Enttec D-PRO

Posted on Monday, December 5th, 2011

Enttec Pty Ltd’s D-PRO software-based lighting controller, created through a collaboration between Enttec and db Audioware on DMXIS (D-PRO is actually DMXIS-PRO for short), effectively turns computers into lighting consoles, in command-line mode or with a touch screen. Using an app like iDisplay, D-PRO’s Show Control window can run on an iPad. A version of D-PRO is now available for the Datagate MK2 — Enttec’s Ethernet-DMX networking tool. Along with support for a wide range of cues, palettes and groups, D-PRO offers a multi-layered cuelist playback engine, scripting and effects and other new features. D-PRO works natively in both Mac and Windows environments.