Martin showcases expanding LED range
Martin Professional heads to PLASA09 armed with a new and rapidly expanding range of LED lighting solutions. On display will be Martin's first LED moving heads, new LED video solutions, and new LED luminaires for indoor and outdoor use. A new compact beam fixture in the MAC family will also feature. Also on display will be a host of lighting and video control solutions, as well as updates in the Jem and Magnum line of fog and haze machines.
The MAC 401 Dual is a versatile LED moving head washlight with an innovative double-sided design that gives it flexible dual functionality, for example as a double washlight or beam reflective mirror. The 401 Dual's colour mixing system fully blends colours at the source before they leave each lens, eliminating the problem of rainbow shadows and the messy multi-colour lens looks of traditional LED fixtures.
The MAC 301 Wash is an LED moving head washlight that features a powerfully fast zoom with an impressive zoom range. It is capable of producing a wide range of exceptional colours from rich saturated shades to uniform pastels through the entire zoom range. The fixture's 108 high-power LEDs produce a bright and well-defined beam and its compact, lightweight design makes it suitable for rental applications, television use, night-time venues and more.
The LC Plus is a modular system of semi-transparent LED video panels with new generation technology that closely integrates light, video and set design for all new possibilities in indoor and outdoor staging.
The LC Plus is driven by Martin's P3-100 System Controller, an ultra robust unit for advanced video signal processing and integration with lighting control. It includes built in scaling and de-interlacing, supports multiple video protocols and resolutions, and allows for direct DMX control of brightness, colour, pixelmapping and more. It also includes a built-in graphical user interface and other innovative features.
FlexDOT is a lightweight yet bright string of LED pixels that allows designers to break free from the flat, rectangular format of conventional LED displays and create customized video solutions with maximum artistic flexibility and a minimum of effort.
Martin MEL are the first fixtures in a new Martin line of IP65 rated outdoor LED luminaries. These attractively designed striplights are the first architectural fixtures from Martin to use tricolour LEDs for superior colour mixing directly at the lens resulting in an absence of colour shadows and a broader range of colour choices. The MEL range also incorporates a new custom-designed lens system for very narrow beam angles that have been difficult to achieve with tricolour LED fixtures in the past.
Martin MSL is a simple yet highly capable plug-and-play LED striplight designed to enhance interior spaces in a wide variety of applications.
The MAC 250 Beam is a punchy and compact beam fixture that generates variably sized pencil beams as well as wash effects via a motorized frost filter. It is available as an upgrade that installs in only five minutes on any existing MAC 250 Wash fixture.
Based on the modular design of the Maxxyz Compact lighting console, a new range of standalone modules has been developed for the Maxxyz system that allows users to design their own console.
Maxedia 4 is the new version of Martin's Maxedia media server and is optimized to play H.264 MOV encoded video files using a state-of-the-art H.264 video decoder.
Martin's ColorFox VX01 is the first lighting controller specifically designed for architectural use with dynamic colour changing fixtures.
The Jem ZR33 Hi-Mass has undergone a thorough makeover. The new Jem ZR44 Hi-Mass features improvements in overall performance and fluid type, as well as advances in digital functionality such as RDM compatibility.
Finally, the newly introduced Magnum range of fog and haze machines is now even more accessible thanks to new wireless control capability.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

Artistic Licence launches four new products
Artistic Licence will be launching four new products at PLASA09 aimed to further the ease with which systems can be programmed and integrated. All four products are DIN-Rail mounted and thus suitable for permanent, architectural or display installations.
Sign-Control is a DMX512 playback system aimed at simple to sophisticated room control applications. It can be controlled by 14 buttons, a real time clock, RS232 and an external trigger. Features include three pages of eight memories along with one page of six sequences. Each memory or sequence contains all 512 channels.
Two-Play is a two-universe record and playback DMX controller. Capable of hours of show playback and with remote triggering options, Two-Play is designed as a control solution for small to medium size installations.
Art-Relay is designed as an interface product which provides 12 mains voltage relays each controlled via the Art-Net protocol. Each relay has a 'Normally Open' and 'Normally Closed' connection. Configuration is via either DMX-Workshop, or the internal web-server which provides advanced features.
Art-Pipe has been created as a 24-channel, Art-Net-driven, low voltage dimmer. One of the first products to use Art-Net for control, Art-Pipe uses the latest dimming techniques to control up to 24 channels of conventional LED fixtures. Like Art-Relay, configuration is via either DMX-Workshop, or the internal web-server which provides advanced features.
Artistic Licence, which is this year celebrating 21 Years of developing new control, lighting and test equipment products, will be holding an official launch of the four products on its PLASA stand at 4pm on Sunday 13 September. The products will remain on show and be demonstrated by members of the Artistic Licence team throughout the show.
Australian distributor: Balanced Technology www.balancedtech.com.au

Vista 2 ‘Byron’ software to preview at Plasa
Jands will show a major software upgrade for their revolutionary Vista lighting console, at Plasa in September.
Originally released in 2004, the Vista introduced a whole new approach to constructing light shows, with ‘think visually, work visually’ as the core concept. The Byron release of the application takes this innovative approach to a new stage, introducing a true second generation of software, completely re-written from the ground up.
The Byron release reflects the attention Jands have paid to user feedback about the Vista, as well as the fresh vision Jands have brought to the whole concept of how a console works. The update provides easier and faster ways to do existing functions, and introduces a host of new features.
The Byron software will be free-of-charge to current users. Some of the key aspects of the new software include:
* genuine, zero-configuration, ‘no I.T. guy needed’, automatic networking
* tracking backup that synchronises a second console or PC to take over seamlessly in the case of a failure
* a second-generation timeline providing visual split fade times, a per-step timing structure that lets you instantly set fade and delay times for some or all the events * * in a step, and new filters that make it easier to see what’s going on with big rigs
* an extended generic fixture model that doesn’t limit the use of non-standard or overlapping features and adapts to all types of new and unusual fixtures
* a completely overhauled user interface reflecting user feedback, with search functions built in throughout
* a brand new visual method of controlling media servers
* new Matrix layouts and effects for use with LEDs and other fixtures
* a Command Line window that accepts keypad input for fixture selection, levels, timing, store and other frequently used commands
Faster and easier to use, the Byron release is a lot more than just an upgrade of the existing Vista. It provides an unrestricted, reliable software platform for building an ever more sophisticated and powerful console in the years to come.
Jands will preview Vista 2 ‘Byron’ on the AC Entertainment stand (1-E10) at the PLASA trade show in London, 13-16 September 2009.

PixelRange to Launch New SkyLine Architectural at PLASA
PixelRange will launch SkyLine -- a family of extremely durable outdoor architectural LED floodlights - at the PLASA Show, Earls Court, London, September 13-16.
Capable of high projection, even washes, and focused feature lighting -- each luminaire can feature one or two robust, stylish housings with a highly flexible variety of LED and circuit formats.
Other new products include the new PixelPar Festival -- an outdoor IP65-rated version of the industry-standard PixelPar. PixelRange is a certified Luxeon luminaire manufacturer.
PixelRange will be found at Stand 1-F39
Australian distributor: Clearlight Shows www.clearlight.com.au

ArKaos Launches MediaMaster 1.1
ArKaos announces the release, effective immediately, of MediaMaster 1.1, the latest version of its media server software.
MediaMaster 1.1 is a professional tool for creative projection and LED use within video design. Designed specifically with the show and lighting market in mind, it is billed as being a cost-effective software solution for all video performances and installations with multi-media requirements.
Built on the latest generation of technology from ArKaos, MediaMaster 1.1 works any MAC or PC on which it is installed, including standard laptops. Alternatively MediaMaster 1.1 can run on an octo-core server playing HD movies at up to eight layers without dropping frames.
The product has many new features. Improved frame-blending support, at up to 60 frames per second with software genlock, gives extremely smooth video playback even at slow speeds, the company says. This is particularly beneficial when projecting on huge surfaces, such as LED walls, and a welcome enhancement for theatre and television.
In addition, soft-edge blending within the collage function allows seamless blending of multiple projectors and improved accuracy of projection.
Higher-output resolution is now possible with MediaMaster 1.1 supporting output visuals larger than 4,096 pixels, on any hardware which can keep up with it.
The software is fully compatible with Matrox Dual, TripleHead2Go Analog, and Digital Edition, so several projectors can be connected to a single server.
MediaMaster 1.1 also supports alpha channels embedded in video loops which ensure perfect composition when playing media. This new feature gives visual artists full control of mask compositions by using applications such as Adobe After Effects to generate dynamic masks.
The company says that MediaMaster 1.1 is the only solution offering so many decompression engines for almost any video format. This dispenses with the need to recompress video files which, in turn, provides maximum flexibility for the designer who can work with almost any file in a very user-friendly way.
Installation and maintenance are also simplified by the inclusion of several built-in codec such as MPEG 2 and 4. ArKaos' latest update has enhanced CITP support whereby Media Server Extensions (MSEX) enable media information to be displayed on many lighting consoles, including those from Avolites, Chamsys, Compulite, ETC, Zero88 and ADB.
MA Lighting's grandMA is the most recent addition to this list since, working in collaboration with MA Lighting, ArKaos has designed MediaMaster 1.1 to support the MA-eDMX protocol. By this means, MediaMaster 1.1 will listen directly to a grandMA console resulting in a simpler and more efficient setup between these two very popular products.
Finally, the ArKaos A-Series media servers, the A5 and the A10 HD, already incorporate the new MediaMaster 1.1 software. These super-fast media servers are designed for customers who demand high-performance, turnkey solutions which guarantee the best video performance and are able to run large shows seamlessly.
ArKaos CEO', Marco Hinic, says, "We are pleased to have many active users around the world using MediaMaster installations. These include the Magritte museum in Brussels and the Zouk club in Kuala Lumpur. We believe our popularity comes from our willingness to provide our customers with the high quality product they need, backed up with the solid technical support we are happy to give them.
"Our MediaMasters have also been used on the opening ceremony for the XIII Games of the Small States of Europe in Cyprus, on television with Australian Idol 2009, and at the Nature One Festival in Germany which is Europe's largest open air electronic music festival."
ArKaos is keen to share its expertise in video technologies and to educate its customers on the use of MediaMaster 1.1. A series of training sessions and demonstrations dedicated to distributors and customers across the Europe, U.S. and Asia is planned for the autumn, details of which will be announced on the ArKaos web site in September.
For more details on these courses, MediaMaster 1.1, and to download a trial version of Media Master, visit the URL listed below.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

LSC reveals more of Clarity
In a prelude to the release of its new Lighting and Media control software, LSC the Australian based lighting control products manufacturer has been revealing some of the power of its new product LSC Clarity via short videos on the company’s website.
The first four videos released over the last few weeks cover Copy and Pasting, LED matrix control, Media Server integration and also Freesets - a new powerful innovative extension to the humble Preset.
The fifth video in the series released this week shows the power of Fixture Substitution built into LSC Clarity and further video releases are planned prior to the product’s formal release.
With a depth of functionality unrivaled in its class, Clarity has already attracted a lot of interest from a wide range of operators including a review in AV Magazine by well known international lighting designer and operator Paul Collison.
LSC Clarity will be officially released at PLASA on their stand M2 in Earls Court 2.
The videos can be seen by visiting the company’s website at www.lsclighting.com

Philips Color Kinetics Launches White LED Architectural Floodlights
Philips Color Kinetics announces two new floodlights with a light output of more than 8,500 lumens.
Expanding the ColorReach Powercore product line, the eW Reach Powercore and iW Reach Powercore floodlights can dramatically accentuate building exteriors and landmarks with a choice of high-quality white or fixed colour light, while at the same time reducing energy consumption and maintenance, the company says.
eW Reach Powercore can illuminate large architectural façades and structures. It offers an alternative to traditional metal halide sources, providing over 8,500 lumens at 2,700K and over 11,000 lumens at 4,000K as well as light projection over 700' at 2,700K and over 800' at 4,000K. The product is available in eight colour temperatures, ranging from a warm 2,700K to a cool 6,500K, and five solid colours: royal blue, blue, green, amber, and red.
iW Reach Powercore further demonstrates that white-light LED sources are viable for even the largest-scale exterior transformations, the company says, providing controllable white light in colour temperatures ranging from 2,700K to a cool 6,500K. With almost 11,000 lumens of output and 800' projection, it efficiently illuminate urban environments worldwide, the company adds.
ColorReach Powercore, the original offering in this series of high-output floodlights, is already in use in a host of applications worldwide, including the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey; County Hall in London, England; the Peace Bridge in Buffalo, New York, and the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand.

ETC releases Congo V6 Software
Version six for ETC's Congo and Congo jr consoles is now available. The new software contains a number of new features and changes to the internal structure of Congo.
The new Image Effects use the Effect Playback concept from Congo V5 software to associate a layout of channels (which creates a graphical or positional relationship among included channels) with a source image or text. Parameters of the Effect Playback include positioning of the image on the layout, scale and aspect of that image/text, rotation, and effects like constant rotation, scaling or scrolling. Multiple effect playbacks allow for layered image effects.
ETC has done a lot of work on Jam mode, making it easier for users to determine what data gets generated and where that data ends up in a play file. Users can also regenerate data quickly using the new Jam Mode Wizard. The company has added in two scene masters, where users can create a look "blind," using the top row of masters, then fade into that look in time using the master controls. The scene created on the top row of masters becomes live on the bottom row of masters, where additional adjustments can be made on the fly. This feature makes busking a breeze, the company says. ETC has increased the number of master playbacks to 80 and made a number of changes to the masters, allowing once-global settings to be applied per master -- including rubberbanding and exclude-from-record. There are new settings, such as the ability to choose what look a rubberbanding master returns to -- this can be the previous state, or back to the main playback, or to a designated preset. Also improved is the masters display and dock, allowing users to see a lot more information about the masters, including more steps of a sequence on a master.
ETC has improved playback by incorporating the ability to learn a fade profile for crossfades in the main playback. Simply enable "Learn Profile" on a soft key and then move the faders in the manner you want the crossfade to happen. Also new is an indication of the current playback location (what's in A and B) within the sequence list editor.
The channel views have changed, giving users more options for the amount of information that is displayed within a channel box. There is also a new set of symbols in the channel layouts, upporting more TV/film fixtures and adding special-purpose symbols as well. Now users can even draw circles.
ETC also changed the way that blind editing is done, allowing for live moving-light controls to be used within blind views. This means that instead of using spreadsheet-style editing, users can view blind data and move encoders, use direct selects and other keyboard commands to select channels and enter data directly, as in Live.
A number of new docks have been added, including the Designer Summary dock, which collects important data about the main playback and/or selected channels and puts it in one compact location on-screen. A time-code dock displaying a large clock for internal or external time code has been included. It enhances Congo's functionality with support of the Net3 Show Control Gateway for interaction with MIDI and SMPTE on the network, as well as adding an internal backup clock within Congo itself. There is also a new Selected - Live dock that shows the channels and effect playbacks users select in the Live tab.
Congo has undergone some major structural changes including more preset numbers -- from 0.001 to 9999.999 -- making it easier to organize shows that use multiple sequences. Also, finer timing resolution under ten seconds is now possible -- 0.01 to 9.99 seconds. Lastly, 16-bit intensity is now supported, providing improved control of automated fixtures and accessories that utilize high-resolution motor control and improved mastering of LED fixtures that use 16-bit color parameters.
Australian distributor: Jands www.jands.com.au

Creativity by design: MA Video Processing Unit
MA Lighting’s new MA Video Processing Unit (VPU) is especially developed to further extend the MA system by integrating innovative video control.
The whole operation relies on MA's well established control philosophy and is therefore as straightforward as possible. Setting up and programming the MA VPU is really timesaving. This plug & play solution allows for instant show start. After connecting the MA VPU to a grandMA/grandMA2 console everything is ready to go. With the MA VPU video will be controlled just like another lighting fixture.
Based on MA Lighting's rock solid technology, the MA VPU offers extreme reliability and powerful performance - optimised for transport, longevity and use on-the-road as well as for fixed installations like theatres, TV studios, etc.
Three different versions of the MA VPU are available: MA VPU pro, MA VPU plus and MA VPU basic.
It is possible to select, control, live-access and to alter all the MA VPU’s videos, still images and 3D objects from the grandMA. As all MA VPUs and grandMA consoles share the same showfile in an MA-Net network, just one additional MA VPU can backup the complete system. If an MA VPU fails it is possible to easily select your backup MA VPU and use it instead.
The MA VPU pro provides four Full-HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) DVI-outputs to control four individual streams with one MA VPU pro. The MA VPU plus offers two Full-HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) DVI-outputs and the MA VPU basic two HD (1280 × 720 pixels) DVI-outputs.
Thanks to the horizontal and vertical softedge blending as well as the keystone correction, it is possible to scale the output to any needed size. Furthermore the 3D Keystoning functionality enables the user to fit content to any 3D objects irrespective of size and shape. If there is a video running too fast or too slow it can be adjusted via the frame interpolation and smooth speed control.
Additionally the powerful Pixel Mapper can be used to display video content on any DMX-Matrix (up to 256 DMX universes via Art-Net). The picture can be aligned on pixels which don’t have fixed aspect ratios. An invaluable feature is the possibility to change between Pixel Mapper-mode and “Standard”-mode from any grandMA console, says outputting video content via projectors or plasma screens.
There are numerous other functions, features and effects available like contrast, saturation and hue as well as blur, sepia, black/white, waves. All of them can be easily accessed and their use is self explanatory. Also the MA VPU plays back the sound of video clips and can be controlled by an individual sound master per layer.
With up to 32 x 3D-video-layers (8 for the MA VPU basic) the MA VPU allows massive scope for creativity, coupled with over 15GB of professional pre-installed HD and SD video content on every unit.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

Philips Vari*Lite VLX Wash Luminaire Now Shipping
Philips Vari-Lite announces that the VariI*Lite VLX Wash automated luminaire is now shipping. The product is billed as incorporating all the benefits of virtually maintenance-free LED lighting technology with the best visual performance characteristics of a tungsten lamp source.
"We are very excited to be shipping out the first units of the VLX Wash," says Bob Schacherl, vice president of sales and marketing. "We have received overwhelming positive responses from our dealers, lighting designers, and end users since we previewed prototypes last fall. Customers clearly see how the luminaire has blended LED technology with the power and performance expected from a Vari*Lite automated luminaire. This light will truly revolutionize the use of LED technology in automated lighting and we are extremely proud to share it with the worldwide lighting community."
The VLX contains seven proprietary, 120W CBM380 RGBW LED chipsets which provide output that offers three times the efficacy of comparable tungsten sources. The total system provides greater than 10,000 lumens of output and a chip source life of 50,000 hours.
With patents pending, the internal beam homogenization system creates smooth and natural color-mixing free of the color-shadowing effects which may be associated with other LED fixtures. VLX has a CRI of 93 and provides an adjustable color temperature range between 3000 and 9000 Kelvin. The company says that all units are calibrated at the factory for spectacular color consistency between all VLX luminaires.
Zoom control is achieved by the use of a patented lens system that offers a range from 22-60 degrees. Should a tighter beam and greater intensity be desired, the entire zoom system can easily be removed from the luminaire. Accessory mounting points are also included allowing the attachment of additional aftermarket accessories such as top hats.
Australian distributor: Jands www.jands.com.au

Philips releases Strand System Builder Version 3.2
Philips Strand Lighting is pleased to announce that Version 3.2 of Strand System Builder™ software has been released and is available as a free download from its website: http://www.strandlighting.com. Not only a valuable reference tool, Strand System Builder™ is a lighting control system software tool that facilitates the design and specification of Strand Lighting dimming and control products. This simple-to-use program guides users step-by-step through the process of selecting the right lighting control solution to fit any need - from architectural to theatrical - and everything in between.
New features available with Strand System Builder™ V3.2 include: 230V Product Selection – With the release of V3.2, Strand System Builder™ becomes a global solution allowing users to select dimming and control products for any region of the globe. The addition of EC21, WallRack and the rest of the Strand 230V product catalog make Strand System Builder™ a worldwide tool for reference and system design.

LSC prepares to launch new control range
LSC Lighting Systems has been manufacturing lighting control consoles for just on 30 years. Continuing on with this tradition, the company is poised to release their latest offering Clarity – a powerful PC/MAC based lighting control package.
Promising to excite even the most experienced user, Clarity is truly feature packed and offers seamless integrated control of intelligent lights, LED pixel mapping and Media servers, the likes of which has not been seen before.
Due for release at this year’s PLASA show in London and not wanting to let the cat completely out of the bag, the company has started releasing small snapshot videos revealing the power of Clarity to spark people’s interest.
Having previewed at the InfoComm show in Orlando in June and also at Integrate in Sydney last month, the product has already drawn much interest from many respected operators and reviewers alike.
The first of the Clarity videos can be seen by visiting the company’s website at www.lsclighting.com

i-Pix launches new version of BB7
Specialist UK LED manufacturer i-Pix has launched a new version of its successful BB7 LED luminaire - with wider angles than the original 10 degree BB7 Beam Light fixture developed last year.
The new BB7 optics offer a 10 (spot), a 20 degree and a 35 degree (flood) angle - in one fixture. i-Pix has once again listened to the requests of lighting designers and operators to deliver a robustly built, highly tourable, environmentally conscious design-led product.
The three different BB7 beam angles now available are all homogenized without any colour striation within the beam. This eliminates the 'pixelation' and blocky effects associated with more 'standard' LED products, and is a feature that is central to the whole i-Pix BB range, says the company.
A new 'fast changeover' arrangement enables users and technicians to swap between BB7 optics in approximately a minute.
For floor-mounting, an optional freestanding yoke is now also available for all BB7 units - attachable quickly and easily without the need for any tools. Each BB7 unit draws just 0.9 amps on full at 210 Watts (240 volts) with the further option of combined or individual control of each of the seven RGB cells or pixels. i-Pix' custom LED light engines provide colour control. For maximum flexibility, BB7s can be operated in 'Stand alone mode or DMX driven.
With the increased versatility of having a spot/beam/flood LED fixture, hire companies and lighting designers can easily customise BB7 optical configurations to have split beam narrow and wide fixtures within one housing. Existing BB7 users can also update their fixtures to incorporate this new and dynamic optical design.
The new BB7 is shipping now. The first fixtures were delivered to UK rental operation Neg Earth, and used as part of the 'house' lighting rig for the main Pyramid Stage at the 2009 Glastonbury Festival and more recently the main stage at T in the Park 2009.
Australian Distributor: Balanced Technology www.balancedtech.com.au

amBX to debut lighting controller
PLASA 2009 attendees in London next month will have the opportunity to witness the debut of the amBIENT XC, a lighting control system from amBX UK.
The amBIENT XC is a stand-alone DMX 512 hardware controller for RGB LED lighting fixtures, powered by amBX technology. It is designed to be a lighting control system which can dynamically manage RGB LED lighting installations and synchronise them with music and video.
Designed with a variety of environments in mind, from night clubs and restaurants to hotels and casinos, amBIENT XC's dynamic, colour-themed effects can be pre-programmed, or will respond in real time to visual and/or aural stimuli, such as a video screen or music. It offers venues an innovative, maintenance-free and cost-effective way to create an appealing, immersive environment for their customers, as well as a low-cost, yet impressive, upgrade solution for venues currently offering limited lighting effects.
amBIENT XC uses amBX technology, which was successfully launched in the PC game and entertainment industries three years ago, and has since become a standard for the creation and delivery of 'sensory surround' effects in videogames. amBX won a CES Innovation award in 2006 for its outstanding technological advancement, a Windows Vista Best Buy award and best lighting gadget from 5ive's The Gadget Show.
"We wanted to find a way to put amBX technology into the hands of lighting designers, so launching amBIENT XC was the perfect solution for the lighting industry," says Neil Macdonald, CEO of amBX.
amBIENT XC is available for sales and distribution exclusively through TMB as a standalone system for lighting installers, and within design specifications. Demonstrations will be held during PLASA 09 on the amBX and TMB stands.

Martin FlexDOT offers unlimited options
Martin Professional's new FlexDOT S1, LED video displays are fully customisable and DMX512 controllable. These bright and lightweight strings of LED pixels allow for the creation of customised video solutions with maximum artistic flexibility and a minimum of effort, says the company.
The FlexDOT concept is simple - individually controlled, intelligent, full colour pixels mounted on a flexible cable that allows designers/architects to create unique and customized LED video displays. Each pixel (dot) consists of a bright RGB LED driven by its own processor and individually addressable for independent control of colour, special effects, and animation. Pixels can be arranged as needed and later mapped to the image using pixel mapping software. FlexDOT can be controlled from any DMX512 source such as Martin's Maxedia media server.
Standard pixel spacing is 100 mm or 200 mm with each FlexDOT string comprising 100 pixels. A string of FlexDOTs can in fact extend to 120 pixels. The string can be cut into any desired length or number of pixels. Custom pixel spaced strings are available to order.
FlexDOT is light and requires substantially less supporting hardware than conventional LED display solutions. The flexible cable mounting gives a high degree of creative freedom and an IP66 rating in combination with a wide operating temperature range means that it can be used in virtually any environment, even outdoors. A range of accessories is available for mounting, driving and optically modifying FlexDOT to perfectly fit any application.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

e:cue debuts standalone DMX controller
e:cue lighting control - An Osram company, has introduced light-drive elite, its first standalone DMX controller and user interface for dynamic RGB LED lighting that does not require software programming. Users can easily control intensity, colour, and speed as well as setup their favourite colour-changing effects through light-drive elite's glass interface with touch-sensitive keys and touch wheel, says the company.
Jan Julius Miebach, e:cue's managing director for product strategy, said, "We designed this product to allow end-users to experience dynamic lighting as well create dynamic lighting scenes themselves. We specifically paid great attention to the user interaction with the device as well its aesthetic design."
The glassy interface features an LED ring around the touch wheel to guide users in selecting and adjusting colours, intensity, and speed as well as select four colours for graceful colour-changing lighting scenes. light-drive elite does not require software to program it at all and it is easily connected to fixtures through an RJ45 connection for power and data, outputting directly DMX.
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk
Australian Distributor: ULA www.ulagroup.com

LSC Extends MDR Splitter range
MDR splitter with 10 EtherCon RJ11 ports
Following on from the release of the MDR Splitters some months ago, LSC Lighting Systems, has released a new version of their MDR DMX512 splitter family to cater for RJ45 connectors.
LSC's CEO Gary Pritchard commented "After we release a product, we often get requests for variants to suit other markets. After the release of the MDR, the biggest request we received came from installers and specifiers of permanent installations where they were looking for a unit that will match the Cat5 cabling most often used in buildings these days. We had so many requests so quickly that we likewise have responded quickly. The result is the MDRJ DMX/RDM splitter."
Available in a 10-way 19" rack-mount 1RU high chassis, the MDRJ utilises the etherCon connector from Neutrik allowing all input and output connectors to terminate at the unit by Cat5 cable and mating etherCon or RJ45 plugs.
The MDRJ can also take advantage of the optional RDM module permitting the latest industry data transmission protocol to travel seamlessly through the splitter.
The MDR family's ability to be upgraded at a later stage to provide RDM capability means installation of the MDRJ in today's buildings allows an upgrade path for the future.
Martin System Controller allows video integration
Martin P3-100With the P3-100 System Controller for LED screens, Martin Professional enables video to finally join with lighting and motion control technologies for true visual integration
The P3-100 lets you treat LED screens like lighting instruments - brightness, image position, image rotation can be adjusted and changed instantly, says the company. And this happens independently from the source of the video. The P3-100 is not a media server but an intelligent interface between the source and the screen.
The P3-100 makes setting up an LED screen very straightforward and intuitive. It also contains a built-in graphical user interface with real time visualisation of the video mapping - true 'what you see is what you get' emulation of what the screen is showing. The P3-100 also includes a number of other advanced features including built-in scaling and de-interlacing. The integrated scaler adjusts images to fit the LED screen in real time while the de-interlacer enables regular video signals to be connected directly to the P3-100.
With the P3-100 Martin introduces P3 technology, bringing the plug and play nature of DMX to the world of video. Based on Gigabit Ethernet and Cat 5e wiring, the P3 technology removes the inherent limitations of video-type protocols for easy connectivity and speed of set-up. The power of the Ethernet technology enables bi-directional communication with the LED screen, creating a network that greatly increases the speed of setup and mapping.
Splitting the signal can be done with standard off-the-shelf Gigabit Ethernet switches - no need for expensive video distribution amplifiers. Panels can be addressed in single pixel increments and addressing of any panel can be updated in real time. As a convenient time saver, built-in test patterns can be used to check the screen before use. All LED panels communicates with the P3-100 to report any problems and all settings can be conveniently stored on a USB stick.
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

Lightech release "E" series of Dominus LED Downlights
Dominus - Click to enlarge
This new series of Australian Made downlights have new styling and offer a truly energy efficient lighting solution with a superior light output and beam control. The three models in the new series have been engineered to meet the highest expectations and deliver unparalleled performance for the duration of their very long lifetimes.
With a range of beam spreads in a fixed or adjustable fitting, the Dominus range is claimed to be at the forefront of LED lighting.

