Enttec Release the Smarter, More Powerful Datagate Mk2

Posted on Monday, October 11th, 2010

datagate2Enttec’s Datagate Mk2 is a powerful and flexible DMX-over-Ethernet device with optional RDM management capability. Building on the success of the original Datagate, the Datagate Mk2 includes many new features whilst boosting data capacity and the number of protocols supported.  Previous features, such as DMX splitting, merging and Art-Net conversion, are retained.

The new Datagate Mk2 comes as a base model which allows you to convert up to 8 Universes of Art-Net data (or one of the other supported protocols) into optically-isolated outputs of standard DMX.

It also includes the ability to store a simple preset, use it as a DMX splitter, or ‘shift’ DMX channels (DMX offset).

From there, you simply order any of the other features your project may require.  Available options include:

  • Merging licence (HTP /LTP merge of up to 7 inputs)
  • RDM Tools licence (allows RDM discovery, address setting, identifying RDM enabled fixtures etc)
  • RDM Sensors licence (monitors sensors on RDM enabled fixtures and reports back via email)
  • Stream Auditor licence (lets you view data throughput for all streams flowing through)
  • Realtime Clock licence (allows scheduled reports to be sent automatically at defined times)

One of the major changes is that all configuration is now done via an inbuilt webpage.  Profiles are built using an incredibly simple drag-and-drop style interface, making it quicker and easier to set up your own custom configurations.

The Datagate Mk2 is already in use in ‘real world’ applications.  The first installation was 4 x Datagate Mk2’s, along with 20 x RDS8 RDM/DMX Splitters and an E-Streamer, at Melbourne’s AAMI Park stadium, by Lightmoves.  The Datagate Mk2 was used for RDM management and monitoring, as well as DMX over Ethernet decoding for 1300 Space Cannon LED fixtures.  Click here to see them in action.

The Datagate MK2 is now shipping.  Further information is available here.

Australian Distributor: Balanced Technology www.balancedtech.com.au