Entertainment Installations keen to adapt

Posted on Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

A recent gig by Australian music icon Ross Wilson (Daddy Cool, Mondo Rock) at the Sydney’s State Theatre saw Entertainment Installations debut their new Beam Adaptors on their Martin MAC250 wash lights.

“We were looking at getting some sort of moving beam light,” explained Neale Mace, managing director of Entertainment Installations. “But then James Norrish, from Show Technology, turns up and shows us a demo video of the MAC Beam Adaptors and we were hooked.”

Consequently Neale purchased sixteen of the MAC250 Beam Adaptors, eight of which were used on the Ross Wilson show.

“Although we had run the MAC washes with the Beam Adaptors up at the factory and thought they were great, we were extremely happy with how they performed as part of a larger lighting rig,” said Neale. “Used as part of a rig that included 24 x Par64, 8 x Martin TW-1 wash and 8 x Martin MAC700 Profiles, the MAC250 wash with Beam Adaptors really punched through.

“To look at they seemed to be as bright as the MAC700’s and the tight, straight beam really made them stand out.”

Neale added that the addition of the fixed gobos allowed for some great “in the air” effects and also helps make them more than a “one trick pony”.

“It’s so easy to add the Beam Adaptors and an added bonus is that the lenses can also travel in the MAC cases,” he said. “The Beam Adaptors really are a great product and a great way to value-add to existing MAC inventory.”