Dominus E16 - An authentic alternative to 50w MR16 halogen lamps.

  • Available as fixed or adjustable +/- 28°
  • 1100 lumens in warm white from just 16W
  • Available in 26°, 34° and 56° beam spread options
  • Warm white (3200k) standard
  • Cool and neutral white available on special order
  • Dimmable (0-10V & DALI) or Non-Dimmable Versions

Dominus E12 - An authentic alternative to 35w MR16 halogen lamps.

  • Available as fixed or adjustable +/- 28°
  • 930 lumens in warm white from just 12W
  • Available in 26°, 34° and 56° beam spread options
  • Warm white (3200k) standard
  • Cool and neutral white available on special order
  • Dimmable (0-10V & DALI) or Non-Dimmable Versions

Dominus E08 - An authentic alternative to 20w MR16 halogen lamps.

  • Available as fixed or adjustable +/- 28°
  • 700 lumens in warm white from just 8W
  • Available in 26°, 34° and 56° beams spread options
  • Warm white (3200k) standard
  • Cool and neutral white available on special order
  • Dimmable (0-10V & DALI) or Non-Dimmable Versions


LightFactory V2 and DMXIS at Integrate
LightFactory Version 2 and DMXIS will both be launched on the Balanced Technology Stand (A2) at Integrate 2009, at Moore Park beginning Monday July 6th, 2009.
Lightfactory Version 2 evolves into a more sophisticated PC based lighting control system, offering a swag of new features & tools built on the familiar Lightfactory interface.
New features include the ability to split outputs on a per universe basis (ie – Universe 1 via USB to DMX USB Pro, Universe 2 via Art-Net to ODE etc), vastly expanded fixture library and improved fixture library engine, and streamlined file format (single file per show).
Martin Searancke from LightFactory will be on-hand to demonstrate the new system and discuss the raft of new features, but if you can’t wait, you can read about some of the changes here: http://www.balancedtech.com.au/enttec/lf2.htm
DMXIS is a new lighting control product aimed specifically at dj’s, musicians, artists and performers. It is a flexible, easy to use lighting controller for Mac OSX and PC systems, designed in conjunction with dbAudioware.
DMXIS can act as simple DMX control console, or it can be controlled via footswitch, MIDI or even as a plug-in to sequencers such as Ableton Live, Logic, Cubase or Mixmeisters.
Nicolas Moreau from Enttec will be available on the stand to discuss DMXIS and other new products from the Enttec range.
Visit the Balanced Technology Stand, A2, at Integrate

Artistic Licence introduces Art-Switch PoE4
Artistic Licence has introduced Art-Switch PoE4 - developed in response to customer feedback, it can be used to connect together up to four Art-Net nodes, such as Art-Lynx, providing both data and power for the unit and eliminating the need for external power supplies for each node, the company says.
As the number of Art-Net nodes being used in control systems increases, so too does the requirement to power each node. Art-Switch PoE4 uses a more efficient method than powering each node with an individual power supply, by feeding the voltage needed down the same cable as the data from the Ethernet Switch. This method is known as Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). Since Art-Net installations already require an Ethernet switch to carry data, why not include the power in the same unit?
Art-Switch PoE4 provides five 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports, four of which support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). All Ethernet connections are made via RJ45 connectors and each port has individual indicators to show speed of connection, Ethernet activity and PoE use.
Art-Switch PoE4 is capable of auto-configuration per port, which includes speed, duplex and cable type. The PoE output on each of the four ports complies with the IEEE802.3af Ethernet standard. Art-Switch PoE4 requires a 48V DC power input introduced via an un-pluggable screw terminal connector supplied with the unit and is housed in a small robust DIN Rail case which can also be surface-mounted, making it a very adaptable installation product.
The PoE protocol ensures that, by providing power alongside data from a central location, the need to install separate, additional power supplies at remote locations is dispensed with. In this way project costs are reduced and installation is simplified.
Art-Switch PoE4 can be used with any PoE-compatible equipment, such as IP phones and web-cams and is aimed at all installers who wish to organise their multiple Ethernet/Art-Net nodes into remotely controllable zones with all power supplies in a central location.
Australian distributor: Balanced Technology www.balancedtech.com.au

Hotbeam releases new downlight fitting
The new Hotbeam CeeLux HB13 downlight fitting offers unparalleled light output using energy efficient LED technology. With no heat in the beam and no UV emitted, the advantages of LED lighting are brought to you in this easy to install energy saving replacement for your halogen downlights. The CeeLux HB13 consumes just 13 watts of power to produce light equivalent to a 35 watt halogen bulb.
The CeeLux HB13 comes in a 60 degree beam angle. It’s beam is even and smooth and comes in a warm white (3000k) colour temperature – just right for room lighting. The HB13 has a clean finish with an anodised aluminium trim. Attractive and unobtrusive, it is at home in residential, retail and commercial spaces. The fitting operates at a low temperature ensuring safety in the surrounding ceiling space.
It is easy to install, requiring a 100mm cut-out. The trim measures 110mm. The CeeLux runs from 240VAC directly so requires no transformers.
With the benefits of Hotbeam LED technology, the CeeLux HB13 gives you a simple and long lasting downlight option. Contact Hotbeam to find out how you can use the CeeLux HB13 to significantly lower your energy and maintenance costs.

Latest Martin LightJockey released
A new version of Martin Professional's Windows-based LightJockey lighting controller is now available - LightJockey v.2.9.1. Notable changes in the new version include Vista 32-bit compatibility and new fixture updates, as well as other upgrades.
LightJockey will now recognize Windows Vista (32-bit only) as an operating system and allow for Universal USB/DMX interface configuration and use when running under Windows Vista.
Fixture additions/upgrades include: Martin MAC III Profile (basic 16-bit); Martin Extube single segment with HSI, HSIC and RGBW control; Profiles for 16-bit control of RBG fixtures (includes profile for one 16-bit RGB unit and four 16-bit RGB units). Other improvements include an update of the driver for the Universal USB/DMX interface, bug fixes and more.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

Light Emotion P36 LED Par Can
Light Emotion now offers a rainbow of possibilities in the world of stage lighting by applying LED technology to par cans. The new DMX-compatible P36 LED Par Can is equipped with light emitting diodes, allowing users to create virtually any colour via RGB colour mixing.
Unlike conventional par cans, which produce a limited number of colours using gel filters, the P36 LED’s RGB colour mixing process combines red, green and blue LED’s to create any desired shade. In addition to creating limitless colours the P36 is very economical to operate. The fixtures run on low voltage, which makes them extremely energy efficient. The LED’s have an exceptionally long lifespan, saving users money on maintenance and lamp replacement.
The P36 has 61 LED’s - 21 red, 19 green, 21 blue. With this cutting-edge RGB mixing, the P36 LED gives users complete control over the colour scheme of their lighting presentation, right from their DMX controller. The P36 LED can be operated in three different modes: Auto Mode, Sound Active Mode or DMX Control Mode. In the Auto Mode the unit will automatically display a smoothly scrolling chase of colours, the rate of which can be controlled via a speed knob on the unit. In Sound Active Mode the unit will react to the music and display colour chases through different built-in programs. The third option is full DMX Control Mode. With 6 DMX channels, users can control traits of each individual fixture using a standard DMX-512 controller. In this mode, the electronic 0-100 percent dimming and the RGB colour mixing will allow users to adjust the brightness of each colour, the bright/dim sequencing of the colours, the colour mixing and the strobing, to create a show completely customized to their needs. The P36 weighs a mere 0.9 kgs and dimensions 13cmLx13cmWx16cmH.
Ideal for clubs, stage productions, concerts, churches, presentation ceremonies, displays and architectural applications, the P36 LED makes it easy to design customized colours to set any mood or highlight any object or event. The P36 LED is ideal for smaller stage performances as well as architectural and display applications. It therefore comes with both a hanging bracket and a metal table top mount, giving users the flexibility of positioning it above or below the illuminated object. The fixtures operate with limited UV emission, producing very low heat. This makes them perfect for stage applications, because they help maintain a comfortable temperature on stage for musicians and performers. The P36 will not cause fading and discoloration when placed near an object, so they’re ideal for highlighting displays and exhibits, as well as for close-range architectural applications. RRP $149.

What Cue Are We In? - a dilemma solved
Finally an answer to the eternal question “What Cue Are We In?” with anew application for the Mac and the iPhone.
Ken Roach is pleased to announce the release of What Cue. A combined iPhone and Mac OSX application that transmits the current cue information from a lighting desk to multiple iPhones or iPod touches.
“It has been made specifically for taking notes during previews - so that you can sit in the auditorium and still know what cue the console is in.” said Developer Ken Roach.
What Cue currently supports the MA Lighting grandMA range of consoles with more desks coming online soon.
System requirements: Mac OSX 10.5 or later, a compatible Midi to USB adapter.
What Cue is available through www.whatcue.com.
The iPhone client is available on the Apple App Store. The iPhone client is free if you are in Australia ($15.99 for the rest of the world.) 
For more information, please visit: www.whatcue.com
About Ken Roach
Ken Roach is a Melbourne Based Production Electrician and Software Developer. He is currently the Assistant Lighting Designer for the Australian and Asian Tour of Phantom Of The Opera. He was the Production Electrician on The Australian Versions of The Lion King, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Walking With Dinosaurs, Cinderella on Ice, Cabaret and Singing In the Rain.

ETC Introduces Unison Mosaic Show Control Line
ETC is expanding its extensive Unison control system family again, introducing the Mosaic line of show controllers. In an agreement with Pharos Architectural Controls Limited, ETC's Unison Mosaic show control system is based on the award-winning Pharos show-control technologies, comprising a range of software, controllers, and accessories. Richard Mead, managing director of Pharos, says, "ETC are market leaders in system integration and lighting control for large-scale projects. They have been a great partner for Pharos as our distributor in North America, and we are delighted to be collaborating on this new venture with the launch of Unison Mosaic worldwide." Joe Bokelman, ETC's architectural market manager, adds, "Taking this next step allows us to merge the strengths of the Pharos products with the advantages of our Unison architectural control line. And, we leverage our sales and service networks -- across the globe."
With the new system, "any venue can now be the staging ground for a multimedia experience that might include interactive lighting shows, audio and visual spectacle, and more," says Bokelman. "Mosaic integrates architectural and entertainment technology -- triggering and managing different technical elements like LEDs, moving lights, and other effects."
Mosaic combines innovative software and hardware. Mosaic Designer Software provides the framework for creating art, while Mosaic Show Controllers (MSCs) are the compact hardware solution, running events reliably and precisely, show after show. Engineered with unique environments in mind, Unison Mosaic show control presents a comprehensive control solution for architectural exteriors, retail, museum and themed spaces, art installations, special events, and innovative projects yet to be imagined.
Says Bokelman, "By bringing these Mosaic show-control products into the Unison brand -- alongside our Paradigm and SmartLink offerings -- ETC puts it all together with the most comprehensive range of products for controlling LEDs and creating energy savings."
Australian distributor: Jands www.jands.com.au

Rosco iPhone GOBO application
Rosco is releasing a free iPhone GOBO application. To receive notification of when it is available, sign up at: http://www.rosco.com/promotions/goboapp/
The application shows all of Rosco’s 1,400+ GOBOs with more to be added soon.
In addition to the iPhone App, Rosco announced this week, that they have acquired the Paris based GOBO manufacturer GOBOSFACTORY. This move dramatically increases Rosco’s ability to produce their extensive range of Glass, Steel and Custom GOBOs.
For more information please do not hesitate to contact Adam Smith at Rosco Australia on 02 9906-6262.

Light Emotion LED Raises the Bar
The LED bar is a streamlined narrow LED floodlight that can be used in many different applications, to create powerful flood lighting with surreal washes of intense colour. While only drawing a tiny 35 watts of power, dozens can be run off a single 240-volt circuit. And with piggyback IEC plugs you can daisy chain them until the cows come home.
They are just as useful for up and down lighting in venue installations as for creating a trendy, Neon style, retro look for mounting on walls and stages. Hundreds have been installed in locations as diverse as bars and nightclubs through to churches and houses of worship. With Red Green Blue colour mixing and full DMX control you can run hands on, or simply set to sound active, chase or colour change mode. Two hanging brackets hold up the meter long steel fixture and at under 10 kgs it’s an easy lift. Add to that the LEDBAR has low heat output, faster pack down, a lamp life of 100,000 hours and improved reliability. The LEDBAR is an affordable mainstay that (second only to the parcan) has become one of the industry’s preferred fixtures. RRP $349. For dealer list and specifications go to www.industrygear.com.au

New Version of FocusTrack
Previewed at USITT in March, and tested on a number of shows since, the new FocusTrack 2.000 is now available -- adding compatibility with ETC Eos and MA grandMA consoles along with other refinements and improvements.
Designed to simplify the task of comprehensively documenting production lighting, whether to maintain it over a long run, re-create it on tour, re-mount it in new productions, bring the show back into a rep or create a portfolio, FocusTrack has been used on many shows around the world in the more than three years since its first introduction, including the Tony Award-nominated and Drama Desk-winning productions of Billy Elliot and Equus in New York.
The key design principle of FocusTrack has always been to reduce the amount of manual data handling and re-keying that lighting staff have to do during the course of mounting and then documenting a show. FocusTrack 2.000 continues this: It can be used to manually track the lighting, or the software can import a show file from ETC's Eos, the MA Lighting grandMA and the Strand 300- and 500-Series consoles, generating comprehensive paperwork -- including a list of moving light focus positions actually used in the show, details of scrollers and gobos actually used in the show, fixture tracksheets, full details of the lights in the rig (including patch information and whether they are actually used in the show) in FocusTrack's RigTrack module, and a detailed cue list.
Other information can be entered manually, or merged in from other sources including Lightwright, VectorWorks Spotlight, or designer's cuesheets in Excel or other formats. For those who want to continue to use their current software, FocusTrack can also help keep other data files up to date, playing "spot the difference" between Lightwright data and the console patch to ensure Lightwright stays in sync as a rig evolves.
To complete the documentation of a show, FocusTrack (when running on a Mac) can control the lighting console to allow the automation of turning on and photographing moving and conventional lights before importing the resulting pictures into the final show database. As with show import, FocusTrack can now control Eos and grandMA (via their Eos Client and onPC software running in Parallels or Fusion) in addition to Strand consoles.
FocusTrack 2.000 also incorporates other interface improvements and new features based on three years of user feedback, including an optional simplified main control page, a new DimTrack module for managing complex dimmer installations, a "speak-my-focus" mode for when a programmer wants to keep looking at the stage, and a new iPhone cue sheet export mode so a designer can have keep their cue sheet with them while prowling the theatre during previews.
FocusTrack 2.000 comes in one version that can be switched between the three console types. It is available now from the FocusTrack website and can be run in demo mode for 14 days allowing anyone interested to try it for themselves. The website even includes a small demo show allowing quick experimentation with the software's features, as well as full details of how FocusTrack can help those creating and documenting shows.
Despite the many new features, the price of FocusTrack remains unchanged, with both full and student licenses available. Licenses can be purchased through the website; existing licenses will continue to work with the new version.

Lee Filters Swatchball available as free download
Due to popular demand, Lee Filters has now made its Lee Swatchball available as a free download from the Lee Filters website.
The company says: "The Lee Swatchball is a unique three-dimensional way of viewing and comparing all the colours in the Lee range. It has proved to be a very popular tool with lighting designers and following numerous requests for a stand-alone version, it is now available as a free download. This means that you can now enjoy and use all the functionality of the Swatchball without having to be on-line."
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk

World’s first upgradeable DMX Splitter
“Why should we pay for features we may never use?” “Can I buy the basic model now and add these features later?” These are two questions that have been commonly directed to manufacturers for years, even more so in the current economic climate.
Australian designer and manufacturer LSC Lighting Systems, responding to these desires, has released the world’s first field-upgradeable data splitter. The MDR range of DMX512-A based splitters can be upgraded with RDM functionality, wireless DMX receivers, Powercon input power connector or a hook clamp mounting brackets for the portable model.
The new RDM (Remote Device Management) enhancements to the DMX512 standard are gaining popularity with new RDM devices coming onto the market every day. A DMX splitter, being in the centre of any RDM network, must be RDM enabled. The MDR offers the possibility of adding an RDM module now or purchasing it as an upgrade at a later stage.
Likewise, wireless DMX512 modules can be fitted to the MDR splitters and both popular brands, W-DMX from Wireless Solutions and City Theatrical’s SHoW-DMX are catered for. The wireless DMX512 module can work as the sole DMX512 input source for the splitter or as a back-up source to the cable input. In this scenario, if there is a failure of the cable DMX512 input, the MDR splitter has an Auto-Switching feature that seamlessly switches to the Wireless input.
The MDR is available in 5 and 10-way 19” rack mount configurations or a 5-way portable unit housed in a high-impact resistant plastic enclosure. The flexibility is endless, as any input or output connector can be a 3-pin or 5-pin XLR. All inputs and outputs are electrically isolated to prevent any earth loop problems. A special 10-way installation model is available providing RJ45 Ethercon connectors for both inputs and outputs.
The MDR range is future-proofed – buy what you need now and upgrade when you actually need the functions.
The MDR is shipping worldwide - now.

DesignLED new release LED PAR64s
Now available from Lighthouse are our new LED Par 64s. There are versions available to suit different needs. In a 1watt LED version the fixture has a huge 36 LEDs in RGB ((12 Red, 12 Green,12 Blue). For those who want extra brightness, there is the 36 x 3watt LED version, available in RGB. The fixture offers a huge range of colour mixing possibilities that allows for many and varied colour wash applications.
All the LED Par64s have the option of running via DMX. (5 pin connector) or there is a stand alone mode which is controlled from a four button (LED display) panel on the rear of fixture. The designLED pars are ideal for schools, churches, clubs, bands where cost effective colour change is required without high power consumption.

XCOLOUR-LED It's Bright and Colourful
The XCOLORLED is a versatile and compact spot-light bringing you a world of possibilities in colour projection. With output comparable to a 250W halogen and full DMX control the fixture is a lightweight alternative to heavier less functional incandescent lights.
Big circles of vibrant primary colour are able to bathe a performer or stage area and cut straight through ambient lighting even when fog use is limited. There’s very little heat generated and no duty cycles so the fixture can run all night long. A 4 button menu system with LED display makes the XCOLORLED easy to navigate especially when working in low light.
Applications include shining on larger sized mirrorballs for a superior centerpiece effect, hang from truss to provide colourful spotlights for members of a stage troupe, set in strobe function in time with the bass drum for a pulsing effect for a DJ gig, or run sound active behind a drummer for some moody back-lighting of a rock band. For any serious operator on the go, these fixtures not only offer high output and hands on control but only weigh 2.4 kgs.
Lamp life is rated at 50,000 hours and you can run heaps of them on a 240v circuit. Razor sharp beams and no ongoing lamp costs make the XCOLORLED a cost effective means to create stunning bursts of saturated colour, far superceding standard par projectors.
With a recommended retail price of $599 this vauable and versatile asset will pay for itself in no time.
Enquiries and reseller enquiries to sales@industrygear.com.au.

LSC launch the e24V3 Touring Dimmer
LSC Lighting Systems has released the e24V3 Touring dimmer that offers the user a complete dimming and distribution solution for today's demanding shows.
The new e24V3 comes complete with 24 channels of both Dimming and HotPower distribution enabling you to power up to 3000W per channel of Lighting, Video and Special FX all from the one box!
Retaining all of the smarts of its predecessors, including CCT (current control technology), PTFD (pulse transformer fired dimming) and full LSCnet networking capabilities for both remote monitoring and remote recall of any of the 80 memories, the e24V3 can power a vast array of items directly and even has an in-built fully opto-isolated 5-way DMX splitter, making it a real one box-one solution.
For added flexibility, e24V3 can also be fitted with the industry’s two most popular wireless DMX systems, W-DMX from Wireless Solutions or SHoW DMX from City Theatrical.
The wireless DMX option allows the e24V3 to run off cabled or wireless DMX; it even allows you to run both. With this option, should either DMX input signal fail, the DMX auto-switching feature of the e24V3 seamlessly switches to the other input signal providing full data redundancy even if the main DMX cable fails.
e24V3 continues to be delivered in a heavy duty flight case the size of a bar fridge, with an internal steel frame. The front and rear covers also create a wheeled dolly. All there is left to do is to set your show patch before the e24V3 hits the road and starts earning its keep.
The e24V3 24-channel Dimmer system represents an exciting move towards total dimming packaging, providing a complete solution for pre-show set up, transportation and storage. Built around LSC's long established philosophy of "no compromise on reliability, quality or features" The e24V3 offers great value for money to any lighting operator in the professional touring, corporate or exhibition markets.

Philips unleashes Luxeon Rebel ES
Philips Lumileds has released Luxeon Rebel ES, a high-efficacy power LED specified to deliver a minimum of 100 lumens per Watt. As the global demand for efficient lighting solutions increases, Philips Lumileds is focusing on the performance characteristics that are most important to the lighting industry.
"Luxeon Rebel ES meets two complementary objectives: extending the energy-saving ability of LED technology and simplifying LED product selection to make it easier for lighting designers to take advantage of those capabilities," said Steve Barlow, executive VP of sales and marketing at Philips Lumileds. "Both of these features will help the industry meet its energy reduction and sustainability goals."
Creating energy efficient SSL applications is easier because, flux binning and forward voltage (Vf) binning selections are pre-determined to deliver 100 lumen per Watt efficacy. With one simple selection, colour (CCT), lighting engineers can adopt Luxeon Rebel ES for their most efficient applications and begin reducing the energy required for many solutions, says the company.

Enttec releases MIDIwing control software
Enttec has announced the release of its new MIDIwing control software. MIDIwing, in conjunction with Enttec's already well-established playback, shortcut, and programming wings, gives users the ability to define midi note or ASCII triggers for any lighting or media control device that will listen to the protocol.
The software, which uses TCP network packets to send midi notes over an Ethernet based network, can trigger up to 408 unique commands through a maximum of six wings, which can each handle between 54 and 68 individual single note triggers. The software is also capable of easily importing or exporting any of the wing configurations, and running quietly in the background processes of the PC.
MIDIwing's user customisable nature allows for endless adaptation to countless controllers. The programme can be successfully integrated with many widely used lighting control programmes and hardware based desks including: Hog 2PC Software, Whole Hog II, Chamsys MagicQ, Sunlite Suite, Martin Maxxyz, and Grand MA on PC.
It will also work quite successfully with media servers such as the Green Hippo Hippotizer, and ArKaos Media server families. Basic configurations for some of these, and other controllers are currently, or soon will be available for download on Enttec's website. In addition to the devices listed above, the MIDIwing will work seamlessly with any controller, even custom software or hardware applications that can listen for midi note or ASCII inputs, adds the company.

Martin launches Martin MAC 301 Wash
The Martin MAC 301 Wash is an LED moving head washlight with a powerfully fast zoom and impressive zoom range. Designed for a variety of settings including rental applications, television use and night-time venues, it is capable of producing a wide range of exceptional colours from rich saturated shades to uniform pastels through the entire zoom range, says the company.
The MAC 301 Wash's zoom provides beam angle control from 13 - 36° for more accurate and flexible design possibilities, and the fixture's RGB colour mixing is maintained through the entire zoom range.
The fixture's 108 LEDs produce a bright and well-defined beam. With LEDs arrayed in a high density design, a more even blending of colours is achieved.
A principal feature of the MAC 301 Wash is its RGB colour mixing system. The full spectrum system combines with the optical system to produce a wide range of vibrant saturated colours and subtle pastels. A range of mixed shades from cool to warm is also possible.
For increased colour possibilities, the MAC 301 includes an electronic 7 colour + white color wheel rotation effect with snap, blackout or dimmer fade at each colour change.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

LED Message Boards
Lighthouse Distribution announces the launch of its new LEDABOARD range of LED message boards. At a time when it is crucial to stay one step ahead in delivering your advertising message or public information, the new LEDABOARD message screens are an ideal way to ensure clear and concise information delivery.
Applications include point of sale display, shopping centers, transport utilities such as buses, trains and airports, street signage, entertainment venues and advertising.
The boards are available in various lengths and heights with colour options from single to full colour display. They can be configured to run in a stand alone environment or as part of a wider networked system.

New DesignLED Linear Floods
This series of fixtures are available in either a 300mm or 1000mm lengths. Both fixtures use a 3in1, high power 3watt LED allowing a smooth and consistent RGB colour mix. The 1000mm has 18 LEDs and the 300mm uses 9 LEDs.
Built in effects include Colour changing, Strobing, Dimming 0% to 100%, Speed adjustment etc. The IP65 rating allows for full outdoor use if required.
This fixture is ideal for lighting exterior walls, features, coves or due to the compact size can be used as footlights in a stage environment as well.

Silent Messaging with the Logostar
For a user-friendly, modestly priced messaging solution go straight for the Logostar. This unique and stylish logo projector looks more like it should be in a modern art gallery than in a corporate or commercial environment.
Employing a dynamic, high-powered, halogen light source for powerful and fine edged graphics. Mounting options are flexible as the light aluminium body is easily attachable to any convenient hanging point. Brand a trade show, conference or exhibition centre with full colour, rotating words and designs. Or point onto the outside walkway of a restaurant or retail outlet with advertising messages and special offers.
Set up is as easy as point and shoot, with manual focus available upon simple installation of your gobo design. Gobos can range from simple silhouettes through to sophisticated full colour images. Then just flick a switch and let the Logostar create an impressive point of difference for your business. Lamp life offers a healthy 1000 hours with spare rotation belt and sample gobos included. All for around the cost of an advertisement in your local newspaper.
Go to www.industrygear.com.au for further information and dealer listing.

Vari*Lite Is Shifting LED Lighting Into Higher Gear
Debuting at this month’s Pro Light and Sound show in Frankfurt the VARI*LITE® VLX™ Wash luminaire was the next generation of solid-state lighting from the company that helped start the revolution in automated lighting. The VLX gives you all the benefits of LED technology and the best visual performance characteristics of a tungsten source. VLX offers stunning colours and intensity, multi-year source life and high reliability. Combined with low energy consumption and maintenance costs, the Vari*Lite VLX resets the bar for all other LED fixtures.
Seven, proprietary, 90 watt CBM380 RGBW LED chipsets provide output that offers three times the efficacy of comparable tungsten sources. The total system provides greater than 10,000 lumens of output, and the 50,000 hour source life of the chip ensures that lamp replacement costs are a thing of the past.  70% lumen intensity maintenance over that time guarantees that the VLX will remain powerful and bright well into the future. Because of the internal beam homogenization system, (patents pending) colour mixing is smooth, natural, and free of “colour shadowing” effects associated with other LED fixtures. Additionally, the VLX offers a CRI of 93, a continuously adjustable colour temperature white range between 3000 and 6500 degrees Kelvin, and seamless colour mixing that all combine to create a source that behaves like familiar and effective tungsten luminaires without the associated costs and inefficiencies inherent in those systems.
Zoom control is achieved by the use of a patented lens system that offers 3:1 range from 22 to 60 degrees. Should a tighter beam be desired, the entire zoom system can be easily removed from the luminaire. Accessory mounting points are included allowing the attachment of additional, aftermarket beam control devices. All movements are smooth, silent, and accurate under the control of the time-proven Vari*Lite three phase motor system with a full 540 degrees of pan and 270 degrees of tilt control. The luminaire offers five-pin DMX in and thru connectors, Ethernet input, and a backlit menu panel for easy installation and operation. Control is achieved through a variety of DMX consoles and output devices. Large, rugged handles insure easy installation, and subdued style and understated lines allow for seamless integration into any lighting rig or stage setting. Pan and tilt transport/service locks and low fixture weight make moving the VLX as simple and efficient as its’ operation.
Australian distributor: Jands www.jands.com.au

Cooper Controls Launch LightFactory Version 2 Software
Version 2 brings major changes to the underlying software engine, increasing the power of the software and providing a more sophisticated operating platform for future releases, the company says, adding that, utilizing a host of Ethernet, USB and software accessories, LightFactory offers the power of any lighting desk from a familiar user interface.
The launch of Version 2 also brings a host of new features and a new aesthetic design, providing a more intuitive and powerful set of tools for the user. Key additions:
A new fixture library engine provides a hybrid of 100 percent dynamic fixture and generic fixture control and inherits almost 2,000 fixtures from the Zero 88 library. This means that LightFactory handle complex fixtures with any number of attributes, and can also control fixtures of multiple types in an abstract fashion. For example setting a zoom of 30deg can be done on any fixture and the software will work out if it's possible to achieve this.
Special attribute controls including a rotation tool that can control gobos or effects and display them in RPM and direction, XYZ positioning for media servers and camera control and HSI coluor mixing.
A new advanced color heuristics system for multi-colour fixtures. This system allows you to select multiple fixtures all with different colour-mixing systems and apply a selected color with optimal output -- e.g., the X7, by Selador, which offers seven channels for colour mixing.
Version 2 also adds multi language support, new enhanced fan control offers options to fan most attribute types in a touch-screen-friendly interface, enhanced dimmer patching screen with large number of fields of data it can track and more user-friendly ways of seeing what is already patched and where, built-in DMX merge function for integrating LightFactory into an existing control environment, and an astronomical clock now included with the scheduler.

