ENTECH INTECH 2010 providing platform for discussion of topical industry issues

Posted on Thursday, October 1st, 2009

How loud? New emphasis on volume, SPL and laws at ENTECH INTECH 2010

Ahead of severe proposed laws in the E.U. covering concert and event volume, ENTECH INTECH is set to host a crucial keynote Seminar on Venue SPL at the 2010 event.

To be held on Monday February 15th at 12.30pm, the seminar will discuss the implications of action, reactive, proactive and inaction for venues and designers.??“The scary aspect of this is future claims,” said ENTECH Educational Co-ordinator Julius Grafton.

“Venues in Germany are employing monitors who log SPL through shows and archive the data, to defend hearing damage claims years into the future,” he said.??A survey undertaken by CX Magazine ahead of its October 15 edition shows most professionals in the industry do not understand the linear nature of noise exposure against the current laws in Australia.

The federal Government has committed to alignment of OH&S laws across Australia, further confusing perceptions.?? All venue management, technical, installation and design professionals should attend this session.

Performing arts techies ready for ENTECH INTECH 2010

NARPACA have confirmed their AGM will be held immediately prior to ENTECH INTECH, allowing venue technicians to attend next February in Sydney. The event opens on Monday February 15th – the ‘dark’ day in venues nationwide.

With an educational program including the keynote Green Venue Seminar and the revival of SHOWSAFE (plus many more topics to be added), the attendance of venue professionals is always a priority.

Other venue associations including the Venue Management Association (VMA), INAPAC, APACA and VAPAC are offered a discounted full delegate rate of $159 (normally $199) for members; trade show floor attendance is free.

“We are really supportive of industry associations and we offer meeting facilities, seminar opportunities and even in the case of the proposed supplier association, direct funding from member exhibitor floorspace sales,” said ENTECH INTECH Event Director Robby Clark.

“We have given ALIA a room in which to hold their AGM on Monday February 15th, and have secured a key integration education event, the Imaging Science Foundation seminar, run by CEDIA.” (See http://www.cedia.com.au/index.cfm/page/isf_certification)

“ENTECH is an open door, full participation peak industry event, held every 2 years since 1994. All associations and media publications are invited to participate. We will never exclude anyone from ENTECH,” concluded Clark.