Ensemble’s lighting ensemble just got bigger

Posted on Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Herkes has supplied Sydney’s Ensemble Theatre with four Martin MAC TW1 as well as two 6 x 4m RGB LED Tricolour starcloths.

The MAC TW1, a powerful silent tungsten wash light with a clean, even, soft-edged beam and a motorized zoom, offers rich CMY colour mixing and both internal and external electronic dimming. Just like sunlight, an incandescent source is magnificent for highlighting skin tones or textiles, making it the preferred light source for theatres such as the Ensemble.

Lighting designer Scott Allan has lit the past two Ensemble productions – Four Flat Whites in Italy and The Spear Carrier – and he is delighted with his new lights.

“The Martin TW1 is an ideal solution to introduce moving-light technology to the Ensemble Theatre’s intimate studio space,” he said. “It offers an intense, quality output with a range of colour options, from subtle tones to saturated colour that so well complement the theatre’s existing incandescent stock. Its ability to operate in a quite ‘studio mode’ ensures that the fixture remains inconspicuous whist doggedly delivering the shows lighting. I am a long-time fan of this fixture and I’m very pleased the company has made the acquisition.”

The LED Curtain Tricolour utilizes the latest in tricolour LED’s to vastly improve your possible creativity on your next backdrop application.  The 6 x 4m drape is made of fire treated material and features 128 LED’s divided over eight circuits to allow subtle fading or dynamic chasing effects.

“The LED starcloth enables us, in our limited space, to create unique effects which transports our audience to a different setting – almost magically,” commented Tom Blunt, Technical Manager, Ensemble Productions. “Our directors and designers love the new opportunities that the starcloth offers them.”