Entech Lighting Technicians’ Lunch

Posted on Friday, April 19th, 2013

As part of the new ENTECH Technicians’ Lunch Series, this unique two hour session will bring together some of the local industries best practitioners to discuss two topics openly, with a view to offering practical advice and guidance. With a limited number of seats available, join hosts Show Technology as they facilitate the following sessions over lunch.

When things go wrong

The 65,534 most common production problems and some well road-tested techniques for sorting them out.

A group of seasoned lighting techs will look at three general topics before throwing the discussion open for an interactive Q&A problem-solving session.

(1) That light won’t come on. How to work out if it’s the shutters, the patching, the dimmers, the control desk, the substation or a dyslexic programmer.

(2) DMX strangeness. Identifying DMX system problems. Is a fixture flickering, are channels appearing in strange places, are devices intermittently not answering the console, is your device stuck in a parallel universe?

(3) Scheduling your way out of mayhem. The fit-up was going smoothly until a truck went to the wrong venue, or the welders cleared the stage to rebuild a riser, or the engineers decided the only EWP on site was too heavy for the stage, or a transformer blew up in the sub-station. Getting your production back on track when the ship hits the sand.

Bulletproof production data networks

The majority of data networking equipment and practices are based around the electronically-benign and peaceful environments found in offices, homes and schools.

Led by a couple of battle-hardened network gurus, this session is about designing, building, running and maintaining Ethernet/IP networks for the hostile, demanding, high-pressure and complex environment that is live production.