Light Emotion’s Top Notch Bargain Parcan Pack
Light Emotion now offers a convenient and high quality parcan package that adds new meaning to the term ‘great value’.
Light Emotion parcans are big on features having been developed by an R&D team that left no stone unturned. Manufactured from lightweight yet durable aluminium with turned edges and internal safety grill. The yoke is high strength and has a non-slip lockable brake. Silicon plug, double insulated wiring and sealed rear cover ensures safety, with piggyback plug for added convenience when powering up a number of units. Gel frame and safety cable are supplied with the can, while the package also includes a 2-inch steel hook clamp, multi coloured gel pack and a long-life medium flood lamp.
Custom Industry Gear bags and flight cases are also available to ensure your cans stay safe and protected. Suitable for both touring and installations the Light Emotion par can is available in black or polished. At a price that’s easy on your budget. See www.industrygear.com.au for further information and dealer listing.

REVO 3 LED Moonflower
Join the LED revolution in special effects lighting with American DJ’s REVO 3 LED Moonflower. With the use of the latest LED technology, this American DJ LED moonflower effect produces bright multi-coloured beams of light, that create sensational patterns and shapes.
392 Red, Green, Blue & White LEDs are laid out in 7 clusters to produce a wide beam spread that covers a large space. Internal chase patterns make sound active mode look more like a professional light show or the fixture can be operated via DMX for 4 or 10 channels of control.
From simple colour changing options through to dimming and strobe. Razor sharp beams can be highlighted by occasional bursts of fog or if restrictions apply they also look great on their own. While usually used to fire up a dance floor it can be used as a fascinating and psychedelic effect for a rock band.
The REVO3s have a low power draw, produce very little heat, have no duty cycle and last up to an incredible 100,000 hrs with no lamp replacement.
In the US only one Crystal Disc Lighting Award is handed out every year, with the REVO3 recently earning this prestigious accolade. Use at discos, raves, band gigs or any venue where rich vibrant groovy colours are desired. Weighing in at less than 4.5 kgs the REVO is easy to handle and linkable with other REVOs. And with output equivalent to a 400W halogen these guys really pack a punch. 4-Button LCD DMX display and hanging bracket are included.
See www.industrygear.com.au for further information and dealer details.

Avolites introduces PowerCube
Avolites launched the new ART 2000 PowerCube at the 2009 Prolight & Sound exhibition in Frankfurt during last week. Avolites says this new range is the latest step in its portable dimmer, mains and data distribution systems which includes its popular ART Dimmer Range.
Based on the technology of the ART 2000 Touring range, the ART PowerCube features 12 dimmer circuits, 6 combined dimmer and fixed mains circuits, 6 dedicated fixed mains and two 16A utility circuits, all contained in a compact flightcase that can be lifted by one person and securely stacked. It also includes two outlets on each circuit, and Ethernet input with ARTnet support to cover the varied control situations that this system will encounter, say Avolites.
18 local control fades allow for quick access to lights and provide for 12 memories to be replayed. The familiar ART2000 operating system features Softpatch, separate Channel Curve, Limit and pre-heat attributes and remote memory functions, while an intuitive web-interface allows for remote setup and monitoring.
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk
Australian Distributor: ULA

Barco Announces Showbeam 2.5
Barco announces the debut of the Showbeam 2.5, a new High End Systems automated wash luminaire that features a jointly developed Philips MSR 2,500W lamp source. A smooth field, soft-edge illumination is produced using a new radial lenticular homogenizing lens system that provides a signature look on stage. In addition, the dedicated wash light includes a user changeable fixed color wheel, a variable CTO, a full CMY color mixing system, and the ability to produce an 11-degree fixed hard-edge profile with fast color change and Electronic Strobe. The profile can be rapidly zoomed from 11 to 33 degrees.
The Showbeam 2.5 also features a revolutionary patent pending effect, the Twin Beam. In this effect, two discrete hard-edge beams exit the fixture on command, with variable control over the twin beam deviation and rotation speed -- all with little brightness degradation. The Twin Beam can also be varied by adding incremental color via the CMY color mixing system. Showbeam 2.5 incorporates the renowned LED tracking system that encircles the lens, a feature that debuted with its SHOWGUN predecessor.
"The engineering team set out on a mission to produce a new automated wash light, with earth-shattering light output," noted CTO creative lighting Richard Belliveau. "We more than accomplished that goal, while including some never-before-seen visuals that will be sure to excite today's audiences."

Martin LC Plus panels available now
Available now is the LC Plus Series from Martin Professional, a modular system of LED video panels with new generation technology that closely integrates light, video and set design for new possibilities in indoor and outdoor staging. Designed for the demanding rental and staging market, yet equally suitable for fixed installations such as retail environments and outdoor architecture, the LC Plus is an easy-to-use, all-in-one video solution, says the company.
The LC Plus is built around Martin's new P3 technology platform (Pixel Push Protocol) for video signal processing and distribution. Based on Gigabit Ethernet and Ca t5e wiring, the P3 technology removes the inherent limitations of video-type protocols for easy connectivity and speed of set-up.
The Ethernet based system is true plug and play, eliminating the limitations of DVI, fibre optic and coax (SDI) cable connections. Fast and easy to assemble, any cable can be up to 100m in length and up to 50 panels can be daisy chained.
The LC Plus uses RJ45 connectors and the Gigabit Ethernet technology enables 500,000 pixels with 48 bit data to be updated 60 times per second for broadcast quality, smooth, step free images. Latency (delay) is virtually undetectable meaning the image on the LC Plus screen is in perfect sync with the live performer.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

iPhone based media server announced
Following on from the successful launch of their basic media server the Critter, Green Hippo has taken a further bold step in its miniaturisation programme. Today the company announced that their latest media server, the HippopotamiiPhone was available for download from Apple Computer's App Store for US$9.99.
Compatible with both the iPhone and the iPod Touch, the HippopotamiiPhone is a HippoNet compatible, four-layer media server that uses the WiFi connection of the unit to output 24 universes of DMX via the Art-Net protocol. To overcome the limited media storage capacity on the Apple devices, all input is streamed directly from the internet using YouTube as the video source.
An Australian television network is already considering this device for possible use in production.

Capture Polar 2.1.0 for Mac OS X released
We are very proud to announce our first release of Capture Polar for Mac OS X! A Mac version of Capture had been requested for virtually as long as we can remember, and finally with Apple's move to the Intel platform we invested the time needed to produce a compatible Capture version.
How much is it?
Licensed customers can now enjoy the benefit of working on both platforms without extra charge. Your key file will work both on Windows and Mac OS X (using the same unlock procedure as always).
What's in it?
This first version 2.1.0 includes all functionality from the Basic as well as SmartSoft Editions of Capture Polar. Within short, a new version will follow that will include the rest of the functionality from the Extended Edition.
Who gets priority?
A question we have received frequently is what platform we will prioritize. The answer is simple - no platform will be prioritized!
The Mac and Windows versions are built on what is called a "common code base" which means that we can now add new functionality to both platforms without extra cost!
Where do I get it?
As usual, from our website http://www.capturesweden.com where both Windows and Mac OS X installations are now available for download.

Robe's Robin flies to Frankfurt
Robe lighting launches its Robin (Robe Innovative concept) range of moving light products at Prolight&Sound in Frankfurt this week. The first fixtures in the series are the Robin 3 Plasma Spot, the Robin 300E Spot & the Robin 300E Wash.
These fixtures are designed to maximise the features, functionality and opportunities offered by the new Lifi Plasma lamp and the Philips MSD Gold 300/2 MiniFastFit lamp.
The Robin 3 Plasma Spot comes complete with an extreme light output of 18,000 Lumens, colour rendering index (94), a flat and even light beam (1 : 1) and a lifespan of 10,000 hours.
These are all made possible by the new plasma lamp light source - which is just being introduced to the market. The Robin 3 Plasma Spot also offers a 20 - 100% dimming capability and a semi-hot re-strike facility of less than a 20th of a second for the full lamp brightness to be restored after shutting off.
There is an optical efficiency of 54% and a lamp luminous flux of 22,000 Lumens, giving the fixture an output of 10,000 Lumens.
The Robin 300E Spot has a series of specially designed modular features including a large 10° - 40° zoom, CMY+CTO, static and rotating gobo wheels, colour wheel, frost, iris and many more. It comes with a full package of rotating and static gobos plus full CMY+CTO. The colour wheels have been developed to give a standard 'building block' base for any show, and advanced features like variable frost, linear iris, rotating prism and speedy mechanical shutters provide subtle and detailed fine-tuning.
The Robin 300E Wash is a flexible, lightweight, silent unit with a wide zoom of 5° - 45°. The compact dimensions make it easy to conceal whilst providing an efficient wash effect able to achieve the gentlest of pastels to the richest of saturated colours, says the company.
Australian Distributor: ULA www.ulagroup.com

Zero 88 Launches ORB Console
Extensive market research and customer feedback has driven the design of the Orb. The ZerOS software suite which underlies the Orb’s operating system has been tried and tested in leading entertainment controllers, the Leap Frog and Frog 2. The ZerOS software has now been adapted to meet the stringent requirements of theatrical lighting designers and programmers in the 21st Century.
The 2048 DMX control channels offered by the Orb allows users to control multiple LED fittings, intelligent lights or media servers controlling video, as well as the standard generic dimming systems common to theatres and television. All of these devices are programmed through intuitive user interfaces incorporating custom designed encoder wheels, multiple playback stacks, user definable keys and optional touch screens.
Programming is via a numeric keypad using standard, familiar industry style syntax. Tools like the integrated track ball, automatic palettes and syntax keys, allow for speedy programming when used by a seasoned lighting operator.
The graphical user interface on the dual monitors provides tools to allow anyone to quickly select and program colours via the colour picker or gobos via the gobo image display. User definable screen views mean operators can set the graphical user interface up to meet their own specific needs.
The power of the ZerOS system allows users of the ORB to make dynamic ‘on the fly’ changes to a show, provides advanced tracking updates and enables the creation of powerful effects via the intuitive effects engine with over 40 effect foundations to build on.
Fixture swap out to any of the internal fixture library of 1900 fixtures make the desk ideal for touring shows or updating of long running shows to newer fixtures.
There are 1000 cue stacks of 1000 cues and two theatre style playback masters adding conventional A/B crossfading for users preferring this operating methodology.
Show files can be cross-loaded between the Leap Frog 48 & 96 and Frog 2 lighting consoles
Industry standard Ethernet protocols and 5 pin XLR connectors gives flexibility in selecting DMX output options. Ethernet support for all common visualisation software packages is standard. By adding a suitable Wireless Access Point and Windows Mobile device running free ZerOS software, the desk can support a wireless remote for channel and syntax control. A free Off Line Editor is also available from the Zero 88 website.
Australian distributor: Clearlight Shows www.clearlight.com.au

ETC Unveils New Element Lighting Control Consoles
Users have been asking for an ETC lighting control console designed expressly for modest rigs and maximum hands-on fader control, the company says. In response, ETC is introducing its new Element consoles at USITT 2009 in Cincinnati. ETC controls product manager Sarah Clausen explains: "ETC defined the basic lighting controller when the Express console was introduced in 1995. We've seen over time that the basic lighting rig has changed. With Element, we've redefined what 'basic lighting console' means, without losing the ease of use of Express." Element comes in two hardware versions, based on fader count (the Element 40 or the Element 60). Each supports either 250 or 500 channels and a full two universes of DMX output.
Element is directed at smaller venues like schools and houses of worship, who depend on single console operators or volunteer staffers. It is designed to handle rigs outfitted predo,minantly with conventional fixtures (spotlights, PARs, Fresnels, and their accessories -- scrollers, mirror heads, gobo rotators, etc.), while also accommodating some LED fixtures and/or a small number of simple moving lights. "We based Element on our Eos control system but with a simplified feature set in a stand-alone console," says Clausen. Integral faders, a single cue list and command prompts echoing those of the Express console make operation of an Element console simple and direct. ETC addressed a number of special requirements in this new console. Users asked for channel faders. ETC engineered Element with true LTP channel faders for handling simple shows directly or for building up looks for use as submasters or cues, or for editing levels live. Users wanted submasters. By turning a switch, Element's channel faders become 40 submasters for simple playback of live shows. When submasters are needed all the time, the Element 60 console provides 20 additional dedicated submaster faders. Users wanted the simplicity of one-button operation if needed: Element records cues and fade times into a single cue list for simple playback of more complex shows using a GO button. Or, when users are ready to move up, they can access more complex timing functions like cue parts and follows to create more intricate lighting transitions.
Element also opens the realm of special effects to basic operators by recording effects directly into cues or loading them into submasters for more dynamic lighting looks.
Element even navigates basic accessory, LED, and moving-light control. At the press of a button, the console's On Demand ML Controls appear on screen with tools designed to control smaller numbers of non-intensity equipment like scrollers, gobo rotators and mirror heads for conventional fixtures. Element's color and gel-picker tools simplify the control process further, applying appropriate colors to LEDs and color-mixing accessories and fixtures.
Smaller-scale venues like schools will appreciate the deep customer and technical support behind Element -- from its on-screen prompts, Help system, and video tutorials, to ETC's online Community Forums and standard expert 24/7 phone support.
Australian Distributor: Jands www.jands.com.au

Hippo Critter
With the HippoCritter, you can do everything you can do with its bigger brothers. If you only need to run 4 video layers and you don’t need dual/pan output or HD media then the HippoCritter might be the solution for your project. All the features listed here (hyperlink with separate window please) are present on the HippoCritter. You get built-in Media encoding, Full Time-Line capabilities, full effects banks, ScreenWarp and PixelMapper, all without compromise. And because the HippoCritter supports full HippoNet functionality it will integrate fully into any project big or small.
The HippoCritter retains all the engine elements so you’ll still get rich media playback up to a resolution of 720 x 576 and our highly acclaimed frame-blending too.
Why use a sledgehammer to crack a nut? The HippoCritter packs a punch without hitting your budget.
Australian distributor: Clearlight Shows www.clearlight.com.au

Redback 12 – Twice the bite
LSC Lighting Systems Australia has announced the release of the latest addition to the Redback family of dimmer racks.
The new Redback 12 dimmer provides 12 channels at 10A with 100% Duty Cycle in only 2RU of height.
The concept behind the Redback project was to produce a feature rich, high quality reliable dimmer in a small compact footprint at a very affordable price. After extensive development and product testing, LSC is confident that they have delivered these objectives. The Redback range is designed for mass manufacture resulting in a reduced overall build price and hence sale price, without compromising quality. It is undoubtedly one of the best dimmers designed and manufactured by LSC in its 30 year history.
The Redback 12-channel dimmer is designed to be the class leader, and so it is fully compliant with the new RDM (Remote Device Management) protocol, allowing remote configuration from any RDM compatible controller. This new functionality will also soon be available as a free software upgrade for all existing 6-channel Redback dimmer racks.
The innovative design allows the unit to be assembled as either a 2RU dimmer (with outlets on the rear) or as a 4RU dimmer (with outlets on the front). The rack mount ears can also be reversed to allow the unit to be wall mounted if desired.
The Redback dimmer range, like all of the LSC product range, is certified as a "Product of Australia". This means that it is completely manufactured in Australia, NOT just assembled out of imported modules. This ensures that LSC can control the quality at all stages and guarantee the LSC reputation for reliability.
For further detailed information, please visit the LSC Redback website www.lscredback.com.

New Plasma Lamp Technology
ULA Group and Robe are pleased to announce the launch of  the worlds first new Plasma Lamp Technology in a Moving Light and the New 300 series Moving Lights. Featuring the ROBE Robin 3 Spot and Wash Moving Heads and the ColorSpot 300 E ATand ColorWash 300 E AT.
The official launch will take place at the 2009 Prolight + Sound Trade Show in Frankfurt, Germany.
For anyone attending the Prolight + Sound trade show please contact ULA, as they will arrange a personalized demonstration for you.
ULA Group is planning the official  Australian and New Zealand launches middle of May 09. If you are interested in taking part in this launch please register your interest with ULA Group marketing or sales.

Martin Launches Colorfox VX01
The Martin Professional Colorfox VX01 is billed as being the first lighting controller specifically designed for architectural use with dynamic colour changing fixtures. It allows users to customize and personalize a variety of architectural lighting settings.
Colorfox is designed to fit into nearly any design environment, and its user-friendly interface allows even inexperienced users to access the benefits of dynamic light.
The company says the controller is intuitive, allowing for easy playback of static and dynamic scenes; it also provides a simple-to-use interface for users to alter the hue, saturation, and intensity of their surroundings.
Color temperature can be easily adjusted from 2,000K-9,000K to match different luminaire types (RGB or CMY) for identical and consistent colour matching, making it easy to replace any fixture without re-programming designs.
Colorfox VX01 connects to any PC via USB for easy setup and uploading of new scenes using PixMove design software. It includes a list of pre-defined designs and the capability to create custom solutions with fast and direct access to all features. The software's Visual Designer also serves as an offline editor allowing designs to be pre-programmed off site and later uploaded to any device via USB. The Martin Professional Colorfox VX01 is billed as being the first lighting controller specifically designed for architectural use with dynamic color changing fixtures. It allows users to customize and personalize a variety of architectural lighting settings.
Colorfox is designed to fit into nearly any design environment, and its user-friendly interface allows even inexperienced users to access the benefits of dynamic light.
The company says the controller is intuitive, allowing for easy playback of static and dynamic scenes; it also provides a simple-to-use interface for users to alter the hue, saturation, and intensity of their surroundings.
Color temperature can be easily adjusted from 2,000K-9,000K to match different luminaire types (RGB or CMY) for identical and consistent color matching, making it easy to replace any fixture without re-programming designs.
Colorfox VX01 connects to any PC via USB for easy setup and uploading of new scenes using PixMove design software. It includes a list of pre-defined designs and the capability to create custom solutions with fast and direct access to all features. The software's Visual Designer also serves as an offline editor allowing designs to be pre-programmed off site and later uploaded to any device via USB.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

LSC Lighting offer maXim USB upgrade introductory pricing
LSC are pleased to announce a special price for the recently released USB kit for the maXim control console range.
For the month of March 2009, the USB kit is available at a 25% discount off the normal price. Normally $770.00 + Installation. During March pay only $577.50 + Installation.
The new kit can be used to upgrade any existing maXim in the field (some users of early maXims may need to add more memory to their console). If your maXim currently has a floppy disk drive then this kit will replace the floppy.
Addition of the USB options kit provides the following facilities:
Two USB A ports.
One of these ports is for connection to a USB memory stick (flash drive). The larger memory capacity of the USB flash drives allows for several show backups and the possibility of having many fixture templates available on the one flash drive.
The second USB A port will permit connection to a trackball or mouse for controlling Pan and Tilt of fixtures.
One USB B port.
The USB B port is dedicated to a direct Capture interface. Capture is a visualisation program that allows you to see what your stage and show will look like. This new option means that with only one USB cable you can connect your maXim to a PC and see your show on the visualiser. This facility is not available in the software as yet but is only a matter of weeks away.
MIDI in, out and thru
The MIDI In, Out and Thru connections allow maXim to control other devices or in fact be controlled by MIDI controllers. Great for small bands where you can now control your show from a sequencer. Other applications include game shows or exhibitions where the lights and effects need to be controlled remotely.
Each kit is supplied with a 1GB USB key that contains the entire PaTPad fixture library, the PaTPad training videos and the Operator Manual for each console group.
If you already have a maXim and you would like to upgrade to the new USB Video option please contact your nearest dealer or LSC direct.
To secure your USB kit at this price, you must place an order with your local supplier before the end of March.

Ledavision Panels
Ledavision panels are based on an innovative design with proven technology resulting in a cutting edge product with stunning results. We offer a modular solution to provide the building blocks to any size. A totally customisable solution is also offered when required. The screens are controlled via a variety of control solutions. From a simple plug and play style, stand alone or adaptable to multiple forms of video input signals. They are easy to install and more importantly, easy to operate and add impact to your message or display. Ledavision is distributed in Australia by Lighthouse Distribution Ph: 02 9741 4377

X-Band 300 LED Wall Washer
X-band 300 is a wall washer with high powered 36 RGB LEDs or 36 white LEDs featuring the latest RGB SMD technology, and is the perfect solution for dynamic illumination of facade structures and landscapes. The beam angles of lenses available are 10°, 25°, 45° and 10x45°. With an IP65 rating it is perfect for indoor and outdoor applications, ideal for architectural wash applications and perfectly suitable for high impact scene settings thanks to its precise light distribution and even luminance.
Australian Distributor: Coemar De Sisti www.cdaust.com.au

MA Lighting announces software release 6.0
MA Lighting is pleased to announce the release of the latest version 6.0 software which adds several new and valuable functions. This software release is a major one due to the soon available compatibility mode in the upcoming grandMA2, grandMA 3D and grandMA video, as well as grandMA remote and the MA 2Port Node which are also updated to this new version.
The new version 6.0 firstly provides the vital backbone for the interplay of all grandMA ‘series 1’ and grandMA2 system components.
All new software is available for download from the MA Lighting website, and as always, it’s free of charge. The release notes can be found there too.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

Robe REDWash 3•192
REDWash 3•192 is the first in a series of powerful new Robe moving head wash lights based on RED (Robe Emitted Diode) Technology. The fixture provides a rectangular light field with manual control of beam spreads, offering a unique, fresh approach to concert touring, television and event lighting.
REDWash 3•192 is supplied with a 25-degree ‘Egg Crate’ lens module as standard, with 15, 45 and 15 x 45 degree options also available. The Egg Crate modules are extremely quick and easy to fit, allowing lenses to be swapped around for maximum flexibility.
The fixture is providing stunning saturated colour tones with extreme intensity levels, doubling the luminous flux levels of other wash lights using a 700W discharge lamp source.
The REDWash 3•192s LEDs are tightly populated for optimised homogeneous colour distribution and uniform shadow behaviour – averting the ‘RGB shadows’ that are often common to other LED based lighting fixtures.
REDWash 3•192 has a linear optical layout, which is ideal for flooding large areas with intense colour tones and creating ‘eye-candy’ for audiences with varying Pan/Tilt positions. It’s 4-section-concept allows the creation of a spectacular rainbow spectrum effect and other imaginative chases and colour effects.
REDWash 3•192 communicates active RDM. Menu configurations and DMX address patches are set up remotely from a computer running ROBE RDMNet software and linked via Robe’s DreamBox USB interface – effectively making battery powered displays obsolete.
Australian Distributor: ULA www.ulagroup.com

Chroma-Q Color Block 2 arrives
Following the enormous success of the Chroma-Q Color Block LED fixture with rental companies and end users alike, the manufacturer has combined the product's core elements of modularity and versatility with new single colour RGBA optics, 530 lumens output (almost double the original model) and theatrical grade dimming to create the Color Block 2 fixture.
With its radically increased colour palette and high CRI (colour rendering index) of 90, the Color Block 2 fixture can create both vibrant, bold colours and subtle, theatrical hues, the manufacturer says. "Combined with its built-in variable colour temperature capability, even flesh tones look natural, satisfying all but the most critical eye".
The four large, camera-friendly LED cells offer performers less glare and provide single colour output, virtually eliminating the colour separation shadows normally synonymous with LED lighting. The beam optics have a soft, asymmetrical quality designed to give an immediate colour blend for uplighting surfaces, yet with a soft Fresnel-like edge for direct illumination. At close to twice the output of its predecessor, the Color Block 2 fixture is bright enough to uplight a 6m set, says Chroma-Q distributor A.C. Entertainment Technologies.
In addition, the fixture provides smooth, theatrical grade dimming, whilst retaining the instant strobe-like control of intensity normally associated with LED technology.
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk
Australian Distributor: Jands www.jands.com.au

New Gobos from Rosco
Rosco already the world’s largest Gobo manufacturer is pleased to announce the addition of more than 400 new designs in our standard glass and steel designs. The range includes designs by top lighting designers ranging from abstract designs through to realistic designs that include the Earth, Galaxy Spirals and scenic elements such as windows and stairs. For more information please contact Rosco and we can email you a PDF of the designs.
Custom designs are also available!
www.rosco.com or phone 02 9906-6262

Tour Hazer II – Roadcased Hazemaker from Smoke Factory
Smoke Factory is responsible for most innovations in the fog sector, such as DMX control, Water based Haze and low noise machines.
Made in Germany, variable haze output and fan speed utilizing the Latest processor technology. Flightcased for easy packing and transportation in a Laminated Amptown Flightcase with compartment for 5 litre fluid can. The Tour Hazer II creates a fine haze, filling the air with a perfect “Designer Mist” making the perfect environment for beam effects & moving light shows.
For the first time a complete fog system has been safety tested and BGV C1-approved by the authorities. The VBG (Institution for Statutory Accident Insurance and Prevention) has tested the fog machines, the fluid and, finally, the result of the fogging process: the fog itself. Fogging tests have been undertaken under realistic circumstances with samples of the air taken and investigated in the laboratories. Result: both the tested Smoke Factory foggers and four different fog fluids can be used safely and with no danger to health, and this is documented and proved by the ‘BGV C1 tested safety’ logo of the VBG. Theatres, TV-stations and rental companies can now show their actors, audiences and clients that the fog system they use is safe and not dangerous to health. We all know that many people have prejudices regarding the use of fog, but as professionals we also know that there is no light show, no moving light or laser effect without fog or haze. The reputation of the BGV C 1-certificate is highly regarded around the world.
Hazemaker based on vaporising fog generator
Power: 1500 W
Fluid bottle capacity:5 litres
Control choices: DMX 512 + stand alone, timer
Warm up time: ca. 60 seconds
Instock now RRP $3495 Distributed Australia wide by Barbizon www.barbizon.com Contact Marshall Harrington on 0414 157 388 or email maharrington@barbizon.com

I Just Want To Turn It On!
It should be simple! You need to supply remotely switched clean mains power to various items in your rig. Moving lights, strobes, motors, projectors, LED fittings, even elements of your sound systems.
Some manufacturers will spend a great deal of time telling you in exhaustive detail how a dimmer latched at full will do the job. The reality however is, dimmers deliver a disturbed waveform even latched at full and the chance for failure in key components is greatly increased when powering electronics in this way. This is the reason why many manufacturers of moving lights will void your warranty if you use dimmers to supply their fixtures.
The other option has been to use one of a host of small DMX controlled switchpacks, but the problem here is that most have current ratings that are insufficient to cope with any of the real-world jobs you want them to do. It’s great if you want to run a couple of pinspots, but useless when confronted with a moving light that draws 8-10 amps.
Jands power distribution units have long been a popular solution given their fully standards approved construction and excellent value for money. But until now, this meant forgoing the convenience of remote control. No longer!
The new JANDS HPX12-AZ290 switchrack delivers full DMX controlled relay switching at 20amps per circuit (more than enough for the most power hungry power amp or moving light). A digital display and miniature switches are used to select the DMX start channel, control the test functions, and set other operating modes. The start channel can be set to any valid DMX number from 1 to 512 while the DMX circuitry also incorporates an internal terminate facility that when activated minimises signal reflections on long data control lines for worry free operation.
In addition to the DMX input, the HPX12-AZ290 features a Control input connector on the front panel. The Control input allows a single low voltage switch closure to activate all of the enabled channels. The delay between channel activations is adjustable from the menu in 0.5 second increments up to 5 seconds meaning items with high start up currents, such as with power amplifiers and discharge fixtures, can be switched on progressively to avoid overloading the main breaker. The control input circuitry is designed to allow multiple HPX12-AZ290’s to be controlled from one physical switch, so all your highly trained bar staff will need to do, is throw one switch and the HPX12-AZ290 looks after the rest! The high current relays have been selected for long life and provide a clear air gap in the Active output of any channel that is switched off for full compliance with electrical safety standards.
At just $2,395.00 RRP the HPX12-AZ290 is way more than just a switch yet to loads in your installation, that is exactly what it appears to be. Clean mains power. Nothing less and nothing more.

