED luminaires. The Desire line offers three different PAR-shaped chassis: the bright D40 with 40 LED emitters, the D60 with 60 emitters, and the D40XT that is rated for exterior use. The luminaires feature Selador’s x7 Color System, which uses balanced blends of up to seven different shades of LED emitters to provide a wide color gamut possible from LED fixtures. The Desire line offers seven different color arrays – Vivid for bold, statement-making color-mixing; Lustr+ for adjustable white and tinted light; Fire for saturated warm-spectrum colors; Ice for stunning cool-spectrum colors; and Studio HD, Studio Tungsten and Studio Daylight for installations that require the purest white light. Each luminaire features an easy-to-read user-interface that allows users to set special operational modes for specific applications.

The new Source Four XT HID-powered spotlight boasts the same optical acuity, light output and energy efficiency that designers love in Source Four HID fixtures, but in a new format constructed to stand up to the elements. IP65-rated for exterior use, the XT is watertight, dust-tight, and can operate safely in extreme temperatures and wet weather.

The XT has separate focus and relamping tools so the fixture can be relamped without breaking focus or accessing the optical chamber. It features a 15° to 30° zoom, and a 12,000-hour, 150W, high-intensity discharge source lamp. An external color, pattern and glass holder makes it easy to adapt lighting for special events. The XT can be ordered with a yoke, pole-top mount, or wall-mount bracket for multiple mounting options.

Along with the new fixtures, ETC is launching a new campaign to allow customers to get to know these products: ‘Layers of Light .’ Whether it’s layering back-, side- and front-lighting into a scene; layering colors to create a look; or layering conventional, automated and LED fixtures into a rig, lighting designers work with this notion every day. ETC’s new micro-website,, offers ideas on how ETC’s fixture range can achieve the best results when it comes to lighting in layers.
Australian distributor: Jands