Entertainment Installations’ Clay Paky inventory grows

Posted on Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

lp4  As part of Entertainment Installations’ on-going lighting inventory updating, sixteen Clay Paky Mythos and sixteen Clay Paky Stormy CC LED Strobes have been added to their hire stock.

“We’d seen both of these fixtures a while ago on a trip to the Clay Paky factory in Italy and were very impressed with them, but decided to hold off on purchase until they started to appear on lighting specs / riders,” commented Neale Mace, managing director. “We’re now seeing them specified on many local and overseas gigs and tours, so we felt the time was right to get on-board with these new and popular fixtures.”

Neale remarlp3ked that the Stormy CC is an amazing RGBW LED strobe with a high output and great, saturated colours and with its “traditional” strobe look (not a block of LED’s), it looks great on a stage.

“We’d bought a few Stormy not long after their release for a permanent rental and have found them to be very reliable as well,” he added. “The great surprise is how well they also work as an RGBW LED Flood / Wash – we used them on a large carols event where they were used as a wash a lot of the time with great effect.

“We’re happy to see them going out on lots of shows and the lighting guys here now use them as their first choice for strobes.”

Nealelp1 describes the Clay Paky Mythos as another ground breaking light from the Italian manufacturer.

“It’s a wash light, spot light, beam light and FX light and has so much output, great colours and can be used on the biggest shows we do,” he said. “As with the Stormy, we’re now seeing the Mythos all over specs and riders and to expand our current lighting inventory, they are the right choice for us.”

Since they’ve been delivered, Entertainment Installations’ Mythos have been out on several shows and events with great success and according to Neale, look like another successful fixture from Clay Paky.

The Mythos and Storlp2my CC join Entertainment Installations’ ever-growing Clay Paky inventory that also includes Sharpy and A.leda B-Eye K20.

Pictured is the Lost Paradise festival where the Mythos were used for dance floor lighting and the Stormys joined the A.leda B-Eye K20 on the mainstage.