Eskimo Joe hit the road with Martin

Posted on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

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Perth band Eskimo Joe has just finished touring the country in support of their new album, Inshalla. Phaseshift Productions supplied the lighting system that included sixteen Martin MAC700 spots, eight MAC700 washes, eight MAC250 washes, eight Atomic strobes and nineteen LC Panels as well as various generic fixtures such as molefays and groundrows.

Lighting designer Dave Jackson was given a fairly free rein when it came to designing the show although the band did request a ‘clean’ stage. Dave came up with the idea of placing some LC Panels on the stage floor in front of the guitar amps thus hiding their clutter.

The LC Panels were hung sideways with three banks of three panels on the back truss, two banks of four Panels on the mid truss and one each on the floor in front of the guitar amps.

“The idea was to give the impression of a wall of LED,” said Dave. “So looking at the stage from out front the appearance was of twelve metres of video screen. I used fairly generic content with a little bit of the band’s current video clips. I also edited some of their old clips.”

During the show Dave was also running a remote Sony camera which was positioned downstage and controlled front of house by Dave with a joystick enabling him to run live shots through the LC Panels.

The back truss held seven MAC700 spots and four MAC700 washes with the mid truss holding four more MAC700 washes and five MAC700 spots. Four more MAC700 were placed upstage on the floor. There was no front truss.

The MAC250 washes were mounted on vertical trusses positioned behind the LC Panels.

”At the moment the MAC250 wash is my favourite light!” commented Dave. “It’s just a killer. It’s bright, has nice beam angles and is reliable. We’ve just purchased the beam upgrade kits for them and I’m looking forward to do a show with them.”