Show Technology to distribute coolux
Show Technology has been appointed the exclusive Australian distributor for the German manufacturer coolux GmbH. The coolux range of products includes the Pandora's Box Digital Media Engine and a diverse collection of digital content.
”With the convergence of video and lighting at a fast rate, we have had some “heavy duty” requests from designers and customers that our existing media server products couldn’t fulfil,” explained Emmanuel Ziino, managing director of Show Technology when questioned about his decision to take on distribution of coolux. “coolux is a highly regarded company that has very smart people behind it. Its reputation is justified by a product range that is at the premium end of the market that has won accolades worldwide. We look forward to a successful partnership.”
Not just a media server but a creative tool for the imagination, coolux’s Pandora's Box is a hardware/software tool that provides total control of all visual elements for stunning presentations. A bridge between lighting and real-time digital image compositing, Pandora's Box allows the user to manipulate images and videos freely in three-dimensional space on up to 12 layers. Physically accurate keystone correction, for extreme projection angles and for round or curved surfaces, means that what you see on screen really is what you see on stage. The multi-screen, vertical and horizontal soft-edge blending capabilities of Pandora's Box accommodate unusual screen shapes and non-standard aspect ratios.
The Pandora’s Box systems’ ability to work with complex geometries, and almost any screen shape as well as the scalable architecture make it a very powerful tool as the needs and designs change for the user in real life situations. The totally scalable nature of the system makes for a cost effective system that can grow or be changed as needed. Being able to map media onto any 2D or 3D shape allows the operator and designer to deliver their vision on any surface, from very simple to the most unique and complex.
With features such as HD playback, geometry correction and warping, and edge blending for large scale video projection, it’s no wonder that coolux received an Emmy® Engineering Plaque for outstanding achievement in engineering.
Show Technology is proud and excited to introduce coolux’s Pandora's Box to the Australian event industry. With its’ ability to integrate and control media distribution, projection, lighting, sound and more, Pandora’s Box finds its application in wide spread areas from television, trade shows, architectural installs, museums, theme parks, digital signage, corporate shows, events to theatre, rock’n’roll touring productions and Broadway shows.
“Pandora’s Box is the start of a new era in media control,” comments lighting designer Paul Collison who has been making himself familiar with the product over the past few months. “It is a tool that is just as good running from a lighting console in the lighting department, or sitting beside a vision switcher in the vision department. It is a serious video product built with versatility in mind.
”I’ve used a fair few and varied types of media servers over the last few yeas. One thing I’ve come to understand is that they tend to be similar to lights. By that I mean you really need to research your requirements and use the right one on a project by project basis. A media server or player that is appropriate for one job may not be the right tool for the next.
”I love the scalability of the coolux range. Like the grand MA range of consoles, there is a tool for every job. I can go from controlling 2500 moving lights down to 12 dimmer channels and still use the same software. Likewise with coolux, I can use a simple media player for rolling out loops or I can run dozens of Media Servers on a network for larger shows.
”Many Media servers and player suffer from the same fundamental problem; they tend to overlook the basic requirement of being able to play media without a glitch or jump. Pandora’s Box is simply the smoothest and most graceful package I’ve ever used.”
Vince Haddad, Show Technology’s technical director, has received some very intense training recently and is available to answer any queries. He can be contacted on vhaddad@showtech.com.au or 0419 898 222.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

Pharus 1500/1200 Professional Follow Spots
The Pharus is a new Follow Spot from DTS that is ideal for all professional applications such as theatres, concerts, television studios, schools, churches and special events. It offers a distinct improvement in projection quality – thanks to a new optical group with a condenser lens.
Pharus is available in two models:Pharus 1500 (fitted with a 1500 W discharge lamp), and Pharus 1200 (fitted with a 1200 W discharge lamp).
The Pharus offers a series of functions that ensure effective and quality results
• Luminosity: 28.000 Lux at 5 m (7°)
• New customizable colour changer with automatic switching system between colours (5 interchangeable gel filter holders)
• Linear iris-diaphragm (extractable)
• Linear zoom (7° to 16°)
• Linear focus
• Mechanical dimmer with black-out
Designed to resist all the rigors of continuous use, the body is made of aluminium and stainless steel, which offers high resistance to heat and mechanical stress.
Available complete with an external ballast (electromagnetic or electronic).

Show Technology to distribute ShowLED
Since launching their ShowLED Classic curtain nearly ten years ago, Amelia NV has found worldwide success with their innovative LED curtains that seem to be a must at every live concert these days. ShowLED products have already made a huge impression in Europe and many top, international touring acts have now become regular users.

”We want to service our customers the best way we can and provide premium quality products, no matter what segment we are in,” remarked Emmanuel Ziino, managing director of Show Technology when questioned about the new venture for his company. “ShowLED curtains are “best of breed” and fill a nice little niche in our product line up. Our customers wanted professional production ready LED curtains and we got them!”
The ShowLED Classic system was developed because there was a demand for easy to use and readymade starcloths. The older starcloth systems with pea bulbs or fibre optic just didn't seem resistant, lightweight and flexible enough to fulfill the industry's need for reliable and easy starcloth systems. ShowLED Classic Starcloths with bluish / white LEDs add a spark to an otherwise dull black backdrop.
After many requests from customers to integrate RGB LEDs in their backdrops, the Chameleon system was created in 2005. The Chameleon can be programmed to provide stars that do not only twinkle, but can also flash as a strobe, thanks to the incredibly fast response time of these LED's. Chameleon Starcloths are fire-retardant curtains containing full-colour LED's that light up brighter than the night sky.

It offers the same features and easy programming options as ShowLED Classic, but in any given colour. In addition, by following the menu structure on the LCD display, the controller can be programmed at a glance: colour changes, twinkling effects and chases. Furthermore, the starcloths can also be controlled from a lighting desk.
ShowLED's latest innovation is the ShowLED Animation Curtain. Not quite a starcloth, not quite a video wall, ShowLED Animation is a new and innovative, high-density star-curtain that allows upgraded, individual pixel control. This is ideal for the creation of moving, animated LED effects, including moving company logos. The curtain has significantly high LED density, allowing the LED's to be individually controlled as pixels, to create low to medium resolution still images, video loops and flash animations.

Compared to most existing 'LED to fabric' applications, ShowLED Animation retains randomly positioned LEDs, with a significantly raised density. LEDs can be individually controlled as pixels to display your low to medium resolution still images, video loops and flash animations.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

Selador Lustr and Paletta
Selador's patent-pending, seven-colour LED mix produces extremely intense colors across the spectrum, natural-looking pastels and white light, and beautifully rendered coloured objects and skin tones. Selador fixtures are the only LED luminaires capable of interacting seamlessly with other conventional light sources, including tungsten and sunlight, and no other leading fixtures match Selador's gamut of deeply saturated colors.
Optics: Beam angles are adjustable from 12-80 degrees in the both the horizontal and vertical axes simultaneously via the use of interchangeable lenses. Colour Rendering of 87-90 at various Colour Temperatures 800K to 20,000K. All fixtures are flicker free...perfect for TV applications.
Power: Each individually controlled 11 inch section contains 40x 3.5W High Output LED's. When replacing traditional 1KW Cyc lights Selador fixtures use 10% of the power, plus you never have to change a gel or lamps again...well for 10 years or so.
Dimming: Selador fixtures have an internal theatrical dimming curve that provides more precise control at low light levels and reduces the "stepping" effect between low DMX values. Selador fixtures can dim 128 smoother than alternative fixtures.
Housing and Cooling: The Selador fixture housing is designed to cool the fixtures by maximising airflow over the heatsinks without the use of fans.
This increases LED consistency over the life of the fixture. Powder-coated steel and anodized aluminum in standard, matte black. Custom colours are available by special order.
Available in 11,22, 44 and 72 inch lengths.
Videos found here: http://www.selador.net/showcase.htm
To arrange a demonstration or obtain a quote please contact Marshall Harrington at Barbizon Australia maharrington@barbizon.com Call direct 0414
157 388 www.barbizon.com Dealers welcomed.

Rosco DMX Iris
Having complete control over the beam spread of your profile just got easier. The new Rosco DMX Iris is quiet, dependable, affordable, and a perfect complement to the I-Cue Intelligent Mirror.
This 24 leaf motorized iris unit can be used with your ETC Source Four, Selecon Pacific or most other modern profiles. Unlike other iris units that have 18 or fewer leaves in the aperture, the Rosco DMX Iris creates an even edged, perfectly round aperture all the way down to its smallest diameter.
Using 1 channel of DMX512, the DMX Iris's movement is smooth even along very slow cross fades. A microprocessor controlled stepper motor connects to the mechanical arm of the iris unit, replacing the unreliable noisy chain drive system found in other products. A manual knob lets you use the DMX Iris without DMX control just by dialing in the aperture size you want, just as you would a conventional iris unit.
The Rosco DMX Iris requires a non-dim circuit and as it is auto-sensing from 100-240 volts, no costly external PSU is needed.
www.rosco.com or phone 02 9906-6262

ArKaos Media Master Now Shipping
Arkaos, world-leading provider of technology
for live visual performances, has released its latest media server software, Media Master.
First announced at the PLASA show in London, the software is now, after months of final development and testing, shipping with immediate effect.
Media Master has been designed specifically with show and lighting market in mind.
New Video Engine
Built on ArKaos’ latest generation of technology, Media Master delivers blistering performance on any machine on which it is installed. Media Master runs perfectly and reliably on standard laptops or can play up to eight full frames-per-second HD movies on an octo-core server.
New interface
Media Master’s new interface has been designed to give lighting designers and video artists the best ergonomics possible. Designed around one single window, it is possible to display all playing layers simultaneously, giving designers improved visibility of their shows. Supporting MSEX (Media Server Extensions) protocol, the ArKaos Media Master allows thumbnail display of media directly onto modern lighting consoles.
Better media management
ArKaos has developed a new media management system for Media Master which allows users to store up to 40,000 visuals in more than 200 folders, making it easier to manage different sets. In addition, better referencing allows users to delete files without having to re-stack a programmed show.
New effects & better integration with Flash Player
ArKaos Media Master now comes with ArKaos’ new native support for Flash. This not only enables faster performance but also permits the use of audio visualizers - Flash animations controlled by audio input. Media Master comes with a library of pre-installed audio visualizers, which users can build upon and add their own imagery.
As an added benefit, Media Master has a built-in support for many formats including (but not limited to) MPEG 2/4 and QuickTime photo JPEG, which guarantee an even better performance and maximum flexibility.
ArKaos LED Mapper
ArKaos Media Master is compatible with ArKaos LED Mapper – the extremely intuitive and efficient tool used to set up and arrange LED fixtures. It features keystoning and multi-screen support with soft-edge blending, and can capture an unlimited number of live video inputs from DV, USB or PCI cards. Like all ArKaos products, Media Master runs on both PC and Mac and supports all video and most common image formats.
ArKaos Media Master is an addition to ArKaos range of Show and Lighting products, and does not replace other products within the ArKaos range, including ArKaos VJ DMX which remains the choice for users seeking computer keyboard control as well as recording features.
Media Master can also be bought pre-installed on ArKaos Media Servers A10 or A05, making them into turn-key solutions that can be used in clubs, concerts and tours, theatres, television and at a vast range of other venues such as churches, museums, bars, art installations, fashion shows, corporate events, video production companies, and much more.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

City Theatrical Launches Two New LED Products
City Theatrical has released two new LED products utilizing Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting fixtures combined with City Theatrical technology. The MasterBlast utilizes a Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 TR LED lighting fixture combined with CTI's patented SHoW DMX wireless DMX technology to create a totally wireless, battery-powered, LED lighting fixture with up to 10 hours of operating time. The MasterBlast's built-in stand alone routines and wireless DMX allow events to be run without a lighting console, external wireless DMX gear, or power and data cables, saving time, space, and money for the event lighting user.
The product's user interface allows any MasterBlast to be configured as either a transmitter or receiver, as well as selecting a variety of stand-alone routines and radio settings. The user interface also provides a built-in battery gauge. A carry handle allows users to simply carry the unit into a room, set it down, and begin lighting. The Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 TR lighting fixture utilized in the MasterBlast features a swing-down front that permits City Theatrical's unbreakable polycarbonate holographic lenses to create a wide variety of symmetric and asymmetric beam spreads to meet most lighting needs.
The MasterBlast utilizes a DMX output that in transmit mode allows the same show being broadcast wirelessly to be output via wired DMX to other City Theatrical power/data supplies such as the PDS-750 TR and PDS-375 TR. That feature enables users to combine their existing ColorBlast fixtures into large wired/wireless systems all receiving their commands from a MasterBlast gransmitter, and all running the same show without an external lighting console.
The iW Blast TR Lighting Kit combines the Philips Color Kinetics iW Blast 12 TR lighting fixture with a range of City Theatrical accessories enabling film, video, photography, and location lighting users for the first time to gain all the benefits of this very bright, variable color temperature, white LED lighting fixture. The inherent low power consumption of LEDs also gives users more options in both line voltage and battery powered lighting setups, the company says.
CTI has created a two-channel controller that gives users control of color temperature and intensity right on the lighting stand. These controllers are universal voltage for worldwide use and have a built in clamp to allow attachment to any lighting stand.
The iW Blast TR Lighting Kit comes complete with three iW Blast 12 TR lighting fixtures, and a three full sets of accessories including controllers, stands, mounts, barndoors, egg crate louvers, and nine different symmetric and asymmetric unbreakable polycarbonate holographic lenses. Everything packs into and is protected by a rugged ATA flight case.
Both the MasterBlast and iW Blast TR Lighting Kit are ETL-, cETL-, and CE-listed, are RoHS-compliant, and are available through City Theatrical distributors worldwide.
Australian Distributor: Bytecraft www.bytecraftentertainment.com and Chameleon www.chameleon-touring.com.au

Artistic Licence Re-Designs Cata-Lynx
Artistic Licence has launched a redeveloped version of its popular Cata-Lynx DMX512 to Art-Net converter.
“The original Artistic Licence Cata-Lynx converter was initially designed just as a handy widget,” explains Artistic Licence Technical Director, Simon Hobday, “but since its release it has proved very popular, especially amongst those needing to bridge the gap between lighting and video control technology.
“However, with the new Art-Net technology Artistic Licence has been developing, re-designing the Cata-Lynx range means that the product will benefit from many of the new features seen in Data-Lynx, while retaining the high specification and functionality of the original Cata-Lynx.”
The result is a choice of two products in a standard 1U Rack Unit: the Cata-Lynx I/P™ and the Cata-Lynx O/P™.
Cata-Lynx I/P™ is a rack mounted DMX512 to Art-Net Ethernet converter with two universes.
It is aimed specifically at the light and video convergence market for use with media servers providing a cost effective and elegant method to remote control any Art-Net compliant media server, including High End Systems Catalyst and Green Hippo Hippotizer. It can also be used with Art-Net compliant visualisation software such as Cast Lighting's WYSIWYG and Design & Drafting's LD Assistant.
Cata-Lynx O/P™ has been designed at the request of Artistic Licence customers who need to convert Art-Net to DMX512 plus RDM functionality, all contained within a 1U rack-mounted format. Cata-Lynx O/P™ sends Art-Net to two DMX512/RDM Universes. Each Universe output has a ‘built-in splitter’ allowing two DMX connections for each universe. This ‘built-in’ functionality, using two female XLR connectors, reduces the need for adding additional splitters within a Rack-Mounted system.
Both Artistic Licence Cata-Lynx units are designed with all data cable entries at the front of the product, including DMX512 connections via 5-pin XLR’s and a latching network connection via Ethercon. The front panel also displays LED indicators for Ethernet and Art-Net/DMX status, and three hexadecimal switches to determine Sub-Net, Universe A and Universe B selection.
Configuration for both units is carried out by simply selecting the required universe / sub-net using the front panel wheels. Alternatively, the product can be remotely configured using the free of charge DMX-Workshop software via the network or the internal web-server.
Universal mains input for both Cata-Lynx O/P™ and Cata-Lynx I/P™ is via an IEC connector located on the rear of the unit. Housed in a 1U rack mount unit they can live and tour quite happily in a standard dimmer rack.
“We see our Cata-Lynx units as the means by which the Artistic Licence Art-Net range continues to extend into rack mountable format.” explains Hobday, “They provide the ideal solution for designers who want to house all their main Art-Net to DMX-converted control systems in rack installations.”
Australian Distributor: Balanced Technology www.balancedtech.com.au

Rosco DichroFilm™
Rosco has remained at the forefront of Colour Filter manufacturing and development since 1910, continuing research and evolving manufacturing techniques to meet the most stringent needs of ever increasing hot light sources.
Rosco are pleased to introduce DichroFilm™, a gel that never burns out? DichroFilm™ is the latest achievement in the development of plastic colour filters by Rosco. DichroFilm™ combines the flexibility, lightweight, and safe characteristics of a plastic gel with the longevity and heat resistance of a glass dichroic filter
DichroFilm™ has the colour characteristics of Permacolor Dichroic Glass, manufactured on a flexible, high temperature polymer substrate that is only .127mm thick. DichroFilm™ will outlast any gel filter and is perfect for those hard to reach installations or where you need a flexible, high transmission, high temperature colour filter.
Available in eleven standard colours.
www.rosco.com or phone 02 9906-6262

Barco releases upgraded Showgun
Barco has announced the release of a new High End Systems automated luminaire. The Showgun 2.5 automated luminaire begins shipping today. Showgun 2.5 offers 30 percent more photonic output than its predecessor via a new 2500-watt Philips MSR lamp source producing 130,000 lumens of light. High End Systems co-developed the lamp with Philips.
The Showgun 2.5 automated luminaire is a hybrid spot/wash beam combination which provides entertainment lighting design possibilities in three dimensions: first, in the air with hard or soft-edge beams; second, with images projected on the stage surface; and third, at the Showgun fixture itself by using an innovative LED tracking system.
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk

Nemetschek Updates Vectorworks 2009 Product Line
Nemetschek North America has released Service Pack 2 for the Vectorworks 2009 line of software, which includes Vectorworks Designer, Vectorworks Architect, Vectorworks Landmark, Vectorworks Spotlight, Vectorworks Machine Design, Vectorworks Fundamentals, and Renderworks.
"With this service pack we paid particular attention to stair quality, IFC import/export, and the overall user experience," says Mark Farnan, director of software development. "We have also addressed a much broader set of user concerns based on feedback from our customers worldwide."
The service pack is available as a downloadable updater. To install it, go to the About Vectorworks dialog box in the Vectorworks 2009 application and click Check for Updates.
Vectorworks 2009 was released on September 15, 2008. The Vectorworks 2009 product line features a new engine that gives users superior 2D and 3D capabilities, at speeds that are up to 4-5 times faster for modeling operations, the company says. For a product-by-product breakdown of all the new version 2009 improvements, and to see some of these features in action, visit the website listed below.

Barco launches processor for lighting control
Barco has announced the release of a new High End Systems product for lighting control operation and programming. The Wholehog DMX Processor 8000 is designed to manage up to 16 DMX universes with ease while expanding the power and reliability of the Wholehog control system as a whole. By providing DMX and Art-Net output at a steady rate, the possibilities for lighting design are expanded. DMX Processor 8000 is 50 times more powerful than its predecessor the DP2000, says the company.
In addition, Version 3.0 software for all current lighting console products is now available. Version 3.0.0 represents major improvements to core components of the Wholehog software. Furthermore it adds support for the new DMX Processor 8000 and Art-Net output from the DMX Processor 8000 and Road Hog Full Boar console. Many network configuration windows, patch windows, and other dialogs have changed to add new functionality or improve existing functionality.
Brad Schiller, product manager for controllers, says, "We are very excited about the release of version 3.0 software and the DMX Processor 8000. Our development team has done a remarkable job with this release. Our beta testers have also provided important feedback and testing to help ensure the stability of the software and new processor."
Marty Postma beta-tested the DMX Processor 8000 on the recent Neil Young tour. "I have used both the DMX Processor 8000 and v3.0 software in BETA on a full Wholehog 3 desk as the primary console for my entire fall tour without so much as a hiccup during playback. The issues that concerned me on old DP-2000s have been completely obliterated by the new DP."
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk

Anolis ArcPad reaches the parts...
Specialist LED lighting manufacturer Anolis has launched its Anolis ArcPad 3.48, an LED RGBW 'brick' fixture, designed for colour-changing applications like wall washing and highlighting of large alcoves and areas where space is a premium and installation can be challenging.
Its neat dimensions and flexible focus options enable it to be squeezed into small recesses and other inaccessible corners, nooks and crannies, while the projected lifespan of up to 60,000 hours make it suitable for all types of 'fit-and-forget' architectural applications. It is IP 65 rated, so is suited to exterior use.
The ArcPad 3.48's head is a cast aluminium radiator onto which the LED matrix and lenses are fitted, and this can be panned plus or minus 46 degrees and tilted plus 60 and minus 90 degrees in relation to the base.
The cast aluminium base can be utilised for floor or wall mounting via two holes in the bottom, and it is controlled by the Anolis ArcPower 48 driver, with full RJ45 connectability.
The fixture features 48 Luxeon Rebel LEDs, a standard 25 degree lens array and is convection cooled. Its maximum power consumption is 60W and it produces a rich selection of colours.
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk
Australian Distributor: ULA www.ula.com.au

DMX Cables and Stands now available from Lighthouse Distribution
DMX Cables
Lighthouse Distributions has just received its first shipment of pre-made DMX cables. Pre-made cables with all 5 cores connected, for those special occasions when you need 5 cores.
They come in 5 different lengths: 1m, 2m, 5m, 10m, 20m
Available straight off the shelf and for a price you would not believe!
We also have 100m roles of install DMX cable, so you can cut and terminate til your heart's content.
Lighting Stands
Lighting stands with T-Bars are also in stock, available in winch up and push up. Carry bags are also available.
For more information on the Lighthouse Distribution range visit www.lighthousedistribution.com.au

Event Panel battery-powered RGB LED colour panel
Now you can take your LED colours with you... anywhere you go, even without POWER! Our amazing new Event Panel System is a revolutionary RGB LED colour changing panel that comes with its own battery pack, so it can “power on” wherever you take it, even in places where there's no electricity available.
Equipped with 288 high-output 10mm LEDs (48 red, 120 green, 120 blue), the Event Panel System is ideal for adding brilliant colours to special events and banquets, as well as tricky indoor spaces where electrical outlets are scarce, such as hallways, entry ways and moving scenery. The unique long-life battery-powered panel also provides an easy way to light up trade show exhibits, runways and retail displays, since you dont have to worry about connecting to a power source for at least 10 hours of full-power continuous use. Rental companies, too, will benefit from the Event Panel System, since they'll be able to offer their customers a totally portable, easy-setup RGB colour fixture for applications where it previously would have been difficult, or impractical to use one.
Not only is the Event Panel System a perfect fit for hard-to-light spaces, its also got an array of features that will fit a variety of needs. It includes 14 built-in programs, a variable strobe effect (1-18 flashes per second), 0-100% dimming and seamless RGB variable fade rate colour mixing. Featuring flicker-free operation so its even ideal for illuminating video and film production sets.
The panel can be controlled remotely from up to 10m away using the Wireless Infrared Controller, which comes included with the Event Panel System. The Wireless Remote gives operators control over the built-in programs, strobing, blackout and RGB mixing, and the IR receiver on the panel itself can be placed by the user into the proper position manually.
As another option, the Event Panel System can be operated with a standard DMX-512 controller, giving users flexibility to create their own programs and conjure up an infinite palette of colours. The panel can be operated in 2, 3, 4, 7, 14 or 26 DMX channel modes to meet varying user needs. The versatile panel can also be run as a stand-alone unit without a controller in four different modes: Auto Run, which automatically chases through the 14 built-in programs. Programs Mode, which lets you select a program and adjust its different features such as speed and fade time. Sound Active Mode, which chases through the built-in programs to the beat of the music. And Master-Slave, which allows multiple units to be linked and synched together via built-in XLR connectors.
Featuring a 40° beam angle, the Event Panel System has an impressive output distance of 20-25m. The compact colour panel sits on top of a base, which holds its rechargeable battery, and attaches easily via two quarter turn locks. A 12v power supply to recharge the battery is included with the system.
In addition to operating via battery power, the Event Panel System can be connected to an electrical source with an AC cable from 100-240v and can be used independently without the base. Featuring the energy efficiency of LED lighting, it draws only 36 watts of power. Another advantage of its LED lamps is their long life - rated at 100,000 hours.
Rated at IP20, the Event Panel System is not intended for permanent outdoor installation, extended outdoor use, or operation in rain or inclement weather.
Australian Distributor: Coemar De Sisti www.cdaust.com.au

Dynalite to extends its controller series
At the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2009 exhibition, lighting control and automation group, Dynalite, will showcase the company's latest addition to its multipurpose controller series, the DDMC802GL.
Designed for home automation and hotel suite control applications, the DIN rail-mountable DDMC802GL features a hardware-configurable design, where plug-in output cards accommodate specific loads assigned to the system. This ability to tailor the product to the project optimises energy management and reduces cost, while simultaneously eliminating waste and providing future-proofing flexibility, says the company.
"Dynalite's range of multipurpose modular controllers heralds the next 'eco' generation of Dynalite technology," said Phil Main, Dynalite business development manager. "No two control systems are alike, and the range of control requirements is ever increasing. By providing the ability to use load-specific modules - whether for luminaire dimming or automation of blinds, curtains or fans - there's a huge reduction in the waste caused by unused channels in conventional control approaches. Moreover, the system is fully future-proof. A total system upgrade means no more than substituting individual modules. These are all key ingredients for a sustainable future."
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk

Element Labs introduces revolutionary Cobra technology platform
Element Labs, Inc., a global leader in the design, manufacture and support of cutting-edge LED video technology to the entertainment, architectural and signage industries, has announced the launch of its revolutionary Cobra technology platform. Cobra 16 and Cobra 11, the first two panels in the Cobra family, made their debut at the LDI show in Las Vegas.
The Cobra range of LED video display panels is the result of an extensive research and development effort by Element Labs to create a next-generation display technology that renders existing alternatives obsolete. Cobra technology boasts no less than eight industry firsts, including a revolutionary panel design less than 70mm deep and weighing as little as 29 kg/m2 (fixed install panels), extremely low power consumption, full IP66 rating front and back, no cooling fans, an extended RGBC color gamut, FCC Class B emissions and true 100,000 hour lifetime. The result is an industry first: a truly environmentally friendly LED display technology that offers superior visual performance.
The Cobra platform’s revolutionary design and superior visual performance make it ideally suited to indoor and outdoor applications in both the entertainment and architectural markets.
Barbara Nelson, CEO of Element Labs, says: “The introduction of our new Cobra platform forms part of our strategy to lead through innovation with our products and our people. Cobra 16 and 11 will completely redefine how the industry views LED displays. The technology establishes us with knockout competitive advantages on every front and lays a strong technology foundation for Element Labs to establish itself in a class of its own – now and in the future.”
Grant Elliott, CTO of Element Labs, adds: “With Cobra we have taken a number of key requirements for LED video panels, and by pushing the envelope from an engineering perspective in all of these areas, have created a product that excels in almost every technical aspect. Cobra is lightweight, razor thin, highly efficient, flexible in terms of usage, rapid to deploy, employs a four color pixel for increased luminance depth and deeper colors, and looks as good from the back as it does from the front. Combined with the new PXL architecture which will form the basis of a number of our products moving forward, Cobra represents a large leap forward for both Element Labs and the industry.”

Philips expands UnicOne collection
Royal Philips Electronics has announced that it is extending the Philips UnicOne collection of projectors, pendants and uplights. The new additions to this comprehensive range - more powerful projectors, discreet gridlights, refined twin solutions, innovative micro versions with LEDs and highly decorative glass versions - offer retailers and hospitality owners even greater choice in integrating their lighting into their interior architecture, says the company.
UnicOne luminaires all share the same family design aesthetic of pure geometrical forms and sophisticated detailing. The different versions, materials and sizes allow retail and hospitality professionals to create their own design for general, accent and effect.
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk

Wybron introduces Infogate for iPhone
Infogate for the iPhone, the latest innovation by Wybron, lets lighting pros control their rigs and troubleshoot problems from virtually anywhere in the building – all with a pocket-sized wireless device.
Scheduled for release at LDI 2008, Infogate for the iPhone gathers invaluable feedback from lighting equipment and uses a wireless signal to transmit the data to an iPhone or iPod. With that wireless signal, users can inspect and manipulate equipment without being chained to a booth, board, or computer.
Depending on the setup of the user’s network, Infogate’s wireless signal can stretch hundreds to thousands of feet, letting users monitor and control equipment onstage, backstage, and beyond.
“Now lighting techs don’t have to keep running back to their computers or consoles when they want to troubleshoot a problem,” said Wybron Director of Technologies John Sondericker, co-developer of the iPhone application.
Infogate for the iPhone is the newest component of Wybron’s award-winning InfotraceTM Control and Management System, which took home LDI’s Best Debuting Product Award in 2006. Infotrace uses Remote Device Management, a two-way communication protocol developed by ESTA, to let lighting equipment talk back to its operators.
Serving as the “brain” of the Infotrace system, Infogate processes feedback from the lighting equipment and displays it on the user’s computer or iPhone in an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand graphical interface.
The Infotrace feedback system lets users troubleshoot and pinpoint problems quickly and warns users of potential problems. During load in, Infotrace lets users install and configure equipment faster by setting DMX addresses remotely and accessing a wide variety of device parameters.
Other lighting manufacturers embracing feedback systems include Martin, ETC, Robe, High End Systems, Ocean Optics, Leprecon, and many more. And the list keeps getting longer.
Feedback systems should prove especially helpful for moving lights, said Wybron Engineer Scott Longberry, co-developer of the iPhone application. “Imagine checking out a pan problem in one of your moving head fixtures. Using your iPhone, you can see any error messages and exercise the equipment from anywhere on the stage,” Longberry said.
Infogate for the iPhone joins two other iPhone applications released by Wybron earlier this year. The Gel Swatch Library lets users browse, compare, and search nearly 1,000 gel colors made by GAM, Lee, and Rosco, and the CXI Color Calculator lets users create hundreds of colors for the CXI IT dual-gelstring color-mixing scroller.
“We had a great response with our first two iPhone apps, so we’re pretty excited about getting the Infogate application into the hands of the lighting industry,” said Wybron President Keny Whitright.
Try out Infogate for the iPhone at LDI booth 859. Infogate for the iPhone will be available soon through the Apple App Store, which can be accessed through an icon on the devices or iTunes. To learn more about the iPhone or iPod touch, visit www.apple.com.

WYSIWYG's R22/R23 Bringing New Lights to Footprints
CAST Software has announced it will give LDI visitors (in Las Vegas, October 24-26 2008, in Booth 3731) a sneak preview of its newest version of wysiwyg - Release 23 which delivers momentous innovations in pre-visualization.
The highly acclaimed R22, released in May 08, was the first of a two-phase update approach that set the stage for R23. CAST will begin beta testing R23 later this month and targets its general distribution by the year end.
R22's ground-up build, including a new realtime highly efficient engine, marked substantial advancements that produce softer beams, with more depth, texture and colour mixing, which actually flare! The new animated life-like 3D smoke greatly enhances the environment and also highlights improvements to gobo projection, showing the breakups in the beams.
Leaping forward yet again, R23's new features will make design more lifelike than previously thought possible. The notable advancements will include: new visualization features that deliver the real quality of light - in realtime; variable focus which allows users to focus beams, gobos, video, etc., at any distance; beams moving across objects will produce realtime shadows; hot spots will display a truer representation of the light; and to keep pace with the exploding trend in digital lighting, video content is displayed in beams, enabling users to model digital media fixtures and see the output in realtime.
Designers can now get the focus they originally envisioned - right from the start. R23 introduces an innovative fixture point-of-view picture window that at the touch of a button sends an accurate reference point by soft or hard copy of the focused light, including shutter cuts, of your vision to the electrician up the ladder, saving both time and money.
R22 and R23 are free to current wysiwyg Members.

Hippotizer Announces New Software Release
Hippotizer said its V3 software release 3.0.12 is now available. James Ross Heron, Green Hippo director, called the new version “the most mature and well rounded update for Hippotizer we have ever released. The new features and functionality equate to adding several new products, in addition to over 180 distinct improvements and upgrades.”
Upgrades include the “PhatController,” which offers Ethernet or RS232 control of external devices; an “Automation” component, which synchronizes parameters such as X/Y movement and accepts feedback from stage automation protocols; “Diamonds,” a timeline programming tool; “Simple Mode,” which allows for fast programming of less demanding shows; a new timeline storage format that includes auto-recovery and unlimited undo; advanced clock functions and scheduling for synchronizing multiple servers and stand-alone operation; a media-manager that now allows files to be saved with an expiry date, which is especially valuable when working with copyrighted content on rental machines; comprehensive time-code monitoring; “BeatBridge,” which allows audio triggering of any Hippotizer component; and a new component called “HippoBlaster.”
Australian distributor: Clearlight Shows www.clearlight.com.au

Martin's feature-rich Jem K1 Hazer
The Jem K1 Hazer is Martin Professional's new generation, top-of-the-line hazer for high performance applications where a high level of reliability and easy serviceability is required.
Feature-rich, the Jem K1 is a professional machine that provides the combination of continuous operation, long hang time, and low fluid consumption for greater economy. Says the company.
Easy to set up (turn it on and press a button), the Jem K1 is quick to heat up. It features "exceptional output" from an innovative and powerful 600 W heat exchanger yet overall power consumption is less than 750 watts.
A high quality air pump system gives a smooth and uniform output while a special mixing channel allows the haze to optimise before being expelled. An automatic shut-down cycle has been implemented to prevent clogging.
DMX controllable, the Jem K1 Hazer is continuously operational for a set it and forget it effect. Other features include an easy to read and convenient 14 digit LED display. A digital remote control is available as an option.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

Martin Launches MAC III Profile
The 1,500W MAC III Profile features a new platform that, the company says, offers such features as greater output than other profiles in its class, improved color vibrancy, exceptional gobo and animation effects, a wide zoom range and low noise cooling, as well as advances in control, handling, service, and more.
This high output profile spot uses a 1,500W fast-fit lamp that features high optical efficiency for sharp imagery and enhanced high depth of field--especially at wider beam angles--giving a crisper beam and sharper projection images at various projection angles, the company says.
The optical system produces over 33,000 lumens of power and is up to 75% brighter than current 1,200W fixtures. The high output is maintained even when many elements in the optical train are running simultaneously, the company says. When the MAC III Profile's extra output is not needed, a reduced 1,200W mode allows users to reduce power consumption and/or better balance the output of 1,200W units in the rig.
The MAC III Profile also uses a unique, broad front lens for a distinctive fat beam look.
The CMY color mixing system gives a wider range of vibrant colors across the spectrum, the company says. A fixed color wheel houses seven interchangeable slots plus open. Users can create color bumps and splits. The expanded color gamut is complemented with variable CTO.
The MAC III Profile houses two rotating gobo wheels - both five slots plus open and auto-indexable -- and features a set of exceptional gobo designs, all easily replaceable. The combination of two gobo wheels with high optical separation allows for unique morphing effects. Gobos are "keyed" to allow for gobo changes while maintaining its indexed position.
Martin has included its gobo animation system, which allows for the projection of effect simulations such as rising flames, drifting clouds, driving rain, turbulent water, and more. In order to allow for more complex designs, the animation wheel is made of glass and is easy to insert, thanks to a new drive system.
The MAC III Profile features what Martin says is its smoothest dimming system yet, a fade that is completely uniform across the beam all the way to blackout. It also includes a separate shutter for fast and punchy strobe effects as well as a total front lens blackout. A motorized iris with more blades for a smoother beam edge is also included when a tight beam is required; and a variable rotating, four-facet prism (replaceable) provides real beam multiplication for even greater beam and projection opportunities.
A linked zoom and focus with an 11.5- to 55-degree true zoom range is exceptionally fast and zooms to full in less than a second. Gobo effects hold a sharp focus through the entire zoom range and at varying throws.
Housing extremely powerful motors, the MAC III Profile is faster than many smaller fixtures. A precise pan and tilt system (540 degrees x 270 degrees) gives measured and accurate movement. The MAC III Profile's absolute positioning system enables the fixture to position immediately without the need for a reset and even allows for pan and tilt movement limits when fixtures are rigged in tight spaces, the company says.
A low-noise cooling system incorporates some of the same principles as Martin's silent MAC TW1 luminaire, trapping heat and silently dissipating it away from the back of the fixture. It also includes a unique ducting system that sends air out of the fixture via the light path.
MAC III Profile control modes include DMX 512 A and RDM and the fixture is fully prepared for ArtNet II and ACN.
Developed with ease of service in mind, the unit takes past modularity concepts one step further. Modules are self contained, making it quick to swap modules on site in the rig. It also reduces the amount of spare fixtures to carry.
Other features include innovative handles on the yoke and an easy service base with pull-out drawer. A convenient tilt lock keeps the head where you want it during transport and servicing. The MAC III Profile comes with electronic ballast for flicker-free operation and includes an auto-sensing switch-mode power system for worldwide compatibility.
In addition, on-board software creates a service and event log for download. By logging fixture and event information such as use statistics and service and trouble-shooting data, important fixture information stays with the fixture and is easily and readily available.
An LCD screen graphical user interface with jog wheel makes the fixture easy to program, troubleshoot, and use, and is battery-powered so fixture status can be read while still in the flightcase.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

Coemar to Launch New Products at LDI
Coemar will be unveiling five new lights at this year's LDI, at the Las Vegas Convention Center running October 24-26.
The Infinity Wash S (pictured) emits light brighter than a 575 fixture in a package half the size, the company says. It features the same patented beam effects as the Infinity Wash XL, with a zoom range from 36 down to 6, a CMY color mixing system, color wheel, and all-electronic power variables.
The Infinity Spot S is described by Coemar as offering the first truly professional fixture to be sized in a micro body. It has absolute silent operation, the company says, and comes complete with one aerial wheel, one gobo wheel with seven gobos and open, as well as one break-up wheel, and one color wheel with five colors plus open (all replaceable). Other features include CMY color mixing, zoom (7dg-36dg), and an iris.
Designed to create huge beams from a micro package, the Infinity ACL is billed as being the world's first moving ACL loaded with a focusable black-light, variable beam size, and variable beam control with rotating aerial effects. The Infinity ACL is ready to deliver moonflower and split-color beam effects, while changing color via CMY color mixing. A six-degree beam angle, iris, and LCD display come standard.
Also fresh to the market is the StageLite Led, a very bright light sporting an electronic dimmer, electronic strobe, as well as a synchronized, random and pulse effect. The product allows for asymmetrical focus on a cyc; it can also be used as a footwash, uplighting, and effects unit, all from the same mounting position. Both an asymmetric and symmetric beam are spawned (an exclusive Coemar patent) from one single robust, long-lasting aluminum encasement with a long-lasting light source.
Finally, the Infinity Spot XL breaks new ground with a color-mix system able to achieve CMY and RGB colors (CMY-s, exclusive Coemar patent). It accomplishes maximum exploitation of the new 1,500W light source while giving off unmatched brightness, the company says. A proportional CTO, 7 to 50 zoom, mechanical strobe and electronic strobe (zap effect) are also featured.
Coemar products are distributed in the U.S. by Inner Circle Distribution.
Australian Distributor: Coemar De Sisti www.cdaust.com.au

Artistic Licence Release Data-Lynx Range
With immediate effect, Artistic Licence is shipping Data-Lynx, the new range of high density DMX/Art-Net Ethernet converters.
Available in three versions - I/P, O/P and IO/P - and in a 1RU 19" rack mount, the Artistic Licence Data-Lynx is a no-frills solution giving the customer maximum packing density, at the lowest cost, whilst maintaining the customary Artistic Licence quality and features, the company says.
The Data-Lynx O/P is a 12-universe Art-Net to DMX converter which supports both draft and standard RDM. Its all new technology also supports a full speed DMX refresh rate ensuring the fastest conversion rates.
It has been designed with the channel-hungry DMX pixel-based market in mind and is particularly useful for applications such as low resolution video walls and animation effects.
Data-Lynx I/P provides the designer with 12 DMX512 universe inputs, which it converts to Art-Net data. Designed for use with media servers and those converting large DMX512 systems to use with an Art-Net system, the I/P has been designed at the request of AL customers to provide an efficient means of centralizing data distribution. Data-Lynx IO/P varies slightly from Data-Lynx O/P and Data-Lynx I/P in that it has the capacity to convert six universes of DMX512 to Art-Net and six universes of Art-Net to DMX512. This gives it the added functionality of being able to loop back the incoming DMX data to the outputs and simultaneously merge another controller to the same outputs. Alternatively the inputs can remain completely independent from the outputs.
The Data-Lynx IO/P can also act as an RDM injector, upgrading existing DMX512 systems to utilize the RDM protocol for configuration control over RDM-enabled fixtures. Data is transferred seamlessly from the desk's DMX signal and, by using free DMX-Workshop software, adds the functionality of RDM without having to upgrade the DMX controller.
All DMX connections use front mounted Neutrik XLR five-pin connectors. Each unit can be connected to a network using either the front or rear mounted Ethercon RJ45 connector. Each pair of DMX universes have DMX status, power, and network status LED's. A single front panel switch sets the 'Box Address / Sub-Net' for the simplest possible configuration. The Artistic Licence Data-Lynx range is powered via a universal mains IEC connector located on the rear of the unit.
As with all Artistic Licence Art-Net products, DMX-Workshop can be used for detailed configuration such as individual universe addressing on all three Data-Lynx products. Configuration can also be achieved using the internal web-server allowing remote control and configuration from any laptop.
Australian Distributor: Balanced Technology www.balancedtech.com.au

Ying Wei IP65 rated LED City Color
Ying Wei LED City ColorThe new released LED City Color from Ying Wei Lighting is a high powered LED spotlight which is designed for theatre and television market.
This attractive and unique equipment features 36 x 1W RGB LEDs controlled by 6 DMX channels. Based on the LED advantages, the unit has low energy consumption. So it does not have fans on board due to little heat produced while it working, which means it can work very quietly. Besides, the LED has an extremely long life up to 100,000 hours. Furthermore, the IP65 can help it work for outdoor venue.
As a manufacture, we provide best products with lowest price, besides the most comprehensive warranty.
Ying Wei Lighting, 115 Liverpool Rd Enfield NSW 2136. Ph: 02 9745 0971, Fax: 02 9747 1100
Australian Distributor: Ying Wei Australia www.ywlight.com

Martin Extube for outdoor applications
The Extube Series from Martin Professional is a modular system of IP65 rated linear LED luminaires designed for illumination of outdoor architecture and more. With RGB+W colour mixing, a choice of opaque lenses and an easy means of installation, Extube is suitable for a variety of illumination needs including floodlighting, wall-grazing, cove lighting or creating continuous lines of decorative color, inside or out, says the company.
Extube is available in two lengths; 30cm (1ft, 12 LEDs) and 120cm (4ft, 48 LEDs). It is weatherproof rated at IP65 for the outdoor illumination of facades, structures, bridges, cruise ships and more. Made of extruded aluminum, the Extube's slim aesthetics allows the luminaire to blend iinto existing architecture. It is also suitable as a lighting effect for clubs and lounges and will fit into TV, theatre and touring shows.
The Extube comes with a choice of narrow, medium and wide diffuser options, or it can be used without a diffuser for an even narrower beam. The standard spread angle is narrow for long throws and the module is tiltable for precise optical aiming.
If ambient temperatures are too high, output from the LEDs is automatically decreased. This extends the lifespan of the diodes, and ensures that output is maintained at the optimum level.
A central feature of the Extube is its ability to create even and consistent colours. Each pixel board has been measured and calibrated, guaranteeing standardized brightness and colour performance.
With four coloured diodes (red, green, blue and white) instead of the usual three, Martin is able to offer a broader and finer range of colours.
The Extube offers four distinct control modes. In addition to RGB (three channel) and RGBW (four channel) colour fine-tuning, HSI (Hue, Saturation, Intensity) lets you set the effect you want by scrolling through hues, altering their saturation and changing their intensity.
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

VL3500 Wash FX luminaire debuts at PLASA08
Vari-Lite unveiled the new VL3500 Wash FX luminaire at PLASA08 in London this week. The unit, exceeding an output of 50,000 lumens, is a wash luminaire that is also capable of acting like a spot luminaire. In its colour bulkhead, the VL3500 Wash FX contains one FX pattern wheel with four spring-loadable rotatable and indexable 50mm glass patterns along with one open position. The dual-wattage unit runs at either 1200W or 1500W and runs 900W in standby. The luminaire projects polished images with the ultra-clear front lens which ships with the unit.
When asked to describe the market readiness for the VL3500 Wash FX luminaire, Bob Schacherl, vice-president of sales for Vari-Lite said: "Lighting designers and customers have increasingly expected feature-rich products that can be adapted or configured to meet the widest possible range of applications. We pride ourselves on meeting those expectations and the VL3500 Wash FX follows onto the successful design strategy we used with the VL3500 Wash, meaning the same incredible beam intensity, wide zoom range and dynamic colour capabilities still exist. The addition of rotating patterns and ultra-clear lens now creates a fixture that crosses over between hard-edged and wash luminaire and furthers this product line's flexibility."
Schacherl confirmed that existing VL3500 Wash luminaire owners will also have the option of purchasing a conversion kit that easily re-configures their fixtures into VL3500 Wash FX luminaires.
The VL3500 FX Wash luminaire features CYM colour mixing, variable CTO colour temperature correction, dual five-position colour wheels, a separate dimmer, and an independent dual strobe mechanism.
"The VL3500 FX Wash luminaire contains the features that designers have loved since the release of the VL3500 Wash luminaire," stated Vari-Lite product marketing manager George Masek. "Designers saw the wide front face of the unit and knew then that the luminaire would be great for projecting effects when a clear lens was installed."
This light gives designers yet another tool to fuel their creativity. "The VL3500 Wash FX luminaire is ideal for rock and roll," added Masek. "It offers designers interesting ways to shape and bend the light and to move the effects patterns through the air and around the stage. Users simply have more overall control of the light."
The multi-faceted luminaire includes three interchangeable front lenses (Ultra-clear, Stipple, Fresnel) to aid beam control.
"The VL3500 Wash FX luminaire has the possibility of being something different every day," said Masek. "The fixture has a number of creative personalities in one unit."
With the simple interchangeable front lens system, designers can transform the unit from a bright intense wash light to a unit capable of projecting images and powerful aerial effects.
The VL3500 Wash FX luminaires can be mounted and operated in any orientation and maintain a consistent configuration and appearance of other VL3000 series luminaires. Orders for the new unit are being taken effective immediately. The product will ship in October 2008 and product demonstrations will be available from your Regional Sales Manager beginning October 2008.
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk
Australian Distributor: Jands www.jands.com.au

High End Systems Debuts New Pixelation Luminaire at PLASA 2008
Worldwide automated lighting manufacturer High End Systems Inc. (HES) introduces StudioPix™, a hybrid wide-angle moving yoke LED wash light with programmable graphic imaging.
HES, a new member of the Belgium-based Barco group, will unveil StudioPix at the Barco/High End Systems stand J30 at Earl’s Court.
Smaller than its predecessor SHOWPIX™, StudioPix features a circular array of 61 homogenous 3-watt LEDs on a 13.5-inch diameter head with an output of 11,500 RGB lumens. The pixels offer unlimited possibilities by projecting not just color, but also displaying images and effects that transform the fixture head into a display device.
“We are excited about the addition of StudioPix to the LED family of luminaires," stated Bill Morris, HES Executive VP Worldwide Sales. “We believe that the future of lighting will demand more flexibility and features than traditional wash and spot lights that use mechanical gobos. Our SHOWPIX and StudioPix products enable
lighting designers to use virtually unlimited content and content changes to excite the audience while also providing the flexibility to serve as a color wash. We believe that this is what audiences will demand of future generation lighting fixtures; content will be key!"
StudioPix is equipped with the PixelArt™ collection of images. Users can also upload their own content through the new HES Echo™ application, a software program offering content visualization, management and RDM management features. The Echo application optimizes and maps the images to the 61 LED pixels of StudioPix.
StudioPix’s features allow for user creativity, including color mixing, rotation, scale, wipes, dissolves, transitions between layers, strobing and dimming. The DMX Scratch™ feature allows a user to synchronize the frames of a media file to music in real time. Using a pixel mapping protocol, the user may also individually control each LED for more creative programming effects.
StudioPix is scheduled to start shipping in early autumn from HES’ Austin, TX headquarters.

LED Color Zoom
Ying Wei Lighting is a lighting equipment manufacturer founded in the early 1990’s with the main office and factory situated in Shanghai, China. During the last decade, Ying Wei has been growing to one of the successful company in China. Now Ying Wei has an office with heaps of stock in Sydney.
Ying Wei specializes in the research, manufacture, supply of intelligent lighting for entertainment and architecture applications. They promise unbeatable prices, the strictest quality standard and comprehensive warranty and service.
The LED Color Zoom 54 is a powerful LED moving head with 54/36 1W or 3W LEDs. The Color Zoom series utilises 54/36 pieces of 1W or 3W high powered LEDs providing very strong light intensities. The LED Color Zoom movement is very quick whilst still remaining smooth. With the long lifespan LED chip, it can be used for long operating times but with low energy consumption. Therefore it is very suitable for architectural, TV studios, theratre, club and live event.
Recently Ying Wei’s product has joined the Australian market. The LED Color Zoom has been used in Twenty1 Dining room & Bar with the other Ying Wei product such as Moving Head 250.
Ying Wei Lighting, 115 Liverpool Rd Enfield NSW 2136. Ph: 61 2 9745 0971 Fax: 61 2 9747 1100

Martin Launches Recessed Alien LED Downlight™
The Alien LED Downlight™ is a plug-and-play recessed LED downlight that features RGB+W color mixing and is available in a standard or high power version. Designed for accent lighting in colored or variable white light, the Alien LED Downlight’s IP67 rating means it’s equally suited to both indoor and outdoor environments.
The Alien LED Downlight can be mounted on walls or ceilings and is ideal for expressive background lighting in restaurants, cafés, bars, small clubs and lounges. It is useful for wall grazing, as decorative accent lighting and niche lighting, or for bottle or product displays. The Alien LED Downlight is also perfect for entrance lighting or orientation lighting for marking columns, aisles, walkways, steps, and architectural features.
The Alien LED Downlight’s RGB+W diodes excel at creating a broader range of hues including deep, saturated colors. The addition of the white LED gives several advantages: a true white, the ability to adjust color temperature, and the possibility to create soft pastel shades.
Colors are evenly mixed when leaving the fixture, making for an attractive looking luminaire. The Alien LED Downlight is 0-100% dimmable for balance of brightness or the ability to respond intelligently to the availability of natural light.
The Alien LED Downlight is available in two versions to cover a wider range of applications; a 9 W standard version (5 LEDs) and an 18 W high-power version (9 LEDs). Very bright when compared to other products in its class, well-known Rebel LEDs are used to ensure high performance and output as well as a high quality. Because lamp replacement isn’t every 3000 or 5000 hours, no service is required other than regular cleaning.
For even greater flexibility in design, two optical systems are available, medium or wide, covering distances from approximately 0.5 to 3 meters (2 to 9 ft).
The required Alien LED Driver, sold separately, is a plug-and-play unit that offers great flexibility for solutions using both 9 W and 18 W fixtures. One Driver can control up to a maximum of 20 standard luminaires or 10 high-power luminaires, or a combination of the two.
The Alien LED Downlight will fit into any standard MR16 hole, allowing it to blend inconspicuously into existing architecture and making it ideal as a replacement product or for new installations. Alien LED Downlights are easily interconnected by linking transformers together with standard IEC connectors.
The Alien LED Downlight has two DMX control modes, HSI & RGBW for comprehensive control when a designer needs it. The intuitive HSI control system allows designers to control the unit in terms of color rather than only DMX levels. A stand-alone feature offers 31 pre-programmed static or dynamic sequences via the Alien Driver Unit.
The Alien LED Downlight is made of a durable steel and aluminum construction and the IP67 rating means it’s fully weather-protected. It comes with stainless steel trim rings as standard with chrome, white or brass available as accessories.
The luminaire is convection cooled so no fans or other moving parts are used. Rigorously tested and CE, ETL & CETL approved, the Alien LED Downlight is built for simplicity.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

A.C. launches Chroma-Q Color Span at PLASA
The Chroma-Q LED lighting range has been extended with the launch of the new Color Span - a configurable low profile, ultra-bright LED cove lighting and wall wash system for wide ranging applications, to be launched at PLASA08.
With Color Span you can specify for indoor (IP20) or outdoor (IP67) use, choose the body length, and one of 10 body colours, including stock Black, White or Silver. LED colours can then be chosen, from RGBA, single-colour Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cool White, Warm White, or any colour combination. Finally, choose from narrow, medium or wide beam angle optics.
This vast range of configurations, combined with a very powerful 1500 lumens output per 1.2m/4ft and ultra slim design, makes the Color Span suitable for a wide range of wall wash, cove, effects and feature lighting applications in the architectural and entertainment sectors.
As well as benefitting from the same high quality components and innovative LED technologies found in other leading Chroma-Q LED products, the fixture's highly efficient solid-state technology requires less power and maintenance compared to conventional luminaires, enabling it to wash a 21.6m/72ft long wall from just a single wall outlet.
The Color Span's single LED cell features 16 (400mm length), 32 (800mm) or 48 (1200mm) separate LEDs arranged as sets of 4-channel control circuits in a linear batten formation, with a choice of power supplies for up to 6 or 18 full-length fixtures.
Connection to the power supply is by RJ45/Ethercon, with a choice of DMX or standalone control modes. The power supplies' built in variable effects engine provides a range of 99 pre-programmed looks and parameters, including scroll, grouping, speed and fade. In addition, strobing and other chase effects can be achieved when connecting multiple Color Span units together. The fixture also has a very smooth, linear dimming curve.
In optional 4-channel RGBA ('Magic Amber') configuration, the Color Span automatically and seamlessly blends the Amber alongside the RGB LEDs. By adding Amber to the colour-mixing process, a better range of warmer colours can be achieved, resulting in an enhanced colour gamut and therefore superior colour rendition index (up to 82%), say A.C.
The Color Span comes supplied with a versatile angle bracket for wall, ceiling or floor mounting in a variety of permanent installations.
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk
Australian Distributor: Jands www.jands.com.au

Robert Juliat at PLASA 2008
Robert Juliat will launch two new products at the 2008 PLASA Show, to be held at Earls Court in London September 7-10. One of thee products, the new Le Cin'k Fresnel spotlight, has been shortlisted for the 2008 PLASA Innovation Awards.
Designed to fill the need for a powerful Fresnel specifically designed for theatre, Le Cin'k is a new range of 250mm Fresnel lens spotlights that can be configured to accept 2,500W tungsten, 5,000W tungsten or 1,200W discharge (MSR/MSD) lamps, with a further option for a 2.5kW MSR hot-restrike module to follow by the end of 2008. The mirror, lamp base, and metal lamp-house casing is designed as a single component that can be quickly and easily interchanged to suit the requirements of a particular show.
As well as its adaptability, Le Cin'k has been designed to overcome many of the problems theatre users face when trying to adapt studio Fresnels to theatre use. Le Cin'k has a double slot front cassette slot, removing the need to attach color to the front of a fixture's barndoors and ensuring no light spill from the fixture; the front slot can then accommodate standard theatre accessories, including Robert Juliat's barndoors with individual rotating leaves and the Robert Juliat Jalousie dimmer, to give full dimming when a discharge source is installed. An optional fan-cooling module is available for the accessory slot; the silent-running fan will protect deep-colored filters, which would normally have a short operating life on a studio Fresnel.
Le Cin'k' spower cable connects directly into the rear handle terminal for easy access during maintenance, and the focus scale pointer and yoke index enable the rapid restoration of focus settings.
Robert Juliat will also be launching three new motorized modules for its 4,000W arena followspot, Lancelot. The new modules are a motorized dimmer, the Noria gobo module, with gobo selection, index, and rotation control for six gobos, and the Chromix progressive gel effect that allows for color or diffusion effects within the beam.
Le Cin'k and the new Lancelot modules will be on show alongside other products from Juliat's extensive range, in use in theatres, opera houses and events around the world; representatives from Robert Juliat and from the company's exclusive UK distributor, White Light, will be on hand to discuss the full product range.
Robert Juliat will be found on stand D76, on the White Light Zone in Earls Court 2.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

PixelRange at PLASA08
PixelRange will launch PixelMax at PLASA08, September 7-10 at Earls Court, London. This high powered isx-cell wash light will introduce this new family of next generation luminaires, the company says.
Sixteen of the new fixtures will feature on the spectacular rig designed by lighting designer Vince Foster. Other new products include the high-resolution PixelMax Pro and a new addition to the PixelArt range -- a compact 36 by 6 pixels half-length PixelArt.
PixelMax Pro is a combined wash and pixellation luminaire, featuring 288 RGBA high-intensity Luxeon Rebel LEDs. Built around the same rugged housing as the PixelMax Wash, the PixelMax Pro offers the added flexibility of 18 individually controlled cells in a 3 x 6 matrix. This cellular configuration gives the user the ability to produce low-resolution visual effects, in addition to using the fixture as a high power wash light with a vast color palette.
PLASA will also see the launch of a major new software upgrade for PixelArt, which will make the system one of the most versatile display products on the market, the company says. This latest development will enable a PixelArt system to be used completely stand-alone, without the need for other set-up utilities or a media server to generate content.
Australian Distributor: Clearlight Shows www.clearlight.com.au

ArKaos introduces Media Master
Arkaos will be launching its latest media server software, Media Master, at PLASA08. Media Master has been designed specifically with show and lighting market in mind.
Built on ArKaos' latest generation of technology, Media Master runs perfectly and reliably on standard laptops or can play up to eight full frames-per-second HD movies on an octo-core server, says the company.
Media Master's new interface has been designed to give lighting designers and video artists "the best ergonomics possible". Designed around one single window, it is possible to display all playing layers simultaneously, giving designers improved visibility of their shows. Supporting MSEX (Media Server Extensions) protocol, the ArKaos Media Master allows thumbnail display of media directly onto modern lighting consoles.
ArKaos has developed a new media management system for Media Master which allows users to store up to 40,000 visuals in more than 200 folders, making it easier to manage different sets. In addition, better referencing allows users to delete files without having to re-stack a programmed show.
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

iPhone Lighting Calculators Announced
West Side Systems announces the immediate availability of three calculator apps for the iPhone and iPod touch.
DMXCalc converts DMX universe/address values to absolute DMX, or the reverse. A configurable dip switch display shows switch positions for the current address. When calculating addresses for a sequence of moving lights, the DMX address can be incremented or decremented by a user-defined amount with one button-touch.
PowerCalc calculates lighting or electric motor loads on single or multiple phases at any voltage. It can do simple watts-volts-amps calculations, balance loads across two or three phases, or use a power factor value to calculate inductive current loads.
BeamCalc calculates multiple factors related to light beam geometry. Height and base distances between the fixture and the focus point can be entered to find the throw and elevation angle. Entering a beam angle then calculates the resulting pool width, while entering a pool width calculates the required beam angle. BeamCalc will help to quickly evaluate equipment choices for any situation.
All three applications are available worldwide through Apple's online app store, and all require an iPhone or iPod touch with version 2.0 or later software update. Further information is available the website listed below.
Source Lighting & Sound America Online www.lightingandsoundamerica.com

W-DMX BlackBox debuts at PLASA 08
Wireless Solution Sweden will launch the W-DMX BlackBox S-2000 during PLASA 08. In addition to new gear, there will also be a draw for free W-DMX products plus "many more surprises."
The W-DMX BlackBox S-2000 is a 19" 1U Rack unit that is prepared for ACN Lite, ETC-NET and Strand ShowNET. This is billed as the world's first double universe transmitter that supports both RDM and Art-Net. BlackBox S-2000 is stackable for up to 32 DMX Universes and supports the W-DMX Co-Existence technology with plug-and-play ease.
With full RDM compatibility, the W-DMX BlackBox S-2000 supports remote addressing for up to 512 fixtures in both Point-2-Point mode in daisy chain by cable and in Point-2-Multi-Point mode. This translates to major time savings in big rental productions.
Wireless Solution will also be holding Wireless University during PLASA on Tuesday, 9 September. The seminar will be led by Niclas Norlén, R&D manager for Wireless Solution.
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk
Australian Distributor: ULA www.ula.com.au

Martin Professional at PLASA 08
Martin Professional will be heralding a new era in moving head performance at this year's PLASA exhibition with two 1500W luminaires in the award-winning MAC range; the MAC III Profile, the first product in Martin's third generation of MAC moving heads, with enhanced design, optical efficiency, colour mixing, and much more; and the MAC 2000 Wash XB, an extra bright version of the industry standard MAC 2000 Wash.
Also on display will be EvenLED, a modular LED system for even field projection; new hazers in the Jem and Magnum lines; and several new products and product updates in Martin's controller range. Martin will also show the Exterior 1200 Image Projector and new indoor and outdoor LED luminaires.
The MAC III Profile is the first product in Martin's third generation of MAC moving heads. It features a package of performance features, such as outstanding colour mixing with a broader colour range plus deeper more vibrant hues, a fat beam look, up to 75% more output than current 1200 W profile fixtures, wide zoom range, new gobos, animation effects, very fast effects and movements and low noise cooling.
The MAC 2000 Wash XB is now even brighter. Using a 1500 W lamp the MAC 2000 Wash XB kicks out over 60,000 lumens of power to make it 40% brighter than its MAC 2000 Wash brethren. New efficient fans, ballast and starter combine with tried and trusted MAC 2000 modularity, optics and effects to "produce the most advanced wash light on the market" - all housed in the same compact MAC 2000 design.
An upgrade kit is available that easily brings existing MAC 2000 Wash fixtures to the XB level of performance. The Upgrade Kit includes a new 1500 W lamp, lamp socket module, electronic ballast, starter, heat filter, fans for more efficient cooling, colour mixing module, base cover plates with new logo plus other minor parts.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

X-Rebel Par LED
The Rebel Par is the second product that has been released using Rebel LED technology. While the Rebel Module is designed for architectural use, the Rebel Par is designed for the theatre and television market.
36 pieces of Rebel 1 Watt LEDs in combination with 25 degree lenses provide very strong light intensities in 16.7 million colours. The Rebel Par provides large advantages for the television and theatre market due to the long lifespan LED chip, direct DMX control, low energy consumption (50w) and RGB colour mixing.
With an integrated power supply and DMX unit, it can be used much like par lighting. With its robust casing and supplied brackets, the Rebel Par is the ideal replacement for Par cans or traditional scans.
On the backside of the Rebel Par, users can set the correct DMX address, or select one of 10 standard programs. Furthermore, it has an IP65 rating, making it possible to use this product in outdoor venues.

Rosco at PLASA 2008
This September sees the exciting introduction of a new colour to the Roscolux range of filters as well as 400 new gobo designs - steel designs, glass designs and new effects glass, which will be unveiled at Rosco's stand G47, during PLASA show, from 7th to 10th September 2008. Attendees will also see the innovative Lighting the Masters - a web based tool to provide inspiration for the lighting design process.
This summer Rosco releases the largest addition to its gobo catalogue by launching 400 new and unique designs: 194 new steel, 202 new Glass Spectrum and 12 new Effects Glass gobos.
Soon to be launched, Rosco's Lighting the Masters 'Gallery 1' is an example of art inspiring art. Based on an original idea by Jeremy Hoare, Rosco has put together a collection of paintings and explored their composition in such a way as to provide inspiration for the lighting design process. By relating Rosco's rich colour filter palette to the predominate colours within a painting, Rosco has created a web-based tool which can help designers realise their scenic visualisations, which will be presented at PLASA08.
Finally, the new colour added to Roscolux range of colour filters this year is Roscolux #381 - created with the support of lighting designer Mike Baldassari. See it at PLASA08.
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk

ELC brings latest lighting tools to PLASA 08
New DMX, RDM and Ethernet lighting tools from ELC will be on show in the White Light Zone in Earls Court 2.
Two of the new products, the DT125 and DT229, are designed for users looking to incorporate the RDM Remote Device Management bi-directional communication extension to the DMX512 standard into their lighting rigs.
RDM is designed to operate over existing DMX cabling, but requires new DMX splitters that can deal with the new communication from the lights back to the lighting controller. Both products are DMX/RDM splitters, DT125 offering one DMX input to five outputs, DT229 offering two DMX inputs with eight outputs. Both products also include a USB connector, allowing easy firmware updates if required as the DMX or RDM standards are revised over time.
The new dmXLAN node 3 extends RDM functionality to DMX carried over Ethernet; the unit is a DMX to ArtNet conversion node with three DMX in/out connectors and two Ethernet connectors, the node having a built-in Ethernet switch to increase its versatility. Ports can be configured for DMX in or out, with the DMX out supporting RDM. The dmXLAN node 3 is available in stand-alone, wall mount or surface mount versions.
Finally, the AC612 XUF fader module offers snapshot storage of DMX looks on to five faders, with two push keys then offering overall mastering with the ability to raise the overall look to 200% of the stored level. The AC612 XUF will also work with ELC's new PC or Mac editor software, which allows each fader to be programmed with timed sequences of up to ten steps per fader.
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

All new for Zero 88 at PLASA08
Following an intensive year of development Zero 88 is showcasing a host of new control products to PLASA 2008, with focus very much on theatrical lighting control.
After its initial preview at ABTT, Zero 88's Orb console is making its international debut. With a combination of theatrical control philosophy and an adaptable hardware platform, Orb provides intuitive control of both generics and moving lights. (Visit www.orbdesk.com for full product information).
Also launching at the show is a theatrical version of Zero 88's popular Jester consoles, bringing the power and flexibility of these consoles to those operating in theatre environments.
LightFactory PC-based console software will also be featured on the stand. New Programming and Playback wings are being launched at the show and visitors to the Zero 88 stand will also get a sneak preview of the latest software enhancements.
Other products show will be Zero 88's Chilli dimming system and a range of connectors from Cooper Interconnect.
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk
Australian Distributor: Clearlight Shows www.clearlight.com.au

ETC Introduces New Unison system at PLASA
PLASA08 sees the European launch of ETC's new Unison architectural lighting control system, which, the company says, brings sophisticated and green-minded technologies to theatre house and foyer lighting control. The centerpiece of the line is the Paradigm lighting control system, which merges innovative advances in architectural lighting control with ETC's expertise in entertainment lighting control. Paradigm's library of lighting products (conventionals, moving lights, LEDs, and more) with touch-screen control helps create dynamic effects, while networking technology allows devices from different manufacturers both -- wired and wireless -- to inter-operate over the same control system. Placing control very firmly in the green arena, Paradigm's energy management tools capitalize on daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, and time schedules for maximum electricity and budget savings.
Alongside Paradigm is ETC's SmartLink lighting control, billed as a high-quality, low-cost solution for smaller venues. The new SmartLink TimeClock, brings low cost, easy-to-use time of day control to ETC Unison, Sensor, and SmartPack dimming, the company says. Easily programmed for set-it-and-forget-it operation, SmartLink TimeClock enables the automatic activation of presets and sequences using real time or astronomical events.
Also on show at PLASA will be a new version of SmartSoft. Originally only for SmartFade ML, the new version covers SmartFade 1248, 2496, and 1296, and is compatible with both PC and Macintosh computers. SmartSoft allows users to connect their PCs or Macs to their ETC SmartFade lighting control desks via USB and gain live displays of show data, as well as direct data-editing tools. SmartSoft works as an offline editor and allows users to save SmartFade show files directly to the hard disk.
ETC will also introduce the 70W version of the Source Four HID family, and will remind visitors of the 375W HPL lamp option for the Source Four tungsten luminaires. Also on hand will be the Eos lighting control system and Ion, its compact sibling. Congo v5 will also be on show, and visitors to the stand will be able to experience its new effects package, graphics and handling, better editing tools, and other functions.
Also on display will be the new Suitcase module series from ETC's distributed SineWave dimming range, designed for repertory theatres and TV studios requiring true portable dimming. The high efficiency of the dimmer circuit, combined with its compact design and electronic protection, makes the Suitcase module particularly suited to distributed dimming schemes where a central dimmer room is unavailable or undesirable.

Australian Distributor: Jands www.jands.com.au

Avolites at PLASA 2008
Avolites' stand this year will show the Diamond 4 Vision and Elite consoles, the full range of Pearls including the Pearl Tiger, Pearl Expert and the new Pearl 2010 console, plus Avolites' new operating system, Titan.
Also being demonstrated is Avolites' ART2000 dimming range. In particular, Avo will be illustrating how racks can be custom configured to client's specific requirements.
The Pearl 2010 sees Avolites introduce a new contemporary streamlined look for its global bestselling console. This will include new graphics and an ergonomically curved front and back, complimenting the physical aesthetics of the Pearl Expert and Pearl Tiger consoles.
Developed from the original D4 Operating System, Titan adds new features to the Diamond 4 and brings powerful features from the Diamond 4 to the Pearl Expert. All Titan based consoles offer powerful functions like Fixture Exchange, Clone Fixture and Multiple Timers.
Fixture Exchange makes it quick and easy to exchange fixtures from one type or manufacturer for another. Clone Fixture enables the adding of additional fixtures into a show even after extensive programming, with all cloned fixtures inheriting their properties from the source fixture. Both functions require the minimum effort to learn and use and can be performed off line using the Titan Simulator.
Titan Expert for the Pearl delivers Diamond 4 features including Multiple Times on Cues and Memories on Preset Faders.
It includes the new graphical user interface, Matrix, making 'off line' tasks like patching and cue management faster and more intuitive, both on the move and at the console. Titan Matrix can be installed on laptops, optimising time spent at the console for actual lighting design and programming, whilst allowing shows to be prepared on a laptop away from the console. Titan also includes improved Simulator panels for use on and off line.
Hands on demonstrations of Avolites consoles controlling media servers will be taking place live on the stand at PLASA, utilising products from Arkaos, Green Hippo and Coolux, plus the new Addict server from Pixel Addicts - in action at Eden, Ibiza and Matter, the new superclub at the O2 Arena opening in September. Avo consoles will also be working with 4 leading stage visualization packages including their own proprietary Visualiser, WYSIWYG, Capture and Lightconverse from the Ukraine.
Australian Distributor: ULA www.ula.com.au
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk

New Products from Doughty
Doughty's released five new innovative products for 2008. TV Brace Weight - Doughty's original Brace Weight re-tooled for improved quality and a reduced price. Marquee Clamp - A clamp specifically designed to suit marquee beams. Scissor Clamps - An extremely useful clamp that will fit girders up to 120mm and 48 - 60mm round tubes. Twenty Clamp - Launched at Plasa 07 this clamp is already proving to be a very popular product. Easy Lift - An all new 3.8 metre wind up stand featuring a new twin cable winch and safety lock design.
To read more, click on the following link: http://www.cdaust.com.au/POW.html

Pro Shop LED Truss Warmer
Finally a truss warming system that really works; bright, narrow and easy to use…The Pro Shop LED Truss Warmer is perfect for colour toning your next truss application.
Featuring 9 x High Powered LED’s that are fitted with ultra narrow lenses for long throws of colour and to reduce the amount of light spill out the side of the truss. A narrow beam is important to increase the efficiency of the fitting by not “wasting” any light out the side as well as applications such as TV set design where colour spill is definitely one to avoid.
The unit features both 3 and 5 pin DMX connections to assist a quick setup and cable inventory ease, furthermore the unit allows a clamp to be bolted both on one of its side faces and its bottom face to allow multiple mounting options such as a “H” stand or a hook clamp to a side tube of the truss.
Price: $499.00 RRP
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

World record in the Osram laboratory: quantum leap in the brightness and efficacy of white LEDs
Osram claim to have achieved new records in the laboratory for white light – 155 lm for brightness and 136 lm/W for efficacy (at 350mA). By improving all the technologies involved in the manufacture of LEDs, Osram development engineers have achieved new records for the brightness and efficiency of white LEDs in the laboratory. Under standard conditions with an operating current of 350 mA, brightness peaked at a value of 155 lm, and efficacy at 136 lm/W. White prototype LEDs with 1 mm2 chips were used. The light produced had a color temperature of 5000 K, with color coordinates at 0.349/ 0.393 (cx/cy). Potential applications include general illumination, the automotive sector and any applications that call for large high-power LEDs.
The key to success was the efficient interplay between all the advances made in materials and technologies. A perfectly matched system of optimized chip technology, a highly advanced and extremely efficient light converter and a special high-performance package combined to produce the world records - 155 lm for brightness and 136 lm/W for efficacy. The semiconductor light sources are also suitable for high operating currents. At 1,4 A they can produce up to 500 lm of white light. This means that the LEDs can later be used not only for general lighting tasks and automotive applications but also for LED projection as blue and green chip versions.
Dr. Rüdiger Müller, CEO at Osram Opto Semiconductors, commented: “It was the successful combination of Osram know-how in different fields that led to these new records in efficiency and brightness. Starting with the light converter we will be gradually moving the new developments into production”. Osram has already applied for patents for the technologies that lie behind these records.

Artistic Licence Releases Upgrade for RDM DMX Splitters
Following the release of the RDM standard V1.0 protocol as the long-awaited successor to RDM draft V1.0, Artistic Licence has released an RDM splitter upgrade to convert its range of RDM splitters to support the new protocol.
With its customary foresight, Artistic Licence has been shipping its three RDM Splitters -- DMX-Split RDM, Rack-Split RDM and Rail-Split RDM -- with RDM draft V1.0 for the last five years in readiness for the moment when the RDM protocol had been finalized.
Now this moment has arrived, a simple upgrade module can transform all three Artistic Licence splitters to use the latest standard / HES version yet still be backwards-compatible to the draft version.
Customers can easily carry out the upgrade procedure themselves since it involves the replacement of a single chip only, with support manuals downloadable from the company's website.
"The upgrade will be especially valuable to customers who already own Artistic Licence RDM splitters and wish to upgrade them," says technical director Simon Hobday. "However, as more and more manufacturers are implementing RDM in fixtures and controllers, the infrastructure of DMX distribution will need to be upgraded. We therefore see this of particular advantage to those upgrading their DMX system as a whole or investing in new fixtures that use the RDM Standard."
RDM allows bi-directional communication over the DMX512 cable using the twisted pair connected to Pins 2 and 3, enabling RDM devices to send status and fault information back to the console. The bi-directional communication also makes it easier to mix DMX installations with sophisticated Ethernet protocols such as Art-Net or ACN.
RDM allows a console to set the base address of the lamp without the need for dipswitches. The console simply searches the DMX cable for all connected devices and automatically patches them. The console can also use RDM to download personalities direct from a moving light so there is no need to waste time locating fixture libraries.
All RDM splitter upgrade modules are unique to Artistic Licence Rack-Split RDM, DMX-Split RDM and Rail-Split RDM which, between them, provide solutions across rack-mounted, DIN-Rail or stand alone options.
All new RDM Splitter modules are shipping with the latest software included so no further upgrade is required.
Australian Distributor: Balanced Technology www.balancedtech.com.au

Enttec’s New Program Wing for LightFactory
After two years in development, Enttec are proud to announce the long awaited Program Wing for LightFactory is now shipping.
The Enttec Program Wing is a purpose-built work surface for the LightFactory lighting control system. Featuring three encoder wheels and 62 dedicated keys for quick access to common functions, the Program Wing is designed for fast, intuitive and effective moving light programming.
Like the existing Enttec Playback and Shortcut Wings, the Program Wing is Ethernet-based and supports the free NMU program for simple configuration, making it quick and easy to set-up any number of wings in any combination or layout desired.
With the Wings series now complete, LightFactory is fast being recognised as a serious alternative to better known lighting control consoles on the market, with an equally serious price advantage. Capable of controlling up to 32,768 DMX Channels with ease, and featuring inbuilt LED matrix control and media playback, LightFactory is powerful enough for the most complex shows while still being simple and intuitive to operate.
The Program Wings are now available ex-stock from Balanced Technology.
For Availability, Pricing or Further Information, call Balanced Technology on 1300 305 832.

Irradiant Announces Lumens Breakthrough in Chip-On-Board Solid-State Lighting
Irradiant Inc. a division of Neo-Neon, announces a breakthrough in the development of core LED technologies relative to solid-state lighting (SSL).
In January, the company completed testing of its new 100W COB (Chip-On-Board) LED module. The company says that testing results have proven conclusively that the new 100w COB White LED reaches new heights in lumens efficiency. The 100W unit is already in use in the Revo, a moving unit from Neo-Neon.
The success of the product, the company says, stems from the structural design, the combination of a 10 x 8 array of 80pcs of LED chips. The array produces an output of 5,500 lumens from an emitting area of just 1.9cm2. By using silver epoxy, the heat dissipation can be solved quickly, providing a powerful point source that can be easily manipulated optically to provide a range of lighting solutions.
Irradiant Inc. intends to deploy this new technology on a new range of products, opening up new markets for the application of LED as a replacement to high energy consuming incandescent and discharge lamps.
Source Lighting & Sound America www.lightingandsoundamerica.com

LSC Releases Version 3 software for the maXim Console
LSC is proud to announce the release of Version 3 software for the maXim range of consoles. More than 30 bug fixes and enhancements have been made to improve the console’s functionality and ease of use.
New features in the software include support for USB flash drives and MIDI and support for trackball control of pan and tilt control will be added soon. The console’s fixture library size has been significantly increased by a factor of five to cater for the larger Fixture Templates found today and the number if fixtures it can now hold is up from 64 to 128 fixtures.
Also included in the new release is a complete rewrite of the console’s memory and performance monitoring system. This, and over two months of testing, has resulted in the most stable software system to date.
The latest software, for all sizes of maXim, can be downloaded from the LSC website at www.lsclighting.com/Software.html

Green Hippo and Barco join forces
UK-based media server specialists Green Hippo have teamed up with Barco to offer an integrated media server for the recently released Barco DML 1200 digital moving light. The DML 1200 is a very bright digital moving light, with a wide zoom-range and integrated CMY colour-changer that also has powerful projector capabilities. Barco says the new unit "tears down boundaries between projection and lighting."
This amalgamation of video and lighting capabilities combines Barco's projection technology with Green Hippo's widely recognised and user friendly Hippotizer V3 software technology.
According to Barco: "With its brightness, unlimited image selection and instant switching between light beam and video projection, cue by cue, the DML-1200 provides lighting designers with pure creativity at their fingertips. With its on-board media player, lighting designers are no longer limited to static, pre-selected patterns and colours. Any image, static or animated, can be created and projected at a touch of a button. The DML-1200 is completely controlled over DMX, when using the integrated media server as well as the live video inputs, allowing it to be driven directly from any lighting desk."
After nearly 10 years in Barco's R&D department, Joost De Frene has taken up the role of digital lighting product manager and says: "We are convinced that it is an advantage to have an integrated media server based on Hippotizer V3 and we make a point of mentioning this in all of our external communication."
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk

Zero 88 launch Phantom Jester
Designed to aid with both pre-programming and training, Phantom Jester allows users to manipulate an emulated desk on their PC and view the monitor outputs without a real desk. Show files can then be interchanged with the desk using a standard USB memory stick, for true offline programming. Every software function of the desk is emulated including Online Help and a front panel mimic allows you to interact with the software in real time. Beginners can benefit from the ability to learn the desk from the comfort of their home, whilst more experienced users can make use of the time prior to a production to enter patch information, build fixture palettes or even pre-program the entire show using the familiar user interface.
The launch of Phantom Jester coincides with the production release of version 2 software for the Jester ML range which includes additional pages of submasters, improved DMX In capabilities and improved monitor screens. A maintenance release for the Jester range (version 3.1) has also been made available. Due to the significant changes in code, show files built on versions of the ML software prior to version 2 are not compatible with version 2 software.
Phantom Jester, Jester version 3.1 and Jester ML version 2 can all be downloaded from the Zero 88 website.
Australian Distributor: Clearlight Shows www.clearlight.com.au

All Robe lighting AT, DT and RED Series fixtures actively communicate RDM (Remote Device Management) protocol, the ESTA defined ANSI E1.20 world-wide standard, in addition to DMX.
Robe’s new DreamBox is a small multifunctional twin RDM/DMX interface linking computers running Robe’s RDM NET software - via USB2 -  with the lighting rig.
The software will detect any manufacturer’s RDM talking fixtures on the rig, gathering their parameters, some of which can be changed, e.g. DMX Address, DMX Mode, Lamp hour count, Fixture Status, etc. Fixture parameters can be modified on single fixtures or groups of fixtures either before or during a show.
AutoPatch – fixture patching previously achieved by using the fixture menu screen is now a much simplified process whereby the rig is scanned for fixtures, the correct DMX addresses are applied and then uploaded to the fixture heads in a ‘one click’ operation.
New software updates can be uploaded to any Robe AT Series unit via the DreamBox.
It is ideal for prepping fixtures in the warehouse or pre-production before a show or a rental where set up time is extremely limited on site, and can also be used for resetting units to previously saved values on return from a project.
During a show, the DreamBox coupled with RDM NET enables the connected computer to act as a real-time monitoring/fixture status tool.
DreamBox can also be used with Robe’s Media Fusion software as a DMX IN device from any DMX console.
It is supplied in a rugged aluminium housing needing no external PSU, complete with the RDM NET software.
Australian Distributor: ULA www.ula.com.au

Phaseshift's Wingspanner
Australian Made WINGSPANNER
Are you tired of damaging threads on your Trigger Clamps?
Are you sick of breaking 1/4 turn wing bolts?
Then you need a Phaseshift Productions WINGSPANNER
Contact Stuart on 03 8586 3444 or email stuart@phaseshiftproductions.com

New Software Makes Major Upgrade to HES Digital Lighting Line
Entertainment lighting and control manufacturer High End Systems (HES; Austin, TX) is today releasing v1.4.0 software for its family of Digital Lighting products including DL.2, DL.3 and the Axon media server. The release is the culmination of major improvements and upgrades to the Graphics Engine and core components within the XP Embedded Operating System (O/S) image.
“This new software represents a year’s worth of effort by our digital lighting team,” says Scott Blair, HES Director of Digital Lighting Development. “Beyond the performance improvements and features that we have included in this release, this effort provides a solid foundation for future enhancements to come in our digital product line.”
Improvements have been made to the Network Media Sync to allow multiple digital lighting units to perform in synchronized playback. Major improvements to In-Frame and Out-Frame seeking allow for precision frame selection. There is also added ability for Collage Generator to blend a 360-degree image.
Many improvements were made to the Windows Content Management Application system, which has been redesigned with a more user friendly interface. A new version of Mac CMA is now fully supported on Leopard O/S and Windows Vista.
Multiple selectable display output resolutions have been added to Axon, allowing greater connectivity to a wider range of display devices. In addition, Axon now supports SDI Capture. All new Axons shipping from HES now include SDI Capture Card as standard and existing users should contact HES for upgrade information.
All user manuals online have also been updated with this new information.

grandMA ultra-light now has 2,048 parameters
MA Lighting has released its new free software version 5.91 that upgrades any grandMA ultra-light to 2,048 parameters. No matter if it is a new or already been used grandMA ultra-light. Nevertheless the price for the grandMA ultra-light "series 1" will remain the same. With this upgrade the grandMA ultra-light becomes an even more powerful tool for small and medium sized shows.
In combination with the MA 2Port Node the grandMA ultra-light offers the user some additional unique features:
1. Any MA 2Port Node model extends the two built-in DMX connectors of the grandMA ultra-light to four outputs.
2. When using the MA 2Port Node onPC PRO in combination with grandMA onPC there is a backup for the grandMA ultra-light that directly outputs two lines of DMX.
3. Use the grandMA ultra-light and MA 2Port Node onPC or MA 2Port Node onPC PRO with grandMA onPC independently to run two separate shows at the same time.
grandMA ultra-light offers one colour touch screen display, one external display, ten manual faders plus 20 physical play­back buttons (on 128 pages), free visualization software, support for up to six remotes and all the software features of the larger grandMA and grandMA light consoles including DMX universe expansion with up to 16,384 parameters (32,768 DMX channels or 64 DMX universes).
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

HES Releases Wholehog Software v2.5.0; Adds third monitor support for Road Hog consoles
High End Systems announces the release of version 2.5.0 software for Wholehog control systems including the Wholehog 3, Road Hog Full Boar, Hog iPC, Road Hog and Hog 3PC.
Version 2.5.0 provides Road Hog console owners with the ability to add a third monitor through the use of an Iogear brand USB to VGA adapter. The adapters are available worldwide from computer stores or directly from HES dealers.
“We are pleased to expand the functionality of the Road Hog console in a simple and low-cost manner,” says Brad Schiller, HES Director of Control Systems Development. “The Iogear device allows users to easily add a single external monitor or Road Hog Playback Wing.”
Also included in this release are SHOWPIX libraries, several other features, an updated user manual and bug fixes. Users can download the software and further release information from www.flyingpig.com

i-Pix BB 7
i-Pix have created a brand new fixture - the BB 7 - a seven cell high powered homogenized 10 degree RGB lightsource which is being utilized by Radiohead’s lighting & visuals designer Andi Watson for the band’s world tour which kicked off in the US at the start of May.
Forty-eight of the BB7s are in various positions around the rig, including 25 in five custom 5-way frames produced by Specialz .
Watson, is also using 48 of i-Pix new production model BB4s on his front truss. This is a four cell high power homogenized 20 degree RGB lightsource.
Additionally, there’s 14 i-Pix Satellites with holographic film mounted on the floor in and around the backline to light the band at close quarters.
This project started when i-Pix’ Chris Ewington visited the US last October to see a new prototype narrow optic. He then showed Watson the BB 4 which was already in production in January this year, along with a test rig of the embryonic idea he had for the BB7 - without optics.
Once the new optic became available, Ewington sourced the first 12 and again met Watson in March, along with Radiohead production manager Richard Young and lighting crew chief Andy Beller, and showed the first prototype BB 7 with the new narrow optic.
Watson liked it and thought the fixture was exactly what he wanted, after which i-Pix priced up the project for Richard Young, and from this came an order to produce 206 fixtures (enough for 2 rigs) from scratch in just over 5 weeks!
The i-Pix team, having just undergone the 'birthing process' with the BB4, were well geared up for this challenge, and confident of delivery.
Ewington comments, “From our experience, most shows spend months in discussion and a maximum of 6 weeks in prep, so this timescale did not come as a surprise”. He added “Our first fixture, the Satellite was developed under similar circumstances to coincide with Radiohead’s last tour”.
The BB4 uses i-Pix new custom LEDs produced by Lamina, and the evolution of the BB series produced the building blocks - both electronic and mechanical – that could be applied to the new BB7 using the narrow optic.
They completed the production task with 4 days to spare, down to an exceptionally good team, some serious planning and pushing their subcontractors to the limits!
The design period was condensed from six months to 4 days, the components were produced in two weeks and the units built over two weeks. “It was not a case of penalties for late delivery” elucidated Ewington, “We just had to do it”.
“Andi put his trust in us before when he integrated PixelLines into his groundbreaking show for Radiohead back in 2003. He relied on us again in 2005 and in 2008 he really upped the anti!
“We all appreciated Andi taking a massive leap of faith in having the courage to dispense completely with conventional lighting in his show. Not having a single discharge or incandescent lamp in the design, sets a new benchmark at least a couple of years from what we had anticipated”.
Watson’s unique energy saving unique design uses the three i-Pix fixtures plus other LED products, all of which work seamlessly together to produce a stunning, headline-grabbing design.
“I always enjoy working with Andi” says Ewington. His professionalism, attention to detail and progressive approach to pushing the industry forward never ceases to impress. I often design fixtures with Andi in mind and consider him and his team as exceptional and very important to our industry”.
The i-Pix BB 4 is a four cell high power homogenized 20 degree RGB source, using a custom Lamina light engine produced exclusively for i-Pix by Lamina Ceramics in New York. It consumes 120 watts at 240 volts, on full power.
The BB 7 is a seven cell high power homogenized 10 degree RGB source, using the same Lamina custom light engine. This fixture consumes 210 watts at 240 volts.
Both fixtures feature 16 bit resolution for finer control of colour choice, which is in the billions!
Australian Distributor: Balanced Technology www.balancedtech.com.au

ETC Congo v5 Software
ETC's Congo v5, new software for Congo and Congo jr lighting control consoles, includes a new effects package, new graphics and handling and updated editing tools with additional functions and accessories. Congo users at theaters, TV studios and other entertainment venues will find a variety of new solutions for their multimedia lighting rigs, including new chase, dynamic and content effects. All are handled in new effect playbacks, which allow users to select and control them just like channels and record them into presets within sequences or on masters. Existing dynamic effects and chase-sequence settings also let users bring Congo work projects into v5 without any problems, according to ETC.
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Very Bright LED Mover in the Pipeline from High End
High End Systems of Austin, Texas are currently previewing a video demonstrating Showpix, a new LED fixture conceived by product developer Richard Belliveau.
Showpix is a moving head fixture on the scale of HES’s Showgun, using 127 individually addressable 3 watt RGB LEDS.
The Showpix fixture has a built in graphics engine that controls all media playback, manipulation, etc. The fixture has a global layer and two media layers for full interaction. Many types of media can be imported via custom software that provides a visualization of how the content will appear in the fixture prior to uploading.
You can take a standard gif animation and upload it into the fixture where you can play it back or manipulate as you like.
1. Standard (pan/tilt, global and two media layers) 70 channels
2. RGB Reduced (pan/tilt, intensity, strobe, and RGB) 12 channels
3. Pixel Mapping (pan/tilt, intensity, strobe and individual control of the 127 LEDs) 390 channels
4. Enhanced (pan/tilt, global and two media layers and individual control of the 127 LEDs) 451 channels
According to HES, Showpix will be shipping “very soon” and more information will be posted on the HES site in the next few weeks.
The impressive demo video can be seen at <http://www.highend.com/SHOWPIX/videoWMV.html>
Source: ALIA news team / HES web site / HES Forums/ Blue-room Forums / LightNetwork Forums.

Go Green with the MR16 LED Fixture from Lighthouse Distribution
The MR16 LED is an innovative sunken LED fixture. There are 3 models available that feature various sets of LEDs tailored for different applications, coupled with dedicated lenses that give a very high light efficiency and a uniform light beam.
Three easily interchangeable lens units are available offering different beam projection angles (Spot 10, Medium Flood 25 and Wide flood 40). These present a uniform beam with excellent surface coverage.
The MR 16 LEDs are available in three models:
1. MR16 Full Colour LED
The newest addition to the MR16 Family offers adaptable full colour technology combined with lenses for a perfectly uniform light beam. Each fixture features 3x3W full colour LEDs that can produce 16 million colours. These fixtures can be used as a colour changer using a DTS Power Supply/DMX Driver Z1. See below for more information on suitable power supply/DMX Drivers.
The MR16 RGB features 3x1Watt LEDs (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue) which can be used as an RGB colour changer using a DTS Power Supply/DMX LED Driver.
Power: Its easy!! Connecting the LED lamps to the Driver is fast and easy, thanks to the dedicated T-Box RJ12 connection system. One single Z1 power supply/DMX LED Driver can run up to 12 MR16 RGB/white LED lamps and 5 full colour LED lamps. The power supply/driver can then be controlled by your choice of an optional infrared remote control, a recessed wall controller or any DMX lighting console.
3. MR16 in White
The MR16 LEDs are also available in four different types of white to suit every application:
* White 3200-5500k, Has the white and amber LEDs.
* White 3200k- Warm white
* White 5500k- Cool White
* White 6800k- Daylight
Benefits of using LEDs:
* Long Lamp Life
* Durable
* Low Power Consumption
* Low Heat Output
* High Light Output
Want more colours? One Z1 Power Supply will provide power for 12 MR16 RGB and/or white LEDs or 5 full colour LEDs. To produce two different colours at the same time, simply purchase two Z1 Power Supplies. DTS also provide a Special Package called a Z4 Power Supply. It consists of 4 Z1 Power Supplies that produce four different colours and power up to 32 LEDs.

MagicQ Consoles from Lighthouse Distribution
ChamSys offer a full range of exciting and innovative Consoles at world beating prices. Each Console utilises the powerful MagicQ operating system enabling shows to be programmed and played back on any MagicQ Console. This week we take a look at the MagicQ MQ50 Console, a reduced cost console for small theatres, schools and venues.
The MQ50 is the new addition to the MagicQ console range. The MQ50 takes the impressive functionality of the MQ100 and reduces it into a system 2/3 of the size and considerably lower weight.
The MQ50 has 10 playbacks each with FLASH, GO, PAUSE and SELECT buttons, and faders. Soft buttons, like those found around the touch-screen on MagicQ consoles are also provided, to enable selection of menu items and control of attributes.
The MQ50 is primarily targeted as a reduced cost console for small theatres, schools and venues. Thus, the MQ50 has a lower specification processor system, does not include a UPS, and has a simple construction. All connections are available on the rear panel, including a VGA socket for an external screen supplied by the user. This enables the user to choose between a low cost CRT monitor, a TFT, or one of the supported touch screens.
The MQ50 supports 4 direct DMX outputs. As with all MagicQ consoles additional outputs can be supported via Ethernet.
The MQ50 runs the same software as the other MagicQ consoles and hence the programming interface is the same. Show files are completely compatible.
Why not accessorise?
MagicQ Playback Wing
Extend your MagicQ Console with one or more extra Playback wings. MagicQ Playback Wings connect to MagicQ Consoles via USB. No extra software required, just connect the Wing to the Console, enable the wing in the Console options and the Playbacks are ready to control your show. With up to eight Playback wings you'll never run out of playbacks.
ChamSys have a range of intelligent lighting controllers to suit every application.

LED Strobe Projects Brilliant White Light
The LED Strobe is a high output strobe light that uses 192 LEDs to create stunning bursts of brilliant white light. This creates a classic slow motion effect and is a popular visual tool for live performances and dance floors.
Flash speed and dimming can be controlled via DMX or the unit can be run stand-alone, sound active or linked together. In addition the fixture offers fascinating chase patterns which when used in sequence provides a nifty visual effect that flows left to right or vice versa. With their low power consumption, long lamp life and flexibility of use, LED fixtures are enjoying a rise in popularity. The Light Emotion LED range now numbers over
25 wash and special effects with vast improvements being made in performance and controllability. The LED strobe includes 12-month warranty, mounting bracket and is sold at $279 RRP. Stockist enquiries can be made to sales@industrygear.com.au

LSC E24e24 Hot Power Touring Dimmer Offers 24 Channels of Free Power Distribution
LSC Lighting Systems introduce the world's first high spec Touring System with 24 channels of combined power distribution and high quality dimming with Active Triac Control. Virtually any load you want, all from the one box.
The optional 24 ways of HOT POWER(TM) is completely independent from the dimmer circuitry and is ideal for plugging up your Moving Lights, Strobes, Practicals and any other loads that require straight mains power. This new Patent Pending technology dynamically distributes the power to the appropriate patch output as required thereby making the e24 one of the most versatile dimming and power distribution systems on the market today.
Alongside the HOTPOWER(TM) option the e24 includes: 24 channels of 13A dimming which is 100% duty cycle, LSC’s unique Active Triac Control (ATC(TM)) circuitry and Current Control Technology (CCT(TM)), giving users the ability to drive virtually any reactive or inductive load seamlessly and avoid the nuisance tripping of MCB’s normally caused by Inrush currents. Along with the option to include LSC’s ‘Houston’ (Remote Monitoring Software) and ePlates (remote wall stations) to externally record and recall memories, e24 V2 HOTPOWER gives users complete control of their dimming system. The e24 has an extensive patch field, auxiliary power output circuits, mains distribution and professional flight case.
Source: LSC media release

ARRI Lighting introduces the New True Blue Location & Studio Fresnels
True Blue by ARRI is the newest generation of ARRI’s lighting product range, representing an unprecedented evolution of studio and Tungsten fixtures that have been popular workhorses for over two decades. Following extensive research and feedback from respected lighting professionals, combined with great advances in technology, ARRI introduces a selection of highly innovative lampheads with over 30 new improvements for studio and location lighting. Reduced weight, compact size and maximum light output are just a few of the benefits.
While the overall weight of the TRUE BLUE fixtures has been reduced, there have been no sacrifices to quality; in fact many components now offer greater strength and resistance to corrosion. Maintenance and repair are facilitated by simplified access to internal components, and the smooth lamp housing surfaces are now easier to clean.
One particular focus of enhancements to the lampheads has been their adaptability to accessories. The tilt lock has been dramatically improved by a stainless steel friction disc that locks tight to eliminate the danger of forward tilting when heavy, front-mounted accessories are in use. In addition, a new stirrup centre adjustment allows the lamphead to slide until its centre of gravity is either at or near the tilt lock, depending on the accessories attached.
The new Stegmaier connector, a rotatable cable outlet, permits swift adjustment between ideal cable orientations for both ceiling-grid and floor-stand mounting. Improved barndoors are stronger, less susceptible to bending, and can be inserted vertically without being damaged when the lamphead is placed on a flat surface.
ARRI’s new patented cross cooling system, which encourages a stream of air to pass around the Fresnel lens and into the lamphead from the front, has reduced the lamp housing temperature of TRUE BLUE units by 25% and the lens temperature by 17%.
The models ready for launch at NAB in Las Vegas are: T1, T2, T5, ST1, ST2, ST5
Australian Distributor: Cine Equipment www.cine-equipment.com

Chroma-Q Launches Color Punch Compact LED Wash Light
The Chroma-Q LED range has been extended with the launch of the new Color Punch -- a compact IP65 fixture delivering bright wash light results suitable for a wide range of indoor and temporary outdoor applications.
The Color Punch is extremely powerful for its small dimensions, providing a very punchy 1,250 lumens output housed in an IP65 rated, tough machined aluminum and high-impact plastic casing, the company says. The fixture also features convection-cooling for completely silent operation in theatres and other noise-sensitive lighting environments.
The unit features a single LED head of RGB cells and a 22 degree beam angle for an even coverage of surfaces. In addition to RGB and Fx HSI (effects, hue, saturation and intensity) control modes, the Color Punch also features a five-channel strobe RGBI mode for separate adjustment of the fixture's intensity level, and a mode for selecting stored looks via DMX.
For ease of use, the Color Punch has a built-in power supply and a choice of standalone or DMX-control, making setup very quick and simple.
The Color Punch comes supplied with a versatile yoke attachment, enabling units to be floor, truss or wall mounted to provide blinders, footlights, side fills, truss toners and discreet set piece lighting -- all from just a single fixture. An optional clip on lens media cover accessory is also available.
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk
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Fibre Optic Chandelier
The chandelier is a stunning centrepiece and its decorative features are becoming an attractive addition to interiors. Historically, a chandelier was a glittering white glass centrepiece hanging in opulent surroundings, but Lighthouse Distribution can supply different interpretations of this traditional form of lighting for a contemporary market using fibre optics. They can be purpose built to compliment all interior layouts to deliver maximum impact in foyers, stairwells, dining rooms, and public spaces.
A Fibre optic chandelier itself is completely maintenance free and can be powered by several different types of lamps including, metal halide, halogen or LED sources. The type of lamp used will effect how much maintenance the lamp requires, as lamps with a longer life cycle will require less maintenance in the long term. Our lamps offer lamp life from 2000 hours for halogen lamps, up to 50,000 hours for LED sources.
The construction of the chandelier allows the lamp to be placed up to 15 metres away from the chandelier. Light is transmitted from the lamp through fibre optic light guides to the pendant. There are many variations of the pendant to suit all tastes and applications. With fibre optics, you can add a splash of drama and colour to transform a normal environment into something unique and vibrant.

Alpha Wash Halo from Clay Paky
The Clay Paky Alpha Wash Halo is a 1200W* warm halogen lamp with true colour mixing and extensive optical zoom. Perfect for film, television, theatre, concerts and corporate events, it offers the exceptional lighting experience and reliability expected from a Clay Paky fixture.
The Halo includes a large linear zoom of 14° - 64° as standard. This is substantially larger then its closest competitor, which has a zoom of just 18° - 40°. It also features linear frost, strobe option, electronic dimmer, an indexable beam shaper and motorised top hat for perfect beam control. All these features make the Halo the perfect choice for maximum flexibility.
The Halo provides all the advantages of a halogen lamp, including a smooth, uniform colour field, warm colour tones, energy saving option and gradual dimming, creating an ideal solution for any application that requires a warm uniform light beam with soft edges. However, Clay Paky goes further to provide an 80V lamp as standard, offering an even brighter solution.
The Halo has CMY colour mixing, allowing a vast array of colours to be generated from a single source. This provides some of the truest colour mixing available, including a fantastic blood red and congo blue.
Most importantly, the Alpha Wash Halo offers the proven reliability of a Clay Paky fixture. As the Halo has been on the market for sometime, it presents the buyer with proven reliability compared to similar products that have more recently hit the market.
* Also available in a 1000W Model.

Lighthouse Distribution brings you DMX without wires
There is a joke that often comes up in our training session about standards – ‘What’s the one good thing about standards? There are so many to choose from.’ Well here is a truly international standard. Wireless DMX from DTS. Build using the precision Swedish W-DMX components you can be assured that the DTS units will work with any other W-DMX units from any supplier. This was shown on our recent road show where we were able to control LSC dimmers using a W-DMX BlackBox R-512 receiver controlled from our DTS Transmitter. We toured all around Australia and didn’t have a single problem with dropouts or crosstalk.
W-DMX units are reliable and road-ready – just what you need to light the Pyramids, or Olympic ceremonies, but it’s not just big events that benefit from the flexibility W-DMX offers. There are many sets of units used in theatres throughout the world, including many of the top Broadway and West End shows, and many architectural jobs where it is just not possible to run a DMX cable.
Featuring a build in universal power supply and simple setup procedure you will be up and running in no time. The units are available now and are very competitively priced. DMX without wires is here – how can it help you?

Martin Exterior 1200 Image Projector
The Exterior 1200 Image Projector is a powerful 1200 W luminaire designed for projecting animated images and effects onto facades and commercial buildings, tall structures, shopping centers, or any high-visibility architecture. Designed for night-time environments with emotional impact, the Exterior 1200 Image Projector brings new elements of drama to outdoor illumination: effects projection and animation.
The Exterior 1200’s seamless CMY system blends the primary colors Cyan, Magenta and Yellow to achieve a full spectrum of luminous colors. These colors, variable in hue and saturation, can be programmed to shift smoothly from shade to shade to create truly dynamic architecture. Further interchangeable color options are provided on a four-color wheel.
The Exterior 1200 Image Projector houses a rotating gobo wheel with four interchangeable gobo positions for projecting graphic images. Also included is a gobo animation system especially engineered to create animated lighting effects such as rising flames, windswept clouds, driving rain, reflected water, ripples, and much more. The animation wheel is interchangeable and can be angled, and speed and direction controlled.
The Exterior 1200 houses an efficient 1200 W metal halide lamp capable of reaches of 9 stories and above. Its high optical performance results in a uniform distribution of light and color. Intensity control is 0-100% for easy balance of brightness, allowing architecture to respond intelligently to the availability of natural light.
Equipped with superior optics, the Exterior 1200 Image Projector provides designers with a variable zoom and the possibility of varying beam angles from 12° to 18° (narrow), 18° to 36° (medium) and 31° to 51° (wide). This offers the flexibility of re-focusing on-site in order to achieve a perfect distribution of light and color.
Housed in a beautifully designed aluminum casing, the Exterior 1200 series is weatherproof rated at IP65 which guarantees reliable operation in harsh, weather-beaten environments. An efficient cooling system means the luminaire is effective in even the hottest environments. It is also suitable for marine environments such as cruise ships and bridges and has been wind load tested, an important factor for tower or bridge installations.
The Exterior 1200 has been made with low installation costs and freedom from maintenance in mind. A fully adjustable tilt angle allows the fixture to be oriented in any position. A convenient service hatch provides immediate front access for easy re-lamping, reducing service costs and securing the designer’s aiming position.
DMX controllable from an external controller or PC software, the Exterior 1200 can also operate via a built-in program or master/slave relationship. The LCD display also allows effortless diagnosis of factors such as lamp life, fan speed and temperature.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

HES Releases Wholehog Software v2.4.0
High End Systems has announced the release of Flying Pig Systems software version 2.4.0 for Wholehog control systems including the Wholehog 3, Road Hog Full Boar, Hog iPC, Road Hog and Hog 3PC.
Version 2.4.0 introduces network file sharing; a new feature that allows users to transfer show files from networked consoles to networked computers.
"This is another highly requested feature that we are pleased to be able to offer our customers," says Brad Schiller, HES Director of Control Systems Development. Several other features, an updated user manual and bug fixes are also included within this release. Users can download the software and further release details from www.flyingpig.com
Source: HES media release
Martin Maxxyz goes Mini
Maxyyz CompactMartin Professional's Maxxyz™ lighting console is now available in a Compact version that offers full Maxxyz functionality in a modular mid-sized design. Built of a heavy-duty aluminium, Maxxyz Compact™ has been designed with the rough and tumble touring and rental market in mind. It offers stand-alone plug and play functionality.
This latest addition to the Maxxyz range features four modules requiring only USB and power connections. The modules - Cerebrum, Programmer, Motorized Playback and Master - make the system's functionality even more flexible and intuitive.
The Cerebrum module is a touch-screen computer, running the software on Windows XP Embedded that controls Maxxyz Compact. It can control up to 32 DMX Universes (4 direct, 28 via Art-Net or Universal USB/DMX). The Maxxyz Cerebrum can also be used stand-alone for controlling installations, for example in hotels or on cruise ships. The Programmer and Playback Modules make creating and running shows easier, quicker and safer. The Master Module has two faders – Grand Master and Flash Master by default.
Maxxyz Compact can control up to 16,384 fixtures, and allows up to 1000 cuelists with motorized fader control and 1000 cuelists using playback control buttons, with parallel execution of multiple cuelists. Sub-master, group master, and override functionality is included, and the Graphical User Interface is customizable. Four digital fader belts for fixture parameter control (intensity, gobo, color, effect) are easy to access.
New and responsive digital LCD buttons have been included for direct programming. Five LCD function keys and five banks of customizable function keys are available for direct access to functions like save show, banks, patch and record. The Playback Module includes an additional row of playback flash buttons (flash, go, pause/back and select) in addition to the motorized playback fader.
Maxxyz Compact retains not only the familiar layout of the full Maxxyz console but the customizable Graphical User Interface, effects generator and MIDI / SMPTE timecoding as well. It is fully compatible with the Maxxyz controller series and easily networks with Martin's Maxedia™ media server. Maxxyz Manager Software allows for programming and triggering via time and calendar schedules, and Maxxyz Compact communicates with Martin ShowDesigner Gold, Silver or Visualizer software packages.
For more information and free software downloads visit www.maxxyz.dk
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au
Source: Martin Professional media release

grandMA2 features revolutionary Natural Language interface
MA lighting today revealed another of the features that will make the grandMA2 the grandmother of all lighting consoles. The synthesis of years of work on natural language processing and artificial intelligence at the University of Hull in the UK and the extensive cetacean language studies at James Cook University, the natural language module was initially developed for voice response telephone routing systems. From that foundation it has been extensively reworked by MA Lighting's Waldbuettelbrunn R&D team for use in lighting control.
In natural language mode [MA+Assign>Edit>Goto], front panel control is bypassed, allowing the grandMA to respond to keyboard commands from the operator or the lighting designer. The powerful interface allows the system to respond directly to phrases such as "brighter and more cheerful", "springtime after rain", "less trashy", "just a little bit more mauve", "snappier", "more sombre" or "something flashy with the movers to distract from the choreography".
MA also revealed that an iPhone interface module is being developed for release at the time of the first hardware upgrade to grandMA2. This will enable LDs, operators, or even the producer to modify lighting sequences by sending instructions directly from any email-enabled mobile telephone.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au
Source: ALIA news team

Martin Magnum 850 Completes Magnum Line of Foggers
Martin's Magnum line of fog effects is now complete with the introduction of the mid-range Magnum 850.
This replacement for Martin's Magnum 800 fogger, upgraded with new electronics and a new design to match the rest of the Magnum family, is Martin's latest fog solution for small clubs, mobile DJs, bars, bands, or any venue where a mid-air projection canopy or atmosphere enhancing effect is needed.
The compact Magnum 850 uses a 750W heat exchanger together with a piston pump to punch out a full 200 m3/min of dense fog. The delivery of a continuous and even level of fog and the incorporation of soft-start electronics means that the Magnum 850 operates at a very low noise level, the company says. Supplied with a hand-held remote control, an optional timer remote is also available.
"This new series of Magnum fog machines has been created with the ambition to capture new technology and solid performance in a new design," says Martin smoke division product manager Ulrich Borup Hansen. "To get to this innovative and groundbreaking design, we thought outside the black-conventional-fog-machine box. It was important for us to create a fog machine that clearly stands out both design and performance-wise. Furthermore, the extraordinary breadth of the product line allows our customers to choose the exact model to fit their specific need. From the smallest Magnum 650 to the big DMX-controlled Magnum 1800, the Magnums are the natural choice before moving on to our Jem product line."
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

American DJ¹s Pearl LED White
American DJ¹s Pearl LED White emits pinpoints of brilliant white light. This cutting-edge LED technology, combined with a special glass optic system, gives the beams a brightness and vibrancy that outshines halogen and looks stunning even without a fog machine.
Being LED the fixture draws much less power than halogen moonflowers, making them more economical to operate and allowing more units to be run on a single circuit. Their long-life LEDs are rated at 100,000 hours plus, virtually eliminating the expense and hassle of lamp replacement. Since LED fixtures emit very little heat the Pearl is able to run all night without shutting down for a duty cycle while keeping performers or those on the dance floor nice and cool.
The fixture can be operated in DMX, Sound Active and Master/Slave modes and a manual focusing lens makes the beams nice and crisp. The extremely wide beam angle covers a large area, so they¹re up to the task of handling clubs and venues of all sizes. Operators will be thankful for the fixture¹s cool running temperature
- no more waiting for white-hot halogen lamps to cool down before packing them away. Compact and lightweight in size these are ideal for mobile entertainers each weighing a mere 1.5 kgs and supplied with a hanging bracket and 12 month warranty. RRP $279.
Australian Distributor: LSW www.lswonline.com.au

ETC Net3 Remote released
ETC's Net3 Radio Focus Remote, which was released recently, provides an advanced, wireless solution for remote control. Designed for use with ETC's Eos, Ion, Congo and Congo jr lighting control systems, this handheld device allows users to work away from their control desk, easily accessing frequently-used desk functions, such as dimmer and channel checks, as well as update and record functions, says the company.
The RFR and its receiver unit feature a high-frequency (HF) link providing bi-directional communication with the connected ETC control desk. Users are able to view their lighting system's status, including completed commands, on the RFR's convenient built-in graphic display.
In addition to the high-resolution display, the RFR features two encoders for quick menu navigation and easy focusing of moving lights, as well as 24 buttons, six of which are soft-keys providing access to multiple sub-menus. The RFR operates on the 2.410GHz radio band and currently connects to the main system by USB. Net3 via Ethernet and PoE (power over Ethernet) will be supported by the unit later this year.
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk
Australian Distributor: Jands www.jands.com.au

American DJ¹s Dual Gem LED
American DJ¹s Dual Gem LED is a dual-lens fixture that offers double the excitement by projecting 2 moonflower effects from the one unit.
It is powered by high-output LEDs that produce razor-sharp beams of red, green and blue light that will not fade and are not dependent on a fog machine for their brilliance. With its LED technology plus an advanced glass optical system, the Dual Gem LED creates a spectacular light show that outstrips anything that could be achieved with traditional halogen moonflowers.
Its 2 clusters of brilliant beams emit an output similar to that of dual 250W halogen lamps, but it draws only 15W of power! What¹s more, the Dual Gem LED has no moving parts. Between its long LED life and lack of moving parts to break or wear down it will perform reliably year after year with very little maintenance.
A sound active effect, the Dual Gem LED features built-in programs that keep its 2 moonflowers moving to the beat of the music. It comes with a convenient hanging bracket and what¹s more a circuit breaker is included so there¹s never any chance of blowing fuses.
Priced within the reach of mobile entertainers or club owners on a budget, the Dual Gem LED offers breathtaking performance in a compact and easily portable package.
Weighing only 2 kgs the Dual Gem LED has a recommended retail price of $279.00.
Australian Distributor: LSW www.lswonline.com.au

SGM launch Giotto Digital 1500 at Frankfurt
Today at Frankfurt SGM will launch their SGM Giotto Digital 1500 for, according to their website, projection of digital images with astonishing brightness and speed.
The website continues 'Like the entire series, the SGM Giotto Digital 1500 has truly revolutionary features. Patenting a special application of DLP technology, SGM has managed to combine the advantages of digital video projection with the experience built up in designing moving head fixtures which, thanks to their brightness and speed, have become a standard in the most important live, theatre and television applications'.
Australian Distributor: ULA www.ulagroup.com.au

grandMA2 offers total control
LSI Online has exclusively revealed the launch at Frankfurt's ProLight&Sound exhibition, of MA Lighting's brand new grandMA2 series lighting control system.
With the introduction of grandMA2 series, MA Lighting has made a significant development of its successful grandMA system. grandMA2 comes with completely newly designed hardware supporting the grandMA software as well as all current and proposed lighting control standards.
Listening closely to the market, MA Lighting has kept the intuitive grandMA control philosophy, including the same command line and syntax. However, the company has cleaned up, improved and extended the software, and optimized the colours and views. The advanced networking architecture is even more powerful and allows full upward compatibility from the "old" grandMAs, while a 'Series 1' mode also allows for full downward compatibility.
grandMA2 offers a complete system solution for a wide range of top-end applications, including theatre-style programming or concert touring multi-user programming sessions. grandMA2 also includes fader wings, giving up to 90 faders per console.
The company adds that its grandMA Series 1 products will continue to be available, and will be supported and further developed in the future.
For more on the new grandMA 2 system, visit the website below:
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

New Road Hog Wings Ready to Fly
High End Systems announces the release of new Road Hog Programming and Playback Wings for Wholehog control systems including the Wholehog 3, Road Hog Full Boar, Hog iPC and Hog 3PC.
The new Road Hog wings include a powerful programming or playback surface, 12-inch color touch screen, blue LED marker lights and a DMX output expansion slot. The wings can be expanded to output four universes of DMX when used with a PC-based Wholehog product.
“The power an operator will gain by combining several wings with a Road Hog Full Boar console provides customers with a stylish and commanding presence at Front of House,” says Richard Belliveau, HES Chief Technology Officer. “We designed the wings to be elegant and powerful while also increasing the playback and programming abilities of the consoles.”
The Wings are now shipping from HES' Austin, TX manufacturing headquarters.
In related news, HES announces that beginning immediately all new network capable consoles will now include a trial edition of ESP Vision and VectorWorks Spotlight + RenderWorks. This popular visualizer and CAD software combination allows customers to pre-visualize lighting designs prior to connecting their console to a full system.
“ESP Vision is proud of its long-standing relationship with High End Systems,” says Alan Jesse, Director of Support for ESP Vision. “The combination of Vision, VectorWorks and HES console connectivity provides the seamless integration necessary to draft and program a show with any HES networked console.”

Extra bright Martin MAC 2000 Wash XB
Martin Professional is responding to the market demand for ever brighter washlights with the MAC 2000 Wash XB, a 1500 W Fresnel. New efficient fans, ballast and starter combine with the MAC 2000's modularity, optics and effects to produce what Martin describe as "the most advanced wash light on the market" - and in the same compact MAC 2000 design. The XB will see its official launch at the ProLight&Sound exhibition in Frankfurt in March.
A 1500W Osram lamp enables an output of over 60,000 lumens, depending on the lens option used - that's 40% brighter than a MAC 2000 Wash, say Martin. The new electronic ballast offers hot-lamp re-strike and the advantage of flicker-free light, and new powerful fans ensure that the extra heat generated by the lamp is removed efficiently.
"I am absolutely delighted with the XB," comments Peter Skytte, Martin product manager for moving heads. "We've managed to achieve an outrageous 60,000 lumens without altering any of the things that people love about the MAC 2000 Wash. It's 40% brighter but still the same size."
Martin also provides an easy-to-install upgrade kit to bring existing MAC 2000 Wash fixtures to the XB level of performance - for a comparatively small investment. The upgrade kit includes a new 1500W lamp and lamp socket module, 1500W ballast, starter, heat filter, colour mixing flags, base cover plates and new fans for more efficient cooling. Martin also offers a buy-back programme in which users can return the 1200W electronic ballast from their current MAC 2000 Wash fixtures.
L&amp;SI Source L&SI Online www.lsionline.co.uk
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

Studio Due D-Colour
Welcome to a new world of moving light. With its patented smooth, fast and rule-breaking movement system, the D-Colour stands alone in the moving light market. The D-Colour directs its powerful output around to unlimited positions; curving, rolling, erecting and rotating around a 540° pan movement and 170° tilt movement. High powered 3 watt Red, Green and Blue LED’s are joined by four amber LED’s to allow the colour temperature of the beam to be warmed up, making this unit ideal for many applications where natural tones need to look their best.

Free Viewer for VectorWorks 2008 Now Available
Nemetschek North America has released a free, downloadable VectorWorks Viewer application that has been updated for VectorWorks 2008. The Viewer enables those who do not own the program to view and print projects created in VectorWorks 2008 software products, which include VectorWorks Designer, VectorWorks Architect, VectorWorks Landmark, VectorWorks Spotlight, VectorWorks Fundamentals, and VectorWorks Machine Design.
The Viewer lets an individual open a VectorWorks file and make use of the viewing tools and commands, such as the Pan and Zoom tools.
Available as a free download from http://www.nemetschek.net/downloads/

Light Emotion New Dual Lasers
Two new dual lasers have been added to the Light Emotion laser range. The Gemini Green splits its 50 mW output into two separate beams that shoot firey arcs of ghostly green light around a room. The pre-set patterns offer simultaneous and complimentary movement along with sound active, master/slave and DMX modes with a bright led readout. The Gemini Red Green dual laser comes on like a Jedi Knight and a Sith Lord in an epic battle, their light sabres spitting out shards and sparks of searing laser light. Similar control features are on offer for the Green/Red version but with output of 30mW and 80mW respectively.
RRP: $599 for the GEMINIG and $699 for the GEMINIGR.
High End Systems introduce the DL3
High End Systems Inc says its new DL.3 digital automated lighting fixture has an integrated media server and other new features, including a 6500 lumen 3-chip LCD projector, a 2000:1 contrast ratio, and an expanded array of projection possibilities with optional lens accessories for longer throw projection applications. Also new is an SDI input/output for professional AV applications. A new DMX-controlled vertical lens shift function also allows the user to set the lens shift function by DMX cue. Also new in DL.3 is a large surface area HEPA filter used to protect the projection optics from theatrical haze and debris, reducing cooling noise. DL.3 has also enhanced existing software features such as Collage Generator, and expanded stock libraries are offered in high-resolution still images and video footage, all royalty-free.

The ODE from Enttec
Enttec’s latest release, the Open DMX Ethernet (ODE), brings DMX over Ethernet into reach of any budget for the very first time.
Enttec’s experience with DMX over Ethernet products, such as the DMXEthergate and Datagate, and the enormous success of their DMX/USB interfaces, has led to the development of the Open DMX Ethernet – a simple, low-cost DMX over Ethernet node.
The ODE is a truly plug’n’play Art-Net node. There are no dipswitches, thumb wheels or other fiddly settings to worry about. By default, it is set to output the first DMX Universe via Art-Net (Sub-net 0, Universe 0), making it easily compatible with a wide range of PC-based Lighting Controllers and Ethernet-enabled Lighting Consoles straight out of the box.
To access the full range of features, the ODE supports Enttec’s free NMU (Node Management Utility) software, which allows the user to configure the ODE to output other Art-Net universes; to act as an input - making your DMX console an Art-Net controller; or to work on ESP protocol instead of Art-Net (ESP is Enttec’s proprietary DMX over Ethernet protocol, used in products such as LightFactory).
Where more than 1 DMX Universe is required, you can simply connect as many ODE’s as are required to any standard Ethernet switch/hub. NMU allows you to plug your computer into the hub and ‘discover’ all connected ODE’s, so there’s no need to figure out IP addresses. NMU also supports Enttec’s Datagate and Playback Wing, allowing you to configure your whole system from the one location.
Like Enttec’s other DMX over Ethernet devices, the ODE allows you to use standard, off-the-shelf Wireless Access Points to create wireless DMX links at incredibly low cost by comparison to dedicated wireless DMX systems. The use of 3rd party Wireless Access Points (by manufacturers such as D-Link, NetGear etc) also ensures spare or replacement points are available almost anywhere, seven days a week from major retailers.
The Standard ODE uses a 9V plug pack power supply, and has two DMX connectors, allowing it to act as either an input or an output, depending upon your application, without the need for XLR gender changers. A Power-Over-Ethernet version of the ODE is also available for use with powered Ethernet systems.
The ODE will be on display at the ENTECH Show in Sydney.

Philips Expands Essential White Series
Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions continues to expand its EssentialWhite series with the launch of two new LED luminaires for common interior applications.
The EssentialWhite series is designed to deliver the inherent advantages of LED sources for common white light applications that don't require sophisticated control systems. In line with a growing number of standards and mandates, the products comply with the California Energy Commission's 2005 Energy Efficiency Standard Title 24.
eW Downlight SM Powercore -- a sleek, competitively priced downlight for general illumination. Unlike typically larger, surface mount downlights using conventional sources, its low-profile housing allows for easy and unobtrusive installation in wide-ranging interior environments. Powered by line voltage and using standard mounting hardware, eW Downlight SM Powercore offers an attractive solution to the common challenges associated with installing fixtures into shallow recess depths. It measures 7.5 x 7.5 x 2 inches and is available in color temperatures of 2,700K and 4,000K.
eW Profile Powercore -- a low-profile, linear fixture for common under-cabinet, task lighting and display case applications. Powered by line voltage, it consumes just 6W of energy per foot and can support a run of up to 50' on a single circuit. At 7/8" thick and 1 ½" wide, the fixture is easily and discretely installed to illuminate work surfaces in both commercial and residential settings. It is available in 11", 21" and 41" lengths and in color temperatures of 2,700K and 4,000K.

The Pak is Back!
See the NEW Clay Paky Alpha 300 Series at Entech on the Lighthouse Distribution Stand (D24).
The newest additions to the Clay Paky Alpha family will be on display and available for demo on the Lighthouse Distribution stand at Entech. The new moving lights are superior to all competitors in the same power category for brightness, graphic variety, optical system and performance, allowing them to be used in place of larger sized projectors. The Clay Paky Alpha 300 Series are 300W lights that are equivalent to the light output from existing 575W fixtures. This series is competitively priced and will lower your running costs.
Alpha Wash 300
The Alpha Wash 300 is a compact light and extremely quiet washlight. It is also very bright (20,500 lux [12°] at 5m) and easy to install. The CMY system and 8 plus 1 colour wheel can provide any required tonality and unrivalled colour quality. A 0-100% dimmer on dedicated channel and stop/strobe effect complete the effects section. Two levels of frost on dedicated channels provide diffusion of the colour in a linear and uniform way, even from short distances. This makes the Alpha Wash 300 ideal, even in the most demanding professional sectors.
Alpha Spot 300
With the same optical, lighting engineering and constructional qualities as the Alpha Spot HPE 300, it is ideal for the most essential applications with contained investment levels.
It is fitted with two 8 plus 1 colour wheels, which can be combined together, as well as 15 gobos (8 fixed and 7 rotating), morphing effect, rotating prism, 0-100% dimmer on dedicated channel and stop/strobe.
Alpha Spot HPE 300
The Alpha Spot HPE 300 is compact, light, quiet and easy to install. It is also extremely bright (16,000 lux [15°] at 5m), with superior graphic and optical performances. With features such as 15°- 40° Zoom, CMY, 8 plus 1 Color wheel, 15 Gobos (8 fixed and 7 rotating), morphing effect, rotating prism, frost, 0-100% dimmer on dedicated channel, iris and stop/strobe, it is the most complete “spot” in its category
Alpha Spot HPE 300 is the ideal tool for every professional sector, where you want to combine contained size with high performance.
Alpha Beam 300
The Alpha Beam 300 produces a super concentrated near parallel light beam, suitable for the same usages as a Par 64 ACL, but with superior and innovative features. Like the other fixtures in the 300 range, the Alpha 300 Beam has a low power 300W lamp that produces three times the brightness when compared with an ordinary 1200W projector. It generates a tube of light with a natural beam of 8 degrees. With eight gobos, the Alpha Beam 300 produces a “long throw” that will break through stage washers and LEDs, making it the ideal moving light beam for live professional use.
With all these features, the Alpha 300 Series is the perfect choice for every sector. The entire Alpha 300 Series will be available for demonstration at Entech on the Lighthouse Stand (D24).
Visitors can also view and demo products from Opti-Kinetics, ChamSys, DTS and CLS-LEDs on the Lighthouse Stand.

New DTS XR5 Spot at Entech
Just announced: Lighthouse Distribution to have the NEW XR5 Spot moving light at Entech!
The new XR5 Spot moving-head projector is super bright and packed with features. It is the powerful evolution of the best-selling XR250 Spot. The XR5 Spot is fitted with a discharge 250W lamp combined with a dichroic parabolic reflector which gives a light efficiency of 6.500 Lux at 5 mt (13°), making the XR5 Spot one of the brightest moving heads in the 250W range. Other features include motorised focusing, motorised iris, 2 gobo wheels (18 gobos), with extractable gobo holders to change gobos rapidly in any working condition, a colour wheel (8 colours), rotating prism, pan locking system and electromagnetic ballast. 

The XR5 Spot is suitable for any mobile or fixed application that requires a fixture with high luminous output and a variety of functions. Its modern and sleek design makes for easy installation even in the most corporate environments.

Artistic Licence releases Rail-Flip
Artistic Licence has announced the launch of Rail-Flip. Housed in a DIN-Rail enclosure, Rail-Flip can switch four universes of DMX512 between A and B inputs.
The primary purpose of the product is the automatic 'fail-over' switching between two lighting consoles. In automatic mode, the product senses data on its 'A' input. If DMX512 stops on any universe, the 'B' input is selected. Rail-Flip also features detail configuration. This allows, for example, the user to configure how to handle data returning on the 'A' input.
Rail-Flip can also be switched manually which allows it to be used as a source selector between different lighting positions.
The product can be cascaded to increase the number of universes. Status and data indicators show both data activity and switch status. Rail-Flip uses electromechanical relays which ensure that the product will fail safe in a power loss situation, says the company.
Australian Distributor: Balanced Technology www.balancedtech.com.au

New Updates Available for Martin LightJockey
Martin Professional's controller team has released a series of updates for LightJockey, the company's Windows-based lighting controller.
LightJockey software version 2.7.8 is now available that adds new fixture profiles for the MAC 575 Krypton, smartMac, Exterior 1200m and Exterior 200 LED. Free of charge to all LightJockey users, Version 2.7.8 is available for download at the first address below.
LightJockey Manager 1.4.0 Beta 4 for LightJockey Manager, the free-of-charge software add-on lets users schedule and control LightJockey shows, features LED-Trix, a new LED effects engine for control of LED lights.
The LED-Trix plug-in facilitates the programming of color mixing fixtures, such as LED-based lighting fixtures. But it can do more then just LED lighting fixture control - any RGB, CMY, HSI, RGBAW, or single dimmer channel can be controlled by LightJockey LED-Trix. LED-Trix contains a host of LightJockey updates including a new visual layout and more. For more information on LED-Trix and for download visit the second address below.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

DTS at Entech
DTS create innovative high-quality European-manufactured fixtures at a fraction of the cost, the DTS XR Series of moving light fixtures will be exhibited at Entech on the Lighthouse Stand.
By using numerical control machines and robots, DTS created five completely automated workstations. These stations are capable of high production volumes with total precision, in turn producing a new generation of light products, which are high quality manufactured, but at a fraction of the normal cost.
Visitors can also meet Franco Zaghini, Vice President of Sales for DTS. He has many years of experience in the lighting industry and is a fountain of knowledge.
The Lighthouse Distribution Stand is full of products powered up for your viewing pleasure. Below is a detailed outline of the DTS products on show at Entech. Each product will be powered and available for demonstration.  Lighthouse will also have numerous technical staff available to answer your lighting questions.

XR9 spot
The XR9 Spot is one of the most powerful and complete moving head projectors in its range. It is available in black or white, is fitted with a discharge 575w lamp (MSR 575/2) and a dichroic parabolic reflector, which produces a light efficiency of 8.200 Lux at 5 metres. The XR9 Spot is packed full of features including motorised focusing, 3 selectable beam aperture angles (15°/ 16, 5°/ 18°), 2 gobo wheels (18 gobos), 2 colour wheels (16 colours), rotating prism, 2 frost filters, and electronic or electromagnetic ballast.

XM1200 spot
The XM1200 Spot is the perfect choice for any temporary or permanent installation, requiring a light with high luminous output and a full set of functions. It is fitted with a discharge 1200W lamp and is designed to resist all the rigours of continuous use.
The XM 1200 SPOT incorporates motorised focusing, a 13°-31° motorised zoom with autofocus, motorised iris, 2 gobo wheels (6 indexable 16 bit gobos + open each), with extractable gobo holders to change gobos rapidly in any working condition. It also has CMY linear colour mixing system and colour wheel (7 colours and open), 3 rotating prisms, frost, Pan / Tilt locking system and electronic or magnetic ballast.

Visitors can also view and demo products from Opti-Kinetics, ChamSys, Clay Paky and CLS-LEDs on the Lighthouse Stand.

Artistic Licence launches DMX-Fix
Recent advances in DMX512 and RDM (Remote Device Management) provide a wealth of benefits to the industry. Unfortunately these developments in technology are often accompanied by some products that are not quite compatible.
DMX-Fix is the solution from Artistic Licence. It is a combined DMX512 splitter and data filter. The product automatically removes any ‘clever’ information from the data stream, ensuring compatibility with older or out of specification fixtures and dimmers.
The DMX512 input is optically isolated and the product offers five independent DMX512 outputs.
The product automatically corrects:

• Strips all non standard start codes, passing only lighting level data.
• Corrects stop bits ensuring output always has 2 stop bits.
• Corrects short or long break times.
• Stabilises inter-slot delay.
• Automatically retransmits on loss of data.
• Retimes Mark-after-Break.

Perhaps most importantly, the product has an indicator to show when it is ‘fixing’!
The product is mounted in a robust aluminium extruded case with optional truss mounting adapter. DMX-Fix is powered by an external power supply of 9-24V DC.
Australian Distributor: Balanced Technology www.balancedtech.com.au

Pulsar Light Adds MR16 TriColor to ChromaRange Line
New from Pulsar, the ChromaHeart MR16-TriColor is an MR16 size fixture using an integrated RGB LED chip. The TriColor RGB LED chip technology provides a seamless, scallop-free rendering of colour with a consistency unmatched by discreet colour mixing systems, the company says. The immediate convergence of the red, green, and blue eliminates the multi-colored shadow effect and gives a more realistic combined light output.
Coluor tolerances are greatly improved and there is a 25% greater output than the previous LED technology used. The unit is provided with safe low voltage DC power and control signals from the ChromaZone series of power / data supplies.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

DTS Delta LED Colour Changer
DTS’s innovative Delta LED Colour Changer is the brightest LED Colour Changer in its category with a 370 Lux output at 5m (Medium flood lenses). The Delta’s light source comprises 40 RGB Full Colour LEDs with each LED containing a single RGB LED, which independently generates 16 million colours. This full colour technology presents a uniform light beam, therefore eliminating colour separation, which until now was an unfortunate setback of working with LEDs.
The Delta range provides a choice of motorised and manual moving head, fixed installation and embedded ceiling installation models presenting the perfect solution for any type of theatre, professional, television, or architectural lighting application.
Manufactured in Italy, but without the Italian design price tag, the Delta is also water resistant with an IP65 protection rating, and is also wireless DMX ready. The DTS Delta is available exclusively from Lighthouse Distribution. For more information, visit www.lighthousedistribution.com.au
You can also see the DTS Delta Series in action on the Lighthouse Stand (D24) at Entech.

Martin Launches Exterior 200 LED Fixture
The Exterior 200 LED is a long-life programmable luminaire offering full RGB + Amber and White colour mixing. Weatherproofed for the dynamic illumination of façades, structures, water features and monuments, it features a comprehensive colour range from 44 high power LEDs and choice of optional spread angles.
Housed in a beautifully designed weatherproof casing, the Exterior 200 LED is perfect for applications where projection distance is limited and is the ideal short-throw complement to the existing Martin Exterior range.
Stylishly slim, the Exterior 200 LED can be tucked discreetly into architectural design details of buildings or any other illumination structure and requires minimal service and maintenance. An IP65 rating means the Exterior 200 LED can withstand even the toughest outdoor conditions.
With five coloured diodes (Red, Green, Blue, Amber and White) instead of the usual three, the Exterior 200 LED is able to offer a broader and finer range of colours. A greater variety of colour shades and brighter saturated colours are possible compared to CMY systems. While the amber helps extend the colour range and give effective colour temperature control, the white diode provides a better white light quality and the ability to create softer, subtler pastels.
The Exterior 200 LED is available in a choice of narrow, medium or wide beam options for use at distances between approximately two to six meters (6 to 20 ft). The lenses are also available as accessories, allowing the luminaire to be reconfigured on site if necessary. When used without a diffuser lens, an even narrower beam can be achieved.
Martin set out to solve what has been one of the major drawbacks of LED lighting: colour consistency. A central feature of the Exterior 200 LED is the ability to create even and consistent colorus. Pixel boards for the Exterior 200 LED are individually measured and calibrated, guaranteeing standardized brightness and colour performance.
The Exterior 200 LED is controlled by industry standard DMX, can function as a stand-alone unit or be synchronized (master/slave). To give maximum flexibility, Martin has provided four distinct DMX control modes - RGB, RGBAW, HSI (Hue, Saturation, Intensity), HSIC (Hue, Saturation, Intensity, Colour Temperature). This gives the option of simple and effective control, economizing on channels, or full comprehensive control when a designer needs it.
With an auto sensing switch mode power supply and simple lens and LED access when needed, the Exterior 200 LED is virtually trouble-free. A built-in light sensor, internal timer and 20 stand-alone memory presets add to its independent functionality.
Requiring little service and maintenance, the Exterior 200 LED incorporates the same tough, extruded aluminum housing and attractive design as the Exterior 200 that allows it to fit safely and discreetly into virtually any environment.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

Light Emotion's UVLED
Now there¹s an easy and safe way to provide pristine, super bright ultra-violet light in an easy to use dmx LED panel. This unique effect is used in all sorts of real world applications from analysing minerals through to detecting fraudulent credit cards. The eerie purple light makes objects glow in the dark and has always been a novel and fascinating effect. Not only does UV or black light augment existing lighting but also provides additional ambience to entrance ways, dance floors and chill out zones.
Features include 3-channel dmx control with dimming and adjustable strobe, master/slave, daisy chain, sound active and auto modes. It comes with a hanging bracket and being LED generates very little heat, is lightweight and portable with a suggested 100,000 hour lamp life. The UVLED has a throw of around 7-10 meters and comes with a 12-month warranty. RRP is $249. For further information email sales@lswonline.com.au.

Martin Introduces smartMAC
The new smartMAC from Martin is billed as an extremely bright, fanless 150W profile luminaire. It's pecially suited for lounges, bars, and restaurants, and appropriately silent for noise sensitive environments.
The smartMAC features new fanless thermal management, which translates to fewer moving parts. With no dust and pollutants forced into the fixture, lamp life is optimized, service intervals extended (up to two years with 9,000 hour lamp), maintenance kept to a minimum, and operation costs reduced, the company says.
A convection cooling system uses the aluminum casing and specially-designed fins to conduct heat away from the fixture head. Fewer moving parts turn a greater proportion of energy into light, reducing heat (and the need for air conditioning) and wear and tear on the system, the company says. This eliminates need to clean the inside of the fixture, including lens and lamp fitting. Heat management without fans makes smartMAC suitable for the studio, conference room, shop, restaurant, lounge, even theatre environments.
"The smartMAC is a unique product and a significant step for Martin," states Martin product manger for moving heads, Peter Skytte. "We are proud to be the first company in the industry to provide a solution that fully acknowledges the installation market's requirement for a fixture with low cost of operation. This is a product that can be used across many areas of application, expanding the market beyond traditional night venues."
Superbly optimized optics provides very precise image quality and great depth of field that keeps the image sharp even if the image is projected at a steep angle to the surface, the company says. The field angle is 24.5 degrees, which allows for a greater projection diameter at shorter distances. And the ability to customize smartMAC means that a user can throw his or her logo, text or image on any surface, from any angle.
Featuring a total output of 4,600 lumens, the smartMAC supersedes with a 150W lamp what others achieve with 250W, the company says. A long-life (3,000 hours) MSD 150/2 lamp is standard, and a very long life (9,000 hours) CDM 150 lamp is also available. The lamp is quickly and easily replaced.
SmartMAC comes with the profile lens as standard. An optional front-end casing is available with a wash lens, which is easily installed with four quarter-turn fasteners to give a soft-edged beam.
The smartMAC houses eight interchangeable dichroic colors plus open, fully indexable, with full and split positions, offering a broad spectrum of colors. A rotating gobo wheel houses six interchangeable gobos (pre-installed glass and metal) plus open which can be continuously rotated or indexed to any required and repeatable position. And with a convenient flip-easy lid, gobos have never been so easy to change.
Other features include a variable focus that allows for sharp projections at any beam angle. A fast shutter for instant or fade control of light intensity and strobe effects complete the package.
The smartMAC's slim mounting and bracket system allows for an extremely flush fit, good news for venues with low ceilings. Mounting of the fixture is fast; the smartMAC also cleverly collects the cables in an easy to access port in the base.
Available in black or white, smartMAC has user-configurable voltage and frequency settings, meaning it can quickly adapt to electrical requirements anywhere in the world.
The smartMAC is DMX-512 controllable, and can operate in stand-alone or master/slave mode. It meets the new EU RohS standard, meaning no banned substances such as lead solder are used during the manufacture and parts of smartMAC are recyclable.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

Wholehog Software Version 2.3.0 Released
High End Systems has released version 2.3.0 software for Wholehog operating control systems including the Wholehog 3, Hog iPC, Road Hog, Road Hog Full Boar and Hog 3PC.
“This release includes the long awaited Mark Cue functionality. However, instead of matching our older products’ abilities, we have implemented a much more powerful version,” says Brad Schiller, HES Director of Control Systems Development.
With version 2.3.0 the software development team has focused on several other powerful new features including clock and calendar triggers, IPCB for cuelists, color coding and enhanced cuelist feedback. More features and many bug fixes are also included within this release.
“Our users have been instrumental by assisting in the beta testing program,” says Chris Muenchow, HES Manager of Control Systems Testing. “The participation in this round of testing has been tremendous and we appreciate everyone’s assistance.”
High End Systems announces this software release along with the release of the newest console addition to the Wholehog line, the Road Hog Full Boar. Additional software developments specific to this new console are also part of the version 2.3.0 software for all platforms.
Users can download the version 2.3.0 software and further release information from www.flyingpig.com

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