Energy savings for Sofitel

Posted on Wednesday, June 27th, 2012


Several high output Anolis LED fixtures have been specified and installed to illuminate the exterior facade of the Sofitel Hotel in the heart of Broadbeach on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

It only required 2 of the high powered Anolis ArcPad Xtremes to replace the 4 existing 1000w discharge lamped floods, which previously illuminated the exterior walls of the hotel The new RGBW LED fixtures have breathed fresh colour and vibrancy into the prestigious hotel creating a stunning ‘stand out’ structure amongst a vast skyline of towering hotels and residential buildings.

The hotel management made a decision to invest in this new lighting technology, as they were carrying out a mandate to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs throughout the Sofitel complex.  After their initial consultation with Blair Terrace from ULA Group and a number of onsite demonstrations of Anolis ArcPad Xtreme their decision became clear. The Anolis Arcpad extreme ticked all the right boxes –  High light output, vivid saturated colours, low power usage and no lamps required.

The Anolis ArcPad Xtreme is a high powered, energy efficient, outdoor flood constructed with  two independent LED modules. The LED’s are densely populated, providing extremely bright output and seamless colour mixing. The unique combination of RGBW LED colours deliver a stunning quality of white light as well as great palette of rich saturated colours. The fixtures are completely silent due to the conventional cooling and the IP67 rating makes them perfect for exterior installations.

The low power consumption and minimal maintenance costs,  were key factors which were considered when the ArcPad Xtreme fixtures were selected for this project. They are controlled via a wall mounted DMX keypad which enables the hotel staff to easily change the state of the lighting for themed events and functions.