ESTA Foundation Announces eSET

Posted on Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

The ESTA Foundation announces the launch of eSET, a web-based source for essential terminology used within the entertainment technology industry. eSET is designed to cut through the jargon and establish clear terminology that will ensure better communication from region to region and person to person, the foundation says.

Subscription-based, eSET’s searchable database provides the user with the terminology they need to understand and to be understood wherever their work takes them. In addition to the terminology, assessments for each discipline are provided as well as the means to create your own resources for learning and teaching. eSET will continually be updated and refined.

For industry professionals, it is a quick reference for new (or very old) terms. For teachers and students eSET is an additional text that clearly defines what is important to teach and to learn and, with the assessments, provides an easy way to measure student understanding.


nnual subscriptions are $10.00 for students, $15.00 for professionals, and $40.00 for a five-site license. To subscribe, go to the URL listed below.