Entertainment Installations purchase Martin Stagebar 54S LED fixtures

Posted on Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Entertainment Installations has purchased eight of the dynamic, new Martin Stagebar 54S LED fixtures. With their comprehensive colour range, all-in-one simplicity and tough temperament for the touring market, the Stagebar54 is fast becoming a popular choice among the professional lighting designers.

Show Technology’s Andrew Winslade demonstrated the new LED fixtures to the Entertainment Installations crew who were amazed by their brightness as well the versatility. Probably the most impressive feature Stagebar54 that was commented on was the colour rendering says Andrew.  There were a lot of ‘wow’ moments during the demonstration.

“They also have some really good features such as auto-addressing and they talk to each other through the Cat-5 cables,” commented Bryce Mace. “The colours are great and they are just so bright!”

Bryce Mace recently used the Stagebars at a gig for MySpace (pictured) on Cockatoo Island that featured Van She and Cut Copy. The fact that the Stagebar54 has comes complete with an adjustable floor stand as part of the fixture made them ideal in this application to be placed on the stage floor, mid-stage and pointing towards the audience in order to silhouette the bands.

“They provided a nice, punchy wash of colour and really cut through the rest of the lighting that I was using,” said Bryce. “I am really looking forward to using them on many of the different bands we get to work with. I haven’t rigged them on a truss yet but I’d like to in the near future.”

Whilst Bryce has had experience using the Stagebar54 for floodlighting surfaces and stages, he is no doubt looking forward to using them as a pixel bar for displaying imagery and video.

As well as the eight Stagebars, Bryce used six Pro Shop LED Honeycomb fixtures, Martin MAC250 Entours and MAC700 profiles.