Enttec releases MIDIwing control software

Posted on Friday, May 1st, 2009

Enttec has announced the release of its new MIDIwing control software. MIDIwing, in conjunction with Enttec’s already well-established playback, shortcut, and programming wings, gives users the ability to define midi note or ASCII triggers for any lighting or media control device that will listen to the protocol.

The software, which uses TCP network packets to send midi notes over an Ethernet based network, can trigger up to 408 unique commands through a maximum of six wings, which can each handle between 54 and 68 individual single note triggers. The software is also capable of easily importing or exporting any of the wing configurations, and running quietly in the background processes of the PC.

MIDIwing’s user customisable nature allows for endless adaptation to countless controllers. The programme can be successfully integrated with many widely used lighting control programmes and hardware based desks including: Hog 2PC Software, Whole Hog II, Chamsys MagicQ, Sunlite Suite, Martin Maxxyz, and Grand MA on PC.

It will also work quite successfully with media servers such as the Green Hippo Hippotizer, and ArKaos Media server families. Basic configurations for some of these, and other controllers are currently, or soon will be available for download on Enttec’s website. In addition to the devices listed above, the MIDIwing will work seamlessly with any controller, even custom software or hardware applications that can listen for midi note or ASCII inputs, adds the company.