Eskimo Joe light up the day with JARAGs

Posted on Monday, February 1st, 2010


With 1800W power and with a control of 25 independent lamps the Chromlech JARAG – now available in Australia from Show Technology – opens a new chapter in luminous creativity. A fully integrated electronic card inside the device enables instantaneous implementation with no additional dimmer needed; only one direct power supply and DMX line are sufficient.

All these characteristics ensure that the JARAG can deliver a broad spectrum of effects and whilst the JARAG looks amazing when used to create walls of light displaying videos, patterns or animated text it also delivers punch when used as individual light sources.

Dave Jackson of Phaseshift Productions used eight JARAG-5 units for the Eskimo Joe performance at this year’s Big Day Out festival. Each unit was mounted onto stands of varying heights, and placed on the stage floor behind the band.

With the Band due to play every show in the afternoon, the JARAG-5 units offered an alternative to LED lighting for daytime productions.

”I found the JARAG’s to be a much better alternative than LED’s especially when the sun is belting into the stage at 4pm,” remarked Dave. ‘”During the festival run I’ve received a lot of positive feedback and great comments about them. I’ll be using our JARAG’s on the Soundwave festival next.”

During the performance Dave used no other stage lighting just the JARAG’s which he ran macros through to create occasional patterns.