Enlightenment: The Basics of Efficient Lighting

Posted on Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Seminar Programme

IES: The Lighting Society is launching an introductory lighting course to a wide range of participants within the lighting industry.  The core-learning objective is for participants to be equipped to work with the range of lighting equipment now available in both domestic and commercial environments. The phase out of incandescent lamps has removed the ‘simple’ options from the marketplace, requiring a greater understanding of complex lighting components.  It will be delivered by a combination of face-to-face teaching and online assessment and revision. 

The course is supported by Lighting Council Australia and IES: The Lighting Society.  Participants who attend all three seminars and fulfill the assessment requirements will receive a Professional Development Certificate of Completion from IES: The Lighting Society. 

This year, Enlightenment, The Basics Of Efficient Lighting seminars will be held in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney expanding to other regions in the next twelve months.  Details of the Seminar in each city